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How much Spock
would a Jimkirk fuck
if a Jimkirk could fuck Spock?

The lower, the upper,
and even the ears,
would a Jimkirk thoroughly fuck.

"But Captain," said Spock,
"by my inner clock,
I perceive that of time we have plenty:
Hours four point seven,
To rocket to Heaven,
sling-shot round the Sun,
and back again.

"Yes, let's!" smiled the Captain
and never said no
to all that was happenin'.
He just closed his eyes and went with the flow.

So Spock turned the tables:
did suck and did blow
did rim and did finger
did lick and did linger
on chubby pink flesh
and finally did press
himself to the portal
of awesomest bliss.

And so it was
that the Jimkirk admitted
his Officer First
was admirably fitted,
sublimely endowed
and talented too.

The Captain suggested,
that night and next morning--
and even that evening--a sequel;
For in strong and in smart,
in hot and in horny,
he could not deny
that he'd found his equal.

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