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Spock Prime tries to persuade his younger self to join the Enterprise by offering him a 'vid from the future.

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Published: 08/27/2012 Updated: 08/27/2012
Story Notes:

So, there was this scene involving William Shatner that was ultimately cut from the Star Trek XI script. Spock Prime was going to show younger Spock a message from Kirk Prime to try and persuade him to join the ship. I took this idea and played with it a bit: instead of Kirk, Spock gets to view the messages of the entire Enterprise.

I mixed up a lot of canon, semi-canon, and occasionally non-canonical details into this story, culled mostly from the wonderful Memory Alpha and Memory Beta wikis and a rich history of fanfiction.

Finally, in some other archives, I've had to divide the story into three parts. it was, however, intended to be read as a single story.

Comments and criticism, especially with regards to characterization, is always welcome.

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