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Story Notes:

A/N: I’ve made this story a little AU in that Spock is not in a relationship with Uhura in the beginning but ends up with her. 

Pairing: Jim Kirk/Sarek

Abrams Verse

Answer to Vulcan-Trouble challenge by Jemma


“I would like to have a fanfiction in Abrams Universe, where Spock and Jim are "intimate" acquaintances. But then Spock falls for Nyota and leaves Jim, who finds out he´s pregnant. Sarek (widower) learns about this and helps him (Selik also). The baby is born and sometime later Sarek’s Pon Farr hits. Jim helps him and they end up bonded (and over time in love?). But then, also Selik is hit with the Pon Farr and because they are family Jim helps him also.”


A/N: I’ve made this story a little AU in that Spock is not in a relationship with Uhura in the beginning but ends up with her.


    Chapter 1: Bad News for Jim?    


              “How could he do this to me?” Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise murmured. He’d had eight wonderful months as Spock’s lover, and he thought, foolishly, that he’d been more to Spock than just a convenient fuck buddy, but the dream of living happily ever after with the half-vulcan had come crashing down yesterday when Spock had come to his quarters for a ‘talk’.



                Jim was just getting ready to go to Spock’s quarters and ‘relax’ after a long and uneventful (read: boring), Alpha shift, when he heard a knock at his door. “Come in,” he called. The door opened to reveal his First Officer, but when he stepped into his room, the door sliding noiselessly shut, Jim could tell something was wrong. There was none of the usual warmth in Spock’s eyes for Jim, and he shuddered at the cold blankness of them.


                “Spock? What’s wrong? Has something happened to the colony?”


                Spock’s face was blank, his eyes even colder as he flatly stated, “No Captain, nothing is wrong with the colony on Vafer-Tor. In fact, the colony is thriving according to my father. I am here to discuss another matter with you, one of utmost importance.”


                “Okay,” Jim said, unsure about what his First Officer wanted to discuss. As far as he knew, everything on the ship was fine, and there were no changes in their orders from Command, so what could Spock possibly want to talk with him about?


                “I have come to the conclusion Captain that I no longer wish to carry out our personal relationship, since I have decided to start one with Lieutenant Uhura. I believe she will make an excellent bondmate.”  Jim couldn’t believe he was hearing this. Spock’s words were like a punch to the gut. Was he serious? How could he just spring this on him like it was nothing? Spock was still talking but the only thing Jim could hear was the sound of his blood rushing to his head. He went to say something but before he could even open his mouth everything went black.




                Jim woke up later in sickbay to Bones shining a light in his eyes. “Jesus kid, you scared the hell out of me.”


                “Bones? What happened?”


                “You fainted kid. Spock brought you in, said you passed out in the middle of the room while he was talking to you. Funny though, he didn’t stick around like he usually does, said he had something to attend to.” Bones was looking at him with barely concealed concern, running his tricorder over Jim while muttering under his breath.


                Jim looked away from his friend, not knowing how to explain to Bones just what had happened. “Jim? Come on Jim you know you can tell me anything. What’s wrong?” Bones sat on the biobed opposite Jim and placed his hand on his shoulder, offering his support.


                “He ended it Bones,” Jim whispered.


                “Ended what?” Bones asked, confused.


                “Our relationship,” Jim whispered. Bones quickly shifted from concerned friend to angry mama bear.


                “He did what?! Why?”


                “He said he felt that Uhura would make a better bondmate than me. So he ended it, and I passed out from shock while he was listing all the reasons why she was a much more logical choice than me.” Jim looked dejectedly at the floor while he was speaking, but looked up when he felt Bones stiffen. Bones looked like he was about to go outside and find Spock then beat the ever-loving-hell out of him, but Jim grabbed his arm to stop him.


                “No Bones,” he pleaded.


                “Dammit Jim he ripped your fucking heart in two and stomped on it and now you’re defending him?!” he asked incredulously.


                “He’s not worth it Bones. He wants to end this relationship then fine. I won’t try to hold on to someone who’s not happy with me. Let him be with Uhura if he wants her. I hope for his sake he made the right decision.” Jim rubbed his hand over his face tiredly, just wanting to go crawl into his bed until his next shift but then the room started spinning and he grabbed Bones so he wouldn’t hit the floor for a second time that evening.


                “Jim? What’s wrong?”


                “Dizzy,” he murmured. Bones helped him lay down on the biobed and snatched his tricorder up to scan Jim again but he stopped as he looked at the screen. He hadn’t been paying attention to the results the last time he scanned Jim, but looking at the readings now, they didn’t make sense.


                “The hell? This can’t be right.”


                “Bones? What is it?”


                “I’ll tell you in a minute,” Bones murmured. He was running the tricorder over Jim a second time, not willing to believe the results from the first one. But after checking it again, he realized that no matter how impossible it seemed, it had to be the answer.


                “Uh Jim? You’re not gonna believe this kid, but this thing says you’re pregnant.” Jim’s eyes widened in shock, his mouth falling open in disbelief as he looked at Bones, clearly asking if this was a sick joke.


                “See for yourself,” he showed Jim the tricorder screen, and there, plain as day, it said ‘Pregnant, nine weeks gestation, DNA structure 57% Human, 43% Vulcan.’


                “Holy shit,” Jim breathed, “I took every precaution, how could this happen?”


                “What? You knew you could get pregnant?” Now Bones looked like the fish out of water, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head as he regarded Jim with a look of pure shock.


                “Yeah, I had genetic testing done on me when I was sixteen. My Mom told me Dad’s family carried a gene in which the men were able to get pregnant and carry a baby to term. They had the uterus and an ovary but didn’t menstruate and they had all the outer organs of a man that were also fully functional. The gene didn’t show up in every generation or in every male in a single generation. It would only affect maybe one or two in whatever generation it popped up in. Dad’s gene wasn’t dominant so he didn’t get the internal female organs but I did. I figured it’d be good to have if I wanted to have a kid later on in life and I didn’t have a female partner.”


                Bones just blinked, internalizing the information Jim dropped on him like an atom bomb and then began making lists of what he’d have to do to take care of Jim and the baby. “You’re keeping it?” Bones asked to make sure.


                “Yes,” Jim nodded, that stubborn look already setting in his face. He would keep this baby no matter what.


                “You do realize that no matter how much of an ass he was to you, you still have to tell Spock right?” Bones didn’t look too happy about the thought of telling Spock. He didn’t think the hobgoblin would be delighted at the news, especially after he just dumped Jim.


                “Yeah but I have no idea how to word it. Can you call him down here? I’d like you to be here Bones.”


                Bones’ face softened as he regarded his captain and friend. “Sure kid, I’ll call him down here. And if he reacts badly, then I’m here for you and the little hobgoblin too.”


                “Thanks Bones,” he smiled, exhausted but wanting to get this over with.




                Needless to say, that conversation had not gone over well, with Spock basically declaring he wanted nothing to do with the child, stating it wasn’t his responsibility but Jim’s. He stated that the only children he would have would be with Nyota, and as far as he was concerned, this child didn’t exist. Both Jim and Bones couldn’t believe Spock could be that heartless, but a small part of Jim wasn’t really surprised, what with the way Spock had broken off their relationship, if he had ever even considered it to be one. After Spock had stormed out as much as a Vulcan could, he picked himself up mentally and squared his shoulders.


                “Okay Bones, what do we have to do to bring this little one safely to term?” And Bones had outlined what they would need to do to keep Jim and the baby safe and healthy. Twenty-four hours later, Jim was in his room after a painfully awkward (for him at least), Alpha shift, making plans and wondering how to break the news to Ambassador Selik and wondering if he should even contact Sarek. Even if Spock wanted nothing to do with the child, that didn’t mean Sarek wouldn’t, although that was a possibility Jim had to be prepared for.


                Deciding to just go ahead and get it over with, Jim called Ambassador Selik first. Jim was nervous as hell about the old Vulcan’s reaction but when the image of one of his dearest friends popped up on the screen looking genuinely happy to see him Jim relaxed.


                “Jim my dear friend, what can I do for you? Is everything well?” Selik asked. Jim smiled, pleased that at least one version of Spock gave a damn about him.


                “Yes and no old friend. Spock ended our relationship. Apparently he thinks Uhura is the one for him, not me.” Selik was visibly shocked, not able to conceive of a universe where Jim Kirk and Spock were not together. Jim envied his counterpart to have been so cherished by this man in front of him.


                “You said things were also going well Jim. What did you mean by that?”


                “I’m pregnant due to a genetic quirk I inherited from my Dad’s side. It’s Spock’s of course but he wants nothing to do with the baby or me.”


                Selik looked visibly affronted. “How could he even say such a thing? Has he lost his mind? How could he turn you away? Turn away the precious gift you’re carrying? He is a fool of the highest order. If you need anything, anything at all Jim, you have but to ask and I will do everything in my power to provide it.” Jim ducked his head to hide the tears welling in his eyes.


                “Thank you old friend,” he rasped, his voice choked with tears. “I knew you wouldn’t abandon me like he did. But do you think Sarek will be as accepting as you are? I don’t know if I should tell him. I mean it is his grandchild and all but I’m not exactly the person a Vulcan would want to be carrying the next generation of their family.”


                “Sarek will not react badly like Spock did Jim. He will be pleased to know his line is continuing and will welcome the child you carry and you into his House. And do not sell yourself short my Jim. Any Vulcan would be pleased to have you carry a child of their House after all you have done for us.”


                “Thank you old friend. I’ll contact him then and see what he says. Hopefully he reacts like you say he will. I want my child to know its heritage, both sides. I’ll let you know what he says okay?”


                “That will be well Jim. Live long and prosper,” he raised his hand in the traditional salute and Jim mirrored it.


                “Peace and long life Ambassador.” Now to figure out how he was going to explain this to Sarek.


Chapter End Notes:

So will Sarek react favorable or will he be a dickwad like Spock?

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