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Story Notes:

This is an AU series that involves implied preternatural violence, language, and character death. 

The title was taken from the last line in the movie The Lost Boys.

Sis and my regular beta were busy, so I'd like to thank Binx for stepping up to the plate.

As always, this was written with Pamdizzle in mind.

Finally, Spock is a bit OOC here.

The full moon lit the cloudless night. The illumination made the shadows appear to be an inky black. I frowned as I surveyed the lay of the land. There, I saw it - movement. The creature bared its glistening fangs as it turned towards my window.

I sighed. “Jamie, go get my shotgun.”

My 10 year old nodded his locks flying around his head. “The one with the golden bullets?”

I continued to gaze at the snarling form. “Yep… another vamp.” I heard a giggle and turned to see four year old Mary jumping up and down, her gray eyes twinkled.

“Dada kill ‘im?”

I smiled. “Yes, dada kill him.”

“Jim…” I didn’t need to look at him to know his face carried an expression of disapproval. “… nust you get the children so excited?”

I turned a cheeky grin on my bonded. “k’diwa, be a good little bondmate and leave the hero stuff to me.” Spock huffed, grabbed our daughter and walked into the kitchen. Metal hitting the floor caused me to jerk around. I laughed when I saw my son laden with a couple of shotguns, stakes, golden knives, holy water and crosses. It was going to be a good night for hunting. Moving to Jamie, I relieved him of one of the shotguns, knives, a couple of the vials of Holy water and one of the crosses, which I hung around my neck.

“Let’s go kill some scum.”

“Jim…” I laughed at Spock’s reprimand and opened the door. The vampire rushed towards me. Can you be any stupider?  I took my time, raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger. The bloodsucker’s head exploded, blood sprayed me as the body crumbled. “Damn.”

“It’s your fault for letting him get so close.”

“Blah-blah, yeah man, whatever.”

Bones grinned.

“Where’s Leonard junior?”

“Cold. You know Nyota is babying him.” He turned. "Hey Jamie, my man.” He and Jamie high-fived.

I scrunched my face. “Females.”

Leonard shrugged. “Can’t live with them…”

“Are the neighbors doing what we instructed, staying behind locked doors?” He nodded and I slapped him on the back. “Come on, then… let’s go kill some vampiric lowlife.”

For the next three hours, Bones, Jamie and I staked, shot, knifed, and Holy-watered as many of the dumb suckers, pun intended, that crossed our paths. The last couple led us to an abandoned warehouse. They were soon ash.

“I think that’s it for tonight.” I poured some of the Holy water on my son’s face washing the blood away. I picked him up and nuzzled his neck as I said, “This would be a great place to live…”

“Yeah…” Bones grinned and started to pant.

I smiled as my fangs descended. Convulsions shook my body as my skin began to ripple. Jamie threw back his head and howled, brown fur covered his body. Bones, now a dark-haired Were echoed his howl.

“…if it wasn’t for all the damned vampires.

Chapter End Notes:

Happy Halloween.  Hugs

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