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Story Notes:

I went and saw Rise of the Guardians this week and I just couldn't help myself I had this idea that Jack was James T Kirk and I admit part of it was because he was voiced by the incredible Chris Pine the other part was the facial expressions and actions of Jack matched James so perfectly that I decided that I would attempt to write a believeable AU where Jack was James. I am going to be rewriting canon Star Trek 2009 where Jim is Jack hopefully this works. Please let me know if you find any errors this is my second attempt at fanfiction writing and I have no beta. I also will be updating when I can and if anyone likes this idea feel free to use it in your own stories.

I will get to the movie after some background information that I hope will set the stage for later chapters.

Looking back 300 years in the family of Amanda Grayson you would find a man named James Grayson, while this may come as no surprise to you as James is a common human name. What if I told you that 300 years ago a brave young boy named Jamie Grayson saved the world simply by believing in the existance of human legends such as the Sandman, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa and Jack Frost.

Jamie was the first human to see Jack Frost since his human death and spiritual rebirth. Jamie and his family came under the protection of Jack Frost the Spirit of Winter and Jack spent every winter playing with Jamie and his friends until the passing of years made adults of Jack's young friends.

But that isn't the end of Jack Frost's relationship with Jamie and Sophie, because Jamie and Sophie believed with all thier hearts so as the years past they created a Winter Festival that was held every year in honor of Jack Frost (it snowed on that day every year for hundreds of years) just in time for the annual snowball fight.

Jack came every year and every year more and more of the cities children saw and played with Jack Frost and generation upon generation of Graysons were taught of Jack Frost Spirit of Winter and Guardian of Fun and Games each child played with Jack in the snow and each child passed down the belief that feeds each spirit's power to thier own children.

Now return to the present 300 years after the day that Jamie saved the world, and you will meet Amanda Grayson who has returned to her hometown just in time for the Winter Festival to introduce her fiance Sarek to her parents and to a certain mischevous Winter Spirit known as Jack Frost.
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