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Story Notes:

This story is the third in a trilogy, sequel to Summer Heat and Autumn Heat. The first two stories are best read first to understand the context.  Link to >>> Summer Heat and >>> Autumn Heat.

"License my roving hands, and let them go
Before, behind, between, above, below.
O my America, my new found land,
My kingdom, safeliest when with one man manned,
My mine of precious stones, my empery,
How blessed am I in this discovering thee!
To enter in these bonds, is to be free;
Then where my hand is set, my seal shall be.
Full nakedness, all joys are due to thee
As souls unbodied, bodies unclothed must be,
To taste whole joys."
~John Donne, from "To His Mistress, Going to Bed"

Kirk shifted his feet below the table as Scotty droned on about the warp core adjustments he was planning for their layover at StarBase Aldrin. They'd achieved orbit over an hour ago, and He was itchy for a little recreation. When Scotty finally stopped talking He cleared his throat and nodded.

"Sounds about right, Mr. Scott. Anything to add, Mr. Spock?"

"No, Captain. However, I intend to remain on board should Mr. Scott require additional assistance."

Kirk nodded again. "I think I will as well. I just want a nice relaxing few days in my cabin, and I can be here if you need to run anything past me, Scotty. But it had better be important. I really need a bit of down time after that last mission."

"Verra well, Captain."

"Spock, as you're staying aboard, perhaps you'll give me a game of chess later?"

"I will, sir." The three men rose and gathered their padds together. "I have a matter to attend to in the lab; I will visit your cabin when I have finished."

"Good. Well, I guess I'm officially on leave now. The ship is yours, Spock. Log me off, will you? Good luck with the engines, Mr. Scott."

"Och, luck is the last thing I need, Captain. Good evening to you."

Kirk strode out the door ahead of his two most senior officers. Two years into the five-year mission, and it was all he had hoped it would be. Too many deaths, perhaps, but the exploration of deep space was a dangerous job. Every crew-person knew he or she might one day give that final sacrifice, though it didn't make it easier on Him. He felt every death deeply. He had lost two security men on the last away team, and writing the letters to their families hadn't been any less painful. Deaths aside, he loved every other aspect of the voyage.

He went straight to his cabin and engaged his privacy locks immediately, and then stripped and headed for the bathroom he shared with Spock. He needed a shower badly. The hot water he was privileged to use as captain began to dissolve the stress and he lazed in the steam. Most of the crew had to use sonics; He loved his showers. By the time he had washed thoroughly and began to rub himself with the towel he was feeling like a new man. He combed his hair and applied a light scent before taking up his dirty clothes and putting them into the recycler.

Passing through into Spock's cabin he did his nightly check of the various comforts around the two rooms. There was plenty of lube in the several places Spock preferred to keep it. The cushions in front of the fire-pot were slightly disarrayed; he set them straight, and then lit the fire. He retrieved Spock's meditation robe from the closet and laid it on the wooden valet stand, flicking a trace of lint away from the collar. From the toy-chest he got the leather paddle and the cock-ring set and the butt plug case; everything else remained inside unless Spock requested it. Checking that all was correct, he did the last task of opening a fresh bottle of Sh'Eer and pouring a glass of the potent Vulcan liquor that Spock preferred. Unsure how long his wait would be, he selected a book from the shelf and settled on the cushions before the fire-pot.

It was very nice that Spock kept his cabin so hot, and required Kirk to do the same, he reflected, not for the first time. Being naked in normal crew-quarters temperatures would be very uncomfortable. He loved being naked when off-duty.

The book wasn't capturing his attention, and he realized he was hungry. He considered paging Spock and finding out how long he would be, but discarded the idea. Spock would arrive as soon as he could after finishing his work in the labs. He was a very dedicated officer, and holding the dual position of exec and science officer kept him pretty busy. With a sigh He lay down and closed his eyes. He wouldn't notice his grumbling belly if he was asleep.

When he woke it was with Spock crouched beside him, one finger already pressing into his anus. It was exactly like the dream he had just been having, and his cock was already hard. Kirk chuckled and squirmed. "There you are. I was hungry." He noticed that Spock hadn't changed, was still in his uniform.

"I am hungry. We will eat shortly. Kneel, please."

Kirk obediently rose to all fours, and Spock adjusted the cushions under him before pressing him back down. Two fingers now, sliding in and out of his ass. He sighed with pleasure. "Don't you want me to undress you?"

"No. Be still." A third finger joined the other two and Kirk fought the urge to press backward to increase the stimulation. He turned his head at a slight noise and thrilled as he saw Spock easing his enormous cock out of his pants. "Tell me."

"I want you," Kirk gasped as the fingers inside him curled and scraped at his prostate.

"You want what?"

"I want you to please fuck me."

"Yes." Spock straddled him, withdrawing the fingers. Kirk's cock, trapped against the cushion, was throbbing. "You do. It is very gratifying to be wanted, James."

"I want you. All the time. I try not to think about it when I'm on duty..." He gasped as the head of Spock's cock pressed into him. "But once I'm in our quarters, mine or yours, it's all I can think of."

"You thought about being hungry."

"I'm sorry. That's why I went to sleep, so I wouldn't... ahhhhhh... think about it." Kirk couldn't resist any longer, and pushed back onto the Vulcan's cock until it was all the way in. Spock's hands on his hips tightened and Kirk stilled. Spock rested there, immobile.

"Did you dream about me?"

"Of course I did. You know I always dream about you. I love my work, and my ship, but you, Spock, you're my life."

"Mmmmm." Spock began to move then, slowly and leisurely fucking him, and Kirk began to moan. It seemed like the Vulcan got bigger all the time, somehow. One hand left his hip and reached for his face, and he turned to meet it. Spock liked to feel what he felt when they did this, and he was happy to oblige, knowing he could trust Spock absolutely not to invade his more private thoughts. He felt the familiar vertigo, and then it seemed as if his pleasure had doubled.

He was too excited. Spock was pounding into him now, grunting. Kirk's cock, scrubbing against the cushions, was achingly hard, but he knew he wouldn't come before Spock was ready. He wanted to keep Spock, and that meant keeping the Vulcan satisfied, and he would do anything for that goal.

"Tell me your favourite dream, James."

"Oh... god, I can hardly think... maybe the one where you open your pants on the bridge and order me to suck you in front of the whole crew. I try to refuse, because it's in public, and so you rip off my pants and bend me over the captain's chair and fuck me, dry fuck me, and the crew just watches..." A particularly harsh thrust and Spock was coming, he could feel the hot semen burning behind his belly. But no command to come followed, and he began to groan with frustration as his cock was pressed down into the cushions and the Vulcan withdrew from his ass.

"Be still," Spock ordered. Kirk lay on his aching cock, wanting to come with all of his being, feeling the hot semen trickling out of his ass. A moment later there was a fresh pressure on his anus, a cold pressure, and Spock was pushing a large butt plug in. He gasped but stayed still. Movement now might earn him punishment worse than not being allowed to achieve his orgasm. Spock, irritated, might banish him to his own cabin for the entire night, alone.

Spock lifted him to his feet then and surveyed him, eyes lingering on the weeping cock. "Good, James. If you had come without permission I would have refused to let you join me for dinner. Perhaps, if you continue with this excellent behaviour, I will let you have an orgasm later this evening. Now, go and wash and dress, and be at my door in two minutes so that we can go to the mess. I expect you to maintain that erection until I have a use for it, later."

Spock set a hand on his cheek and kissed him lightly, and he resolved to do exactly as the Vulcan said. He would not disappoint this wonderful man. He would never disappoint Spock.

"As you say, Spock," he whispered, and pressed his face into the hand on his cheek. He loved doing that, it gave him warm, fuzzy feeling. He felt cherished.

"Yes. Now go."

The plug in his ass was sending fiery messages of pleasure through his prostate to his cock, and the act of washing and dressing quickly was almost blindingly sensual. He used his special padded extra-tight briefs, to keep the erection from being visible to the crew, and slathered on a bit of extra deodorant – he would be reeking of sex-sweat otherwise.

He was out of his door and touching the announcer on Spock's corridor entrance well within the time limit.

Spock answered. "Yes, Captain."

"Dinner, Spock."

"Very well." The door opened and Spock stepped out. They strode companionably through the corridors, Kirk trying not to think about the plug that was massaging him, about the cock trapped against his belly, chatting lightly about ship's business.

They were seated at a table, Spock with his usual salad and Kirk his favourite steak and mashed potatoes. Spock normally allowed him to indulge himself once a week since McCoy had started him on a diet, but Spock had lifted the restriction for this few days break and he was grateful for it.

It turned to irritation when McCoy strolled over and sat down beside Spock and began to lecture him, eating his own grilled chicken as he did so. "If you start eating like that again, Jim, you're gonna put all that weight back on."

"Knock it off, Bones. I'm on vacation, I'm allowed to have a few treats." He shifted on his seat to stimulate the plug, and smiled at Spock. "Isn't that right, Spock?"

"I have noted, Doctor, that the captain has been most scrupulous in maintaining the diet you designed for him. As a Vulcan, of course, I do not understand nor wish to understand this urge to consume animal protein, but it is a human custom to treat oneself to one's favourite foods while on vacation, is it not?"

"Spock! I thought you were on my side," McCoy grumbled, and then looked back at Kirk. "Alright, but I warn you, I'm gonna be checking your meal cards once we leave orbit here. How's the engine refit going?"

"Ask Spock. I'm on vacation."

"Are you planning to go down to the station? There's a great little bar; I thought you and I could do a little recreating."

"Not this time, Bones. I have a lot of reading I want to catch up on... don't worry, it's all fiction and history, not work," he added, seeing his friend about to protest. There was no way he was going to take shore leave while Spock was stuck on the ship. "I'm going to spend time in my cabin, play a few games of chess with Spock, and just generally relax."

"See that you do. By the way, you're both due for a physical next week."

"I'll schedule it once I'm back on duty," he replied, savouring a succulent morsel of his steak.

He had put on a lot of weight in the first year of the mission, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Spock got a great deal of pleasure out of watching humans enjoying their food. It made him happy to know that he was in on the stoic Vulcan's passionate side; the rest of the crew had no idea how much enjoyment they gave Spock. Come to think of it, that earlier threat about not taking him out to dinner had probably been empty. Still, it didn't do to disobey Spock about their private lives. It made him feel like so ashamed and guilty when he did. "I take it you're going ashore?"

"Right after I finish my meal. Why pay for expensive starbase meals, when the food here is so good?" It had really improved these last months, since Spock redesigned hydroponics to produce a better variety of vegetables and got StarFleet to agree that a constant diet of synthetic food was bad for morale. They had enormous freezers now, and stocked up on all manner of food every chance they got. It was rare for them to resort to the replicators anymore. Kirk felt a surge of pride in the industry and intelligence that Spock applied to the crew's welfare. He finished the last bite of his steak and pushed his plate away, relishing the shivery shock that the butt plug provided at the motion.

"Well, I'll leave you to your supper."

"I will walk back with you, Captain, with your permission."

"Of course, Mister Spock."

Once back up in officer country, the two men entered their cabins through their separate doors, bidding each other good evening for the benefit of a passing crewperson. Inside his cabin he hurried for the bathroom door and into Spock's quarters. Spock was seated at his terminal, and didn't glance up, so Kirk stood at parade rest in the doorway and waited.

"Did you enjoy your steak, James?"

"Yes, very much."

"Bring me some Sh'Eer, please."

Kirk obeyed, and waited for further instructions, once again at parade rest. After a few minutes Spock looked up at him. "I will be occupied with this report for the next one point five hours. If you manage to maintain that posture for that time, I will allow you to masturbate while I watch."

"As you say, Spock," Kirk replied, with a thrill of expectation. Watching him masturbate almost always excited Spock into fucking him.

"I have something for you to think about while you are waiting. I have decided that, for my approaching Pon Farr, you will accompany me to Vulcan. I am required to procreate, but I need not mate with a female to do it. A simple sperm donation is all that is required. However, for approximately seven days I will be driven to the sex act almost hourly, rather than my usual requirement of two or three times a day. You will fill my needs. Vulcan privacy laws ensure that no one at Star Fleet will be aware of your function during that time."

"Spock! I'm... I'm overwhelmed! Thank you!" Kirk almost stepped toward the Vulcan before remembering the injunction to stand still.

"Doctor McCoy will accompany us to the surface as well, to see to your physical well-being. You will require considerable attention."

"But... then he'll know about me! About us! Is that wise? He might not approve. He might inform Fleet."

"He would. However, there is a Vulcan mental technique that I can employ to remove his memory of the events. I dislike using it on anyone, much less someone I consider a 'friend', but it will be necessary if you and I are to retain the pleasant life we have here. I have, in fact, used it on Doctor McCoy several times in order to allow you to pass your physical, without his making note of the anal tearing you occasionally suffer from and to encourage him to repair the damage without disclosing it in the medical log. Otherwise I would not be able to take my pleasure with you as often as I wish, and would have to resort to others. But I do not wish you to dwell upon that." He continued typing. "I trust that this information is inspiring you to be absolutely still for the next 77 minutes."

"Oh, yes, Spock." Kirk began to daydream. Vulcan! He had dreamed many times about being on Vulcan with Spock, and now it was going to be a reality. His cock began to strain even more against the tight briefs he wore, and he knew that if he looked down there would be a stain starting on his pants, despite the extra padding.

God, he must be the luckiest man in the galaxy.

End – Rae.

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