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The Fulfilment Of Years: Between Us

They stood in Kirk’s locked and entirely Privacy encoded, for this moment, Office.

Their lips made contact, and their bodies pressed together. They connected at last, and it did make sense to them, just as they each had always craved.

“Cliché as it is, it’s utterly true. I’ve waited years for this, years! Pinch me…” Jim breathed between the touches of Spock’s lips, the firmness of his loving grasp and body.

“Why would I?” Spock, still kissing Jim, managed to ask.

“You know full well by now that that’s a saying, a thing people remark to prove a moment of truth to one another –To check that something is real…” Jim whispered, warm in the best ways possible, in Spock’s embrace.

“It is.” Spock expertly, assuredly commented, and yet again, began a kiss with James T. Kirk.

The End..?
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