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"Spock, having sex with you is NOT going to kill me."


"With respect, Jim, that is not what these read-outs say..."


"Mr Spock, I have been running on this treadmill for over an hour. My heart-rate's fine, my blood-pressure's fine. I'm a little out of breath b"


"Keep running, Jim."


"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you. You're in league with that Bones to make me lose weight..."


"Not at all, Jim. If you recall, our task here is quite specific; it is to see if you are up to having sex with me. Or Not."


"How much longer do you want me to keep running, Spock??"


"As long as is necessary, Jim."


"Necessary for WHAT?"


"Sex, Jim."


"It doesn't take this long to have sex!!"


"It does with me, Jim. Now, please, keep going."


"Oh God..."


"You may call me THAT, afterwards,  Jim."


"Promises, promises..."


"Jim, less talk and more running. Please."


"Spock, I fucking HATE you!!"


"Which is, of course, why you are still running after 87.25 minutes, Captain."





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