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Story Notes:

Third salvo in the poetry war between myself and Pamdizzle.  Thanks to Pamdizzle for inspiring this!


Beauty that runs along the edge of danger

Life that lives only on the edge of death

Sweet intake of breath only inches away

From the killing power of the vacuum.


A thin layer of charm to protect the hearts within

This ship warps the rim of the wormhole like a sin,

Skipping along the edges of the starry, starry flow

At impossible speeds, yet steadily she goes.


You, golden and sweating, nudge along the ledge

Of the high, screed precipice that is my desire for you.

And you do not look down, your eyes lock onto mine.

I feel your heartbeat hammering deeply against my own.


Tumbling around and around each other

Thin satin skin hides the flayed skin of the victim

Minds skating dangerously close to ecstasy

And confusion, hearts held just above the fire.


Warm living bodies always on the edge of death

The coldness awaits us all with just one wrong turn

A thin veneer of civilisation over the killer’s burn,

That pushes our souls to the edge, tempting us to turn.


Skipping across the surface of the deadly gene pool,

Fighting ourselves to stay alive and not succumb

To the strange, dark depths, we swim up through the cool

Water to the surface, and drag ourselves back to the edge of life.


Always, there is a darkness under your sunlit mind

Always, I am bemused by the seductive predators

Which dog your every step; lust and greed

Jockeying for position at power’s hidden, grimy feet.

Desire, grace and beauty trail cluelessly along.

Like hapless younger siblings clutching their mother’s robe.


The fiery smouldering line of the untidy, roaring dawn

Crackles like a ring of fire around the lapis globe.

You flare, you coalesce around my aching core,

Laughing and telling me that life is a barrel of fun,

But even though you are more than quick on the draw,

I know in my heart we are only running ahead of the sun.

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