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The beat of the music was heavy and rumbled in a most delicious way through Kirk’s legs. He loved it. His tail with the deep brown fluff of hair on its end was swaying rhythmically and a deep purring was emanating from his throat – only to be swallowed by the loud bass line. He stood directly next to a couple that was screaming at one another and he could hear not a single word due to the club music all around. It was perfect.

His lips stretched into a lazy grin, displaying sharp fangs in a way that he knew was attractive. After all, he wanted to get some action tonight and that meant that he needed to show what he had to offer.

The music slowly, sensuously changed and the next room-filling beat seemed to throb directly through the half-Caitian’s cock. Kirk drew in a deep breath. He was smelling the sweat of heaving bodies all around him, mingled with perfumes and aftershaves. It caused the golden hair on his tail to spring up. The agile appendage twitched deliciously, before the fur was calming down until it was lying once again sleek and gleaming.

The slit pupils of his golden eyes were contracting every time one of the colourful swaying lights washed over him, which made it hard to see what exactly was going on at the dance floor in front of him, but he was patient – he had time. The night was still young and he was not nearly as drunk as he wanted to be; there was only a pleasant buzzing filling his veins.

Kirk took another deep breath and leant back against the barstool he had been sitting on during the first hour of his stay in the club. His right leg was bouncing with the throbbing beat and his trim hips started slowly swaying from side to side. He got restless – he needed to dance.

“Hey, Kitty!” someone yelled into his ear. Kirk turned his head slowly, only to be greeted by the handsome face of a guy he had never met before. The man was tall and muscled and had a goatee that the half-Caitian suddenly itched to lick with his rough tongue. Kirk’s pale pink lips slowly stretched into that attractive grin again.

“Hey...!” he purred, although he doubted that the man could’ve heard him. The expression on his face must’ve told the guy enough, though, because his face lit up and he leaned down towards the shorter man again, while his hand caught hold of the swaying tail and drew the loose fist slowly along the appendage. It twitched in his grasp and glowing cat’s eyes closed in pleasure for a few seconds.

“Wanna dance?” the guy yelled directly into his ear. Kirk’s eyes snapped open again and he omitted an answer this time in favour of clasping the hand that had been stroking his tail and drawing the man towards the other undulating creatures on the dance floor.

They had to wedge themselves between the sweating bodies; the rubbing and squeezing was exactly after Kirk’s taste. He loved to be in the middle of the action and the hands that were grasping his hips or gliding along his back and tail were enough to elicit a near constant stream of purring out of his chest. This night really promised to be great...!

He had not been dancing for long with the guy – he had only just begun rubbing his curved backside against the man’s groin in rhythm with the music and the guy had grasped one of his arms, raising it and curling it around his own neck, forcing the half-Caitian to stretch his back into a delicious bow – when his half closed eyes had caught sight of someone amidst the writhing bodies and flickering lights.

Kirk faltered for a moment, his attention drawing away from a hand that was slowly creeping under his tight shirt in favour of scouring the direction where he had seen a glimpse of pale skin and pointed ears and... – there! There he was again!

Kirk’s fingers twitched and he slowly drew his arm down from around the man’s neck, while grasping the groping hand under his shirt. His eyes never left his prey, while he entangled himself from his confused dancing partner.

He knew that the guy was probably talking to him and asking him what was wrong, but he was fully entranced by the other creature across the dance floor; like all cat-like beings his attention span could be rather short and in the light of the most gorgeous man he had ever seen, it was only too easy to forget the muscled, tall man at his back. The predator in him wanted to sink his fangs into the delectable ivory skin he could get a glimpse at when one of the flickering lights grazed the alien.

Kirk’s tail was flicking playfully from side to side as he slipped between sweating bodies and grasping hands, leaving the miffed man behind him.

The closer he got to his prey, the tighter wound the coil of anticipation and lust itself around his gut.

The alien was a Vulcan – the pointed ears and slanted, silky eyebrows were a dead give-away. He was a bit taller than Kirk himself and had – as far as he could see –the most delicious, slender body that was encased in an outfit of some gleaming, dark fabric that the Caitian had never seen before.

The man had closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the dark thrum of the music, while his body swayed sensuously in the tiny space he was given by the other dancers. He did not seem to have a partner.

Kirk got a predatory gleam in his golden eyes – he would change that.

The mere fact that a Vulcan was visiting such an establishment was intriguing enough to rouse the insufferable curiosity of the half-human. He scrutinized sharp, pale features, sculpted lips and long, slender hands that he knew were way stronger than they looked. His tail gave another playful twitch.

‘Let’s see, if curiosity killed the Caitian,’ he thought, while sidling up towards the enticing creature.

He snuck one arm around a slender waist, simultaneously pressing his front up against the back of the Vulcan – not too hard, but noticeably.

The alien in his grasp faltered for a moment. One hand rushed downwards and grasped his wrist in an unrelenting grasp, while the head turned sharply around and a pair of extraordinary dark eyes gazed at him with sharp intelligence and distrust, until... the Caitian could feel something tickling in his head. A lazy grin spread over his lips – the Vulcan was obviously checking his intents out through the touch telepathy.

Kirk winked at him, while rubbing his groin against soft buttocks – he could show his intent easily enough. For a moment he thought the Vulcan would decline and withdraw from his advances, but almost as quickly as the fear had come up it was squashed again, when he saw an almost mischievous twinkle entering the dark eyes. There was a slight bump backwards from a curved arse against his groin. The contact was so light he would have thought it unintentional, if he hadn’t seen the glinting eyes in the otherwise severe face.

A frisson of heat rushed down Kirk’s back from the nape of his neck along the curved length of his spine, all the way to the tip of his twitching tail. A playful growl made his throat vibrate: the hunt could begin.


And what a delicious hunt it was! The Vulcan turned out to be a giant tease. Quick, heated glances under ridiculously long eyelashes were thrown Kirk’s way, only for the creature to turn its head away again and present a creamy neck and the cap of night-black hair.

When Kirk grabbed a wrist in order to pull the Vulcan closer, he swayed with him for but a second before elegantly sliding away again with the most contact he could get away with without being too blunt. Kirk had lost count of the times the bone of a hip was expertly rubbed into his groin, only to be drawn away again, before enough friction could be gained.

He had to admit it: he had found an equal. The thought was as aggravating as it was alluring. His tail was curling time and time again around a waist, an upper arm or a lean thigh and the times he managed to somehow keep the beautiful creature in place due to another couple dancing close to them, he pressed his chest tightly against the back of the Vulcan and let him feel his deep rumbling purr.

The man shuddered from head to toe in this situations – it was addicting.


They had just gone out of another quicker song that was now changing into a sultry, dark beat. Sweat was glistening on their bodies and their chests were heaving as if they had sprinted for some time. The Vulcan was yet again rubbing the delectable curve of his ass against Kirk when the Caitian thought the teasing had gone on long enough. One arm curved itself from behind around the man’s shoulders, drawing him back against him – not playful anymore, but demanding. His tail shoved itself under the dark shirt of the alien; the dark tuff of hair on its end was tickling the sweat slicked skin of a tight stomach.

Unlike the other times his companion did not unwind himself from the demanding grip this time. Quite the contrary. He fell backwards against the broad, muscled chest of the half-Caitian and Kirk could feel the rumble of some kind of growl under his forearm, where it was lying across the collarbones of the creature.

When Kirk drew him away from the edge of the dance floor, the Vulcan did not protest. They went to the front of the club and retrieved their cloaks – the night was chilly and they were heated and sweaty.

Kirk seized the hand of the Vulcan; he was suddenly afraid the beautiful creature would vanish, if he turned his back on him, so he had to keep a grip on the man in order to satisfy his territorial urge.

He drew the Vulcan out of the club and into the moist streets outside. They did not talk the whole way to his apartment.

In fact – they had not exchanged a single word since their sensual dance had begun.


It was not as difficult as it had seemed, to peel the body of the Vulcan out of the tight clothes. They were gliding across the ivory flesh without any protest. The more was revealed of the lean muscles and long, beautiful limbs with their verdant hue, the louder Kirk’s rumbling purr got.

It sounded strange in the silent room after the heavy, loud beats of the club; like the well going motor of an old car. He could see goosebumps springing up all over the arms of the Vulcan and his lips stretched into a predatory smile that was swallowed up by an emerald mouth that suddenly attacked him.

A long, pointed tongue slipped into the moist cavern that he opened only too eagerly in order to rub in curiosity and excitement over pointed fangs and the rough surface of a cat’s tongue.

This time it was the Vulcan who growled – the sound was deep and resonating; Kirk would not have thought that the slender body could provide that deep baritone, but he loved it. It thrummed through his body just like the bass in the club had.

Their hands seemed almost nervous in their eagerness to divest them from their last clothes and especially the Vulcan’s slender hands made detours from time to time in order to grasp and pet the lazily swinging tail of his companion.

Kirk was only too happy in accommodating the curiosity of his bed mate – he loved getting petted, after all.

When they toppled over onto the bed with Kirk falling upon the Vulcan, both moaned their pleasure of feeling naked, hot skin upon naked, hot skin out into the darkness of the half-Caitian’s bedroom. Their hands were stroking one another, gliding across slick muscles and silken skin, searching for the special places that would make the other arch into the touch and growl or pant in response. However, the Vulcan came to an abrupt halt, when he let his legs fall apart in clear invitation and bucked upwards in order to slide his cock along the turgid length of Kirk.

He froze mid-thrust beneath the blond man and Kirk thought for a moment he had come already, until his feverish gaze caught sight of the dark eyes that were gazing down between their heaving bellies towards their erections.

“What...” asked the baritone voice. It was deliciously deep and husky and made Kirk’s throat vibrate in response. He followed the gaze of huge, dark eyes and finally understood. A tremulous grin spread across his lips.

“Don’t worry – it does not hurt,” he growled, afraid that the beautiful creature would turn tail and run after he had caught sight of Kirk’s member. He knew fully well that it looked intimidating – the shaft was a deep, blood red, glistening with the juices that were squirting from time to time out of the tapered tip; this alone wasn’t that extraordinary. What the Vulcan must’ve felt and what must’ve thrown him off his game, surely had been the many little white spikes that were circling the shaft in an erratic pattern.

They were for the most part yielding and not as sharp as they looked, but if one did not expect to have dozens of little teeth scraped along the pulsing shaft of his erection, it was a little... surprising.

The gaze of the Vulcan was dubious, yet he slowly reached out with his hands and gingerly stroked across the tiny spikes with one fingertip.

Kirk’s eyes fluttered shut and his mouth fell open in a silent pant. When a hot hand encircled the glistening shaft of his erection, his hips bucked into the tight grip. As he drew back, he could feel the dozen barbs scrape gently along the palm of the Vulcan.

His eyes snapped up when his companion emitted a deep, throaty groan. Cat eyes, whose pupils were blown wide in the darkness, looked at the flushed face of the dark haired alien.

“Fascinating...” the man murmured – it sounded oddly endearing. There was another tug of a strong, pale hand on the pulsing shaft and two male voices moaned in unison.

Kirk, because it felt so damned good to feel the skilled fingers around his eager cock and the alien – God alone knew, why the Vulcan got so hot and bothered from only rubbing the little spikes across his hand.

“You wanna try it out?” Kirk ground out between clenched teeth. His tail was snapping in the air behind him, lashing from side to side and causing wide, brown eyes to follow its movements almost hypnotically, before the Vulcan snapped out of his daze and nodded.

“On all fours,” the half-Caitian growled and slipped from the slender body. He watched appreciatively the sensuous movements of the long limbs, when the Vulcan rolled onto his stomach and got on hands and knees. The expanse of creamy white back was inviting Kirk to scratch at it and elicit dark, green lines that would paint the body as his territory... his fingers twitched in longing and he licked his lips a few times, while attempting to reign in his most primal urges.

“You’re gorgeous...” he praised huskily and crawled behind his bed mate. Creamy thighs were spread only further in response, giving a perfect glimpse of – Kirk moaned deeply in his throat – heavy testicles, covered in a thin layer of straight, black hair, dangling between them. His tongue, that had been itching to groom something since he had laid eyes upon the goatee from that guy in the club, started rubbing against the roof of his mouth.

Damn it all to hell...

His hands gripped the delectable, round globes of the creamy ass and spread them wide. He stared down upon the tight hole that was winking and blushing an enticing shade of green, the longer he stared. When he heard that deep growl from his companion again, he raised his gaze only to get caught in the stare of lust filled brown orbs that were peeking at him above one shoulder. He could see the tip of one delicately curved ear – it was as green as the tight pucker of his anus.

Kirk grinned slowly and aggravatingly confident, showing off his sharp teeth and eliciting another impatient moan from the Vulcan, before he dipped down and started his work.

A rough cat’s tongue was licking the sensitive skin all around the quivering hole, careful in not spending too much time on one place in order not to irritate the skin.

The deep, heaving gasps of his companion told him enough of how he was doing. He licked the hole open for some time, revelling in the spicy scent from the Vulcan that was causing his own balls to contract rhythmically, until he simply could not withstand the urge any longer and dipped his head further down.

The dismayed howl from the pale creature at his mercy, was countered with one of his fingers driving inside the clenching hole and unerringly finding the prostate of the Vulcan, while his tongue started lapping at the testicles.

He could feel them shift beneath the thin, vulnerable skin and purred his appreciation against them, while his tongue made a very thorough task in straightening every little hair out. The Vulcan moaned deliriously into the rumpled sheets of Kirk’s bed, his upper body suddenly falling down, until he could brace himself on his left shoulder so his hands were free to reach behind him and grip the soft cheeks of his arse.

At the wanton display of the Vulcan – spreading himself open in order to give Kirk more room to pleasure him – the Caitian moaned against one round ball that he had drawn carefully between his lips.

He was driving two fingers now into the clenching channel, his other hand gripping the left thigh of his companion and his tongue still grooming the perfectly rounded globes of his testicles.

“More... more...” he heard the indistinct moans from the Vulcan. Kirk let go of the thigh and reached around it, curling his hand around the throbbing, twitching shaft of the Vulcan, who nearly howled and jerked away from the grip, while crying, “No! No! Don’t want to... don’t want to come like that. Want you inside me...”

Kirk wondered if he had gone to heaven. Had he done some good deed in his past that would explain this deliciously uninhibited, gorgeous man in his bed? Ah well... One of his nine lives must have been worth something!

He was grinning like a maniac, when he got onto his knees behind the Vulcan. The man was still bracing himself on only one shoulder, his head turned so he was peeking back towards him, a deep blush painting his cheeks and his fingers trembling in their effort to hold himself open.

“Ready?” Kirk growled, his voice husky and the muscles under his skin twitching. He looked down at his cock, whose tapered tip was poised just above the twitching hole. His eyes rolled slightly up into his head, when one spurt of pre-cum shot out and splashed across the verdant blushed pucker.

“Do it already!” came the growled demand of the Vulcan.

And far be it from James T. Kirk, tomcat extraordinaire, to refuse such a sweet plea...

He seized slim hips in a hard grip, purring, “Don’t make a wrong move...” and then slowly, deliciously, sank his slick cock into the verdant passage. The contrast of forest green and blood red was the most appealing sight he had seen in a long time.

The spikes surrounding his shaft were lying snugly against his flesh, while he pressed inside. The Vulcan’s panting breath reached his ears. Kirk bit the tip of his tongue in an effort to remain steady and slow in his entering – the twitching hole made it difficult, though. A slight shift in the hips of his bed mate caused him to gaze down the endless expanse of a pale back. His gaze met the slightly confused stare of dark eyes. He had had enough sexual encounters with men who had no clue how his genitalia worked to know, that the Vulcan had probably anticipated to feel his spikes already.

A slow grin spread across Kirk’s face. He decided to give the Vulcan a little taste of what was about to come. Although his shaft was only half way embedded in the clutching channel, he drew slightly back again.

Kirk had to hold on to the body of the Vulcan when the man almost shot off the bed in response to the dozens of little pinpricks that suddenly stood up at the backwards motion. They rubbed up against the quivering wall of his channel and were gently scraping at the sensitive nerves.

“Oh... my...” the Vulcan started breathlessly, but could not finish the chant due to Kirk choosing that moment to press the rest of his dick into the trembling man.

“The fun has just begun,” he purred. His tail was standing straight into the air, only lashing from time to time, while he started tiny in and out movements.

The Vulcan abandoned the clutching of his own buttocks in favour of curling his fingers into the bedspread and crying his pleasure into the mattress. Hard, little barbs were scratching at his walls, stimulating his nerves and causing his rectal muscles to reflexively contract at the unusual simulation.

Kirk’s eyes fluttered shut and he let himself sink forward, his tightly muscled stomach pressing up against the back of the Vulcan. His hips were undulating ever so slightly; delicious, rhythmical movements that were causing the spikes on his shaft to flare and lay down again. Every now and again he would draw further back – very slowly as to not injure his companion – and then thrust forcefully forward, the tapered tip of his dick snuggling up to that gland that made the slender body beneath him buck and twitch.

“Don’t move...” he growled into a creamy shoulder, accompanying it with a vicious jab of his hips. Again his mate jerked helplessly, clenching his tight hole around the thick base of the penis embedded inside him and turning his head to the side, so he could gulp in much needed air.

Kirk growled deep in his throat, looking at all the expanse of pale, unblemished skin stretched over broad shoulders, a delicate ear that was now presented to him and... and that neck.

That neck the Vulcan had teased him mercilessly with before in the club.

He moaned when his cock emitted another spurt of pre-seminal fluid. The alien beneath him jerked again – probably in surprise, but it did not matter right now.

What did matter was that the unruly behaviour of the creature spiked Kirk’s primal urges to wrestle the exotic man into submission and mark him as his own. He made a sharp, little movement with his hips and drove his sharp fangs into the creamy neck, while the man beneath him simultaneously moaned raggedly.

Breath stuttered out of the Vulcan and his lean back curved upwards for a moment, making Kirk fear that he would try and buck him off – which the Vulcan would be able to – but only seconds later he relaxed again, accepting the heated love bite and raising his hips against the undulating, little stabs of Kirk’s thrusts.

He was in heaven.

Kirk did not loosen the grip of his teeth on the neck of the creature, while he started moving faster within him. The tight heat surrounding his cock, paired with the pressure the raising and falling of the spikes caused was bringing him faster and faster towards the edge.

He started emitting a nearly frantic sounding growl, while his tail lashed through the air.

“Touch me... please... want to come with you...” the Vulcan suddenly piped up into the near silence of the room. Kirk closed his fluttering eyes and groped for the slick Vulcan shaft. His movements were harsh and choppy, but they seemed to be enough. Enough, at least, to cause the formidable creature to moan heatedly, while bucking in a way that made clear he had no concept of where he wanted to be most – impaled on this incredible cock or embedded in the hot, milking grip of Kirk’s hand.

It was enough to tip the half-Caitian with him over the edge. He let loose of the neck and threw his head back, howling his climax into the room, while spurt after spurt of watery, hot semen splashed against the inside walls of the almost abused channel.


Ten minutes later he was still buried nearly three quarters inside the Vulcan. He was gradually easing out of the still occasionally spasming channel. He had had partners in the past that had been rather unnerved or annoyed by the slow separating of genitalia after sex, but this creature seemed to be only too willing to be patiently waiting... maybe his lazy licking of the bite mark had something to do with it... or the fact that his tail was flicking across one creamy thigh every now and again.

“Never caught your name,” he growled after a while into a pointed ear.

“Spock,” the Vulcan murmured without hesitation and sighed, when another few spikes popped out of his overly sensitive hole.

Kirk glimpsed over a slim waist towards the verdant cock of the alien. It was already half hard again. He licked his lips. Maybe he could convince Spock for a second round? He was awfully curious as to how the thick length with the double ridges would feel...


Chapter End Notes:


And there you have it... u_u

Hope the cat-lovers and vets aren't biting their keyboards right now XD it was not meant to be super-realistic. Just dumb porn and they're aliens anyway, so... well.

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