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He's looking at me and grins like he always does.
And my throat is dry. I would like to say 'Captain, what are you doing to me?' but I can't utter a world.
The shiny big cue is in his hands. He touches it with his delicate fingers, strokes it up and down. And I bet my ears are burning green.
His eyes fixed on mine, and he still keeps smiling at me, a little cheeky smile. Still stroking the shining hard surface of the long stick for play. His eyes are semi closed and that's some bedroom smile about them.
He knows.
He definitely knows.
I am numb and deep shade of green all over my face and neck.
I forget how to breathe and my eyes must be dark as night. 
I can feel the electricyty under my skin, some humming underneath. I am floating. And he keeps touching the cue withiout missing a beat. Without looking away. 
I am trapped.
I look down at his hands again, forcing myself not to look too obvious. Trying to calm down, to make my skin color go back to normal and my breathe slow down.
One hand is gripping at the cue, and the other is gently slides over it.
All his movements resonate in my crotch and I wish I could stop it from being so.
I wish I could knock the cue out of his beautiful hands and place something else in them. I wish I could push him to the wall and slam my lips over his body. My hungry lips and hands and caress him till we're both mad with it.
I wish I could utter a word now. At least a tiny word. To make him realize what I feel right now.
But he already knows.
Otherwise he wouldn't play with me like this. Otherwise he wouldn't tease me shamelessly like this, like only he can, like only he's allowed.
He stopped touching the cue, put is aside and tilted his head to one side, looking into my eyes with interest.
I am a Vulcan mess now, my emotions took hold of me long before I realized it.
My family , my people would be ashamed of me. I sold them down the river, I betrayed the values of my planet, I have lost my identity once I saw the captain... 
He comes closer to me and the electricity tension within me grows rapidly. I feel like everything around me is burning and in flames. 
No escape. Too late.
He reaches out his hand and I am falling into abyss. My feet lose contact with the ground.
His warm fingers touch my cheek and stroke it softly. And I forget my name.

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