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The flame-red glow on billowing clouds begins to rapidly fade

Swaddling mountain silhouettes in a delicate shroud-like haze

And as the ghostly face of T'Khut turns a paler shade of white

Hot desert day gives up her throne to the reign of desert night

While evening spreads her wraithlike veils upon the windswept plain

Warm breezes bear the perfumed fragrance of impending rain

Creatures great and small make their tracks through the ever-shifting sand

Their gleaming eyes pierce shadows thick to watch the lonely man

Sheltered by pinnacles older than time and huge obelisks of stone

He rests in weary contemplation, silent and alone

A gust of wind caresses his lips and kisses his raven hair

And whispers 'remember' in his ear on a gentle waft of air

A nighthawk soars amongst the stars searching for its prey

In her forlorn cries he shares her pain as she turns and flies away

The vice-like grip that clutches his heart intensifies its hold

No peace for man or beast tonight in the wilderness of Gol

One droplet, then another falls with a soothing, tranquil grace

Tears of rain tenderly trace the sadness in his face

First a trickle, then a stream, then a downpour fierce and hot

And the stormy skies weep long and hard for a Vulcan who cannot


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