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Author's Chapter Notes:

First story so be nice :)

I dont own star trek

God that's a fine ass. His bondmate had a ass that could stop Klingons. James Kirk loved how the regulation trousers fitted across Spock's perfect buttocks. His glossy black hair smoothed down which he just loved to run his hands through.

"Jim it is the logical solution for you to cease your staring and finish dressing because you will be late for Alpha shift"

Mmmm that logic does wild things for Jim.

"Ashaya, you know what your logic does for me"

"Jim, please continue or you will be late"

Jim began to caress those god damn lovely ears. He began to suck and taste those pointed ears. "NNhmm J-J-Jimm....stooppp" Spock grabbed his body into a loving embrace and planted a loving kiss.


"Dear God! There isn't enough brandy to bleach that out of my brain"

"Come on Bones, we weren't doing much" Spock, Bones and Jim were in the mess and Bones was still complaining.

"Doctor, may I point out that the Captain and I were only kissing and..."

"NAKED? Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"

"Come on Bones, sorry that you had to see my ass. But now you know never to come into our room un-announced again"

Damn. Since the Hobgoblin and Jim had bonded these images had become more frequent. At least they don't parade it on the bridge. Poor Chekov would be scarred for life.

Chapter End Notes:

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