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Author's Chapter Notes:

So Doctor McCoy returns to the Enterprise with a 5 year old Jim. Spock is going to have to be daddy for his bondmate :D

I dont own star trek

There was a 98.983% that the child on the transporter pad was his bondmate. Aside from the fact he was dressed in a overly sized Starfleet uniform and the similarities to Jim; It was only logical.

It had been 2 hours since Doctor McCoy and Captain Kirk had beamed down to Persalius to discuss a new dilithium source withbeen 2 Ambassador Chavaleki. But now the doctor had arrived back with a 5 year old Jim.

"Doctor, from logic I deduce that this is the captain but when he was 5 years old but can you please explain why he has reverted to this state? "

"Well Mr Spock. Your dear bondmate decided to taste a rejuvinating fruit and i found him as a small kid crying in the fetal position. I'll have to run some tests but as far as i can tell he is in a fine condition. Chavaleki said he will return to his original age in a few days"

"Thank you Doctor McCoy" Spock began to cautiously approach his ashaya.

"Hello. I am Commander Spock, do you know where you are?"

"Helloo Ca-man-da Spock, my name is Jamess. Is my mummy here cus im afraid"

Spock felt a surge of compassion for his Jim. This Jim was miles away from the captain he knew. Such a small child and so afraid.

"There is no need kid. Spock may be a Hobgoblin but your pretty safe. Two hours ago you were much older and we were your best friends. I know this is scary but we can protect you" Doctor McCoy wasn't just a good doctor, he seemed to have a way with children. This amazed Spock as Doctor McCoy's bedside manner was acceptable at best.

"No!" shouted Captain Kirk " You will not be mean bout my new frwend, he's the best"

"Oh great. He's already in love with the green-blooded hobgoblin"


Chapter End Notes:

Hey so first chapter is done, i'll try and get a new one up every day.

Please review even if its bad. i welcome any reviews x

p.s sorry its short

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