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Author's Chapter Notes:

James T Kirk will stop at nothing to save hsi friends.

Captain’s Personal Log, star date 3021.2: After beaming down to the planet Ditraia; Doctor McCoy, First officer Spock and I find us imprisoned in a Klingon prison. This is not a well-known Klingon base but somehow has not been discovered by the Federation. It is not obvious that they will let us go, we are all prepared to die but I will get them to safety even if I lose my life. They have taken our communicators and phasers but the Enterprise is in orbit unaware of our current predicament. I will safe Bones and Spock.

“God damn it Jim, I know the chances are slim but we need to at least attempt to escape”

“Doctor, the chances of escape are 2729 to 1” Spock told us with his usual preciseness which infuriated Bones. They had been beaten badly by the Klingons but Spock still could calculate statistics.

“Are you okay Spock? I know you cannot enter a healing trance in such a dangerous place but try for me. Please.” Jim tried to reason with his bond mate.

According to Bones, Jim had a few broken ribs and Spock had a broken arm; the Klingons enjoyed beating “federation scum”.

“Ashaya I would rather stay alert and protect you”. They say Vulcans have no emotion, Jim knew better.

“Do you think Mister Scott will have become aware to our current situation?”

“Of course not you hob-“


“It is alright Jim; the doctor can humour himself to alleviate the pressure of this situation”

“Well as I was saying, it may have been 2 days here but on board the Enterprise it has been 30 minutes”

Jim couldn’t think of a way to safe his closest friends. They were so calm in the face of certain death but they have faced tougher odds.


Captain’s Personal Log, star date 3021.4: The Klingons have left us alone in the cell for 2 days now but I do not deny they are monitoring our every movement. Bones believes that Spock’s arm has healed but will be aching for a while. I feel through the bond every emotion that Spock is “supposedly” doesn’t feel. He is fearful for my life; he believes that the Klingons will attack me first. We are still no further in escaping but I am considering trading in my life for Spock and Bone’s.

“The prisoners will be silent when there is a Klingon in presence”

Commander Kraan had entered their cell whilst they were asleep and began beating them awake.

“Commander Kraan, I offer my life for the safe return of Doctor McCoy and Commander Spo-“


“Quiet Spock, I offer my life if you will return Doctor McCoy and Commander Spock to the Enterprise”

This seemed to please Kraan, I hope they accept this. I can die happily knowing that Spock is safe and can live a long life. Kraan leaves us to talk to his superiors but I can tell they will accept it.

“Ashaya, you cannot give away your life”

“Spock” Jim stared deeply into those glistening brown eyes “We are going to die anyway, but if I give my life to them to save you. I will do it. I love you Spock”

“I assume that includes me?”

“Yeah you too Bones. Spock you would follow me anywhere, just don’t follow me to death. I couldn’t lose you and I’m sorry but I’m going with the Klingons and you are going to live. Live for me” Jim couldn’t hold back the tears.

“I cherish thee James Tiberius Kirk”

Two bulging Klingons arrive and grabbed Jim by the throat.

“I love you Spock. I love you I love you I love you! Bones take care of him or I’ll come back and haunt your ass” Jim screamed his last words as they dragged him away.


Captain’s Personal Log, Star date 3021.41: This is likely to be my last log and I do not regret it. The Klingons have me now and I am now afraid. I have traded my life for the safety of my closest. They are safe now and nothing pleases me more. As my death approaches I think of my friends. Chekov. Uhura. Sulu. Scotty. Bones…oh Bones. Who will he drink with now? Commendations should be awarded to Doctor Leonard McCoy and Commander Spock.

 Oh Spock. I write this last part for you. My dear Spock. I do not fear death; I am comforted by the fact of your safe life. Ashaya, do not pity me for I do this willingly. Do not spend the rest of your life mourning, take care of my ship… she is yours now. We should have had a long and happy life together but the time I have spent with you were the best years of my life. You were the reason I fought to stay alive, now you’re the reason I happily die. I will always love you.

I love you I love you I love you.

My name is James Tiberius Kirk. I am…was the captain of the USS Enterprise and I am afraid. The Klingons drag me to a cold, open room. In the centre is a thin pallet where Kraan is waiting for him. It looks like they are going to stretch out his suffering for as long as possible.

“Captain Kirk, I am going to enjoy stripping you of your dignity and pummelling you into pieces. Your body is now mine”

Kraan ripped off Jim’s clothes and began exploring his body. He flipped Jim onto his stomach and began kneading his buttocks. His thoughts strayed to Spock and would stay with Spock till he dies.

“Your pain is my pleasure. The pain that this will cause your Vulcan bond mate will make this victory sweeter”

“You leave Spock out of this; he is out of your reach”

Jim began to fight the Kraan and beat him off. Kraan easily pinned him to the ground.

“There is no point fighting me Kir—“



“Nurse Chapel get me 10ml of adrenaline and a stretc—NO we need to get him there NOW! SPOCK COVER THE CAPTAIN AND CARRY HIM TO SICKBAY!”

How had he got to the Enterprise?


Of course he would have found a way….


Jim awoke to the sterile light of sickbay glaring down on him.

“Ah morning kid. Glad you’re still with us”

The unmistakable stab of a hypo brought Jim around to the smiling face of Leonard McCoy.

“Damn it Bones”

“Sorry Kid”

“Wha- what a-how did I get here?” Jim’s mind swam with many thoughts and questions.

“Well kiddo, your hobgoblin never gave up on you. He worked with Chekov to find a way to beam you out and none to sooner old Kraan there was doing a right number on your ribs”


“Spock? SPOCK? Where’s Spock? Please tell me he is okay.”

“Yeah Kid, Spock is fine he hasn’t left your side.”

Jim searched around Sickbay. Spock was rising from a chair in the corner, he has dark circles around his eyes and looked relieved. Jim shut his eyes and sent feelings of love and comfort through the bond to Spock.

“Ashaya, Jim you are awake. I’m relieved. I couldn’t resign to the fact of losing you. I would never be whole again, but now you are safe and I am happy. I cherish thee. Never attempt to throw away your life like that again. I will follow you to death”

“Spock, I’m so sorry for putting you through that. But that’s part of the job we signed up for”

“T’hy’la I cherish thee”

“I love you too with all my heart”

 Captain’s Personal Log, star date 3021.5: It has been a day since I was rescued from the clutches of the Klingons. I definitely think there should be commendations for Doctor Leonard McCoy, Commander Spock and Ensign Pavel Chekov for admiral behaviour and saving a superior officer’s life. I still have nightmares about my time with Kraan but Spock is there to comfort me. I am relieved that I can now have my desired life with Spock. I love him and will protect him till the end.


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