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Author's Chapter Notes:

Spock and Jim's romance does not start in the best way.

Captain’s Personal Log, star date 3012.38: We are currently orbiting around the planet Abevenia for shore leave. I am going to beam down with the second group accompanied by Bones and Spock. I have plans to test the theory that chocolate can make Vulcans become intoxicated. If Spock becomes drunk I may be able to tell him my true feelings. The truth is I’m in love with my first officer. Ohh this is going to throw his Vulcan logic.

“Captain, let me remind you that as a Vulcan I do not require as much relaxing as a human”

 Jim could practically hear the speech marks around the word relaxing.  It was difficult to get Spock to relax but to get Spock to take shore leave? That was near damn impossible.

“Yes Spock, I understand the Vulcan superiority but your my friend” or my super-secret crush that would blow your Vulcan mind “and I would like to spend some time with you without the ship”

Jim attempted his most charming smile that gets him almost anything.

“I will accompany you then Captain” announced Spock with the slight upwards turn of his mouth that only Jim knew was a smile.


“Mmmhmm this looks a good place! I’ll get us some drinks”

“Yes captain, I mean Jim. This establishment seems adequate”

Time to put my plan into action

“I’ll have two beers and something with a lot of chocolate in”

“Coming right up”

Jim brought the drinks back to Bones and Spock quickly. I wonder what Spock is like drunk?

“Drink up Spock; I enjoy your company on shore leave. Bones is always moaning.” Keep him talking that’s when I’ll know if the drink has taken effect.

“That’s it Jim, I’ll leave you with your precious Hobgoblin” oh Bones, such a ray of sunshine.

Bones stalked off to the bar where he found a girl that seemed interested in him.  Hope he gets some; he always gets in a mood when he has less of the loving.

“Jim what’s in this drink? I am beginning to NOO!” Spock collapsed in a twitching heap.

“Spock? SPOCK? Bones get over here NOW!!”

Crap what have I done? It was only meant to make him drunk. Oh god please let him be okay.


Captain’s Personal Log, star date 3013.2: It has been 3 hours since we beamed back aboard with Commander Spock in a critical condition. Why did I have to be so stupid? I’m James Tiberius Kirk. I should have told Spock straight to his face. Doctor McCoy told me that Spock’s psychic controls are down and the chocolate basically poisoned him.

 He has been at Spock’s bedside for 2 hours now and the screaming had finally stopped. Bones told him that the chocolate was a strong irritant that couldn’t be treated only left to take its course.  Spock should wake soon and Jim was sure Spock would file a complaint with star fleet. I wouldn’t blame him.

The scalpel next to Spock’s bed looked appealing to Jim. He told no one (not even Bones) about his past of self-harming.  Those feelings of despair and hatred were back and he couldn’t help but fall down that slippery slope.

Carefully he rolled up his sleeves and he slowly reached his hand over for the scalpel but was stopped mid-air.

“Jim, I do not believe that you should carry on with your current idea as I will stop you with any means necessary”

“But Spock I hurt you. The one man I value and love” what did he just say?

“You love me?”

“No I didn’t say that I said trust”

“Negative Captain. You made what is known as a Freudian slip. You told me that you love me”

“Okay I admit it. I’m in love with you Spock and I know that there is a slim chance that you return these feelings. I am fine if you wish to transfer to another ship or file a complaint just please do not hate me”

“Jim, Ashaya I do reciprocate your feelings but feared telling you because of your well known metrosexual past”

Spock felt the same! Oh he really loved him.

Jim began to kiss Spock’s hot and searching mouth. He left trails of kisses along his jaw and began to explore those beautiful pointed ears.

“oh Jim…yes…mmm….more…t’hy’la” moans escaped  Spock’s mouth and they were like music to Jim’s ears.

“Spock…Spock I need you now… mmm Spock you don’t know how long I’ve waited!”

Spock reached down for Jim’s briefs. With a quick flash to Jim’s eyes he began to pull his pants down and release Jim’s hard erection.

Jim then grasped Spock’s clothes and ripped them off. Oh that body, it was the stuff of Jim’s dreams.

“Spock I need to be inside of you”

“I am yours t’hy’la”

He flipped Spock over and coated his fingers in lube. Then he slowly moved his fingers into Spock’s hole and grasped his prostate which got a very loud moan from Spock.

“JIM…nnnhmm…Jim please now”

Jim then caressed his own erection and thrust hard into Spock. “Ohh god oh Spock…I love you soo much. He began to thrust into Spock, hitting his prostate every time.

He began to pump Spock’s rock hard erection in time with his thrusts. Each time Spock bucked to meet his thrust every time.

He was close to coming and could feel his balls quiver.  Then a hot stream of semen shooted into his hand which sent him over the edge and he came with a shout.

“Oh Spock, I waited so long. I thought you would deny me and hate me”

“I would never hate you Ashaya. If you permit it, I would like to bond our minds forever. We would be present in each other’s mind for the rest of time”

“I give you permission because I love you with all my soul”

Spock reached for his meld points and muttered the words that would start the rest of their life

“My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts”


Poor Bones.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed it xx

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