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Story Notes:

Inspired by Patterns of Force, but with just a little dramatic licence, and by a very very naughty photo posted on a certain FB page!

Author's Chapter Notes:

It has been a long and testing day, in so many ways....

James Kirk lay naked, prone on his bunk, his face pressed into the cool soothing pillow. It had been another bitch of a day, another day of having the crap beaten out of him for the benefit of Star Fleet, another plaster saint from his academy days had turned out to have feet of clay.

His back hurt like a bastard, one round with the tissue regenerator had taken the edge off but the lesions were going to take time to fully heal. His face twisted to a wry smile at the irony, occasionally he enjoyed a little clandestine S&M if the location and company were conducive, but todays events had been a little too much pain and no where near enough pleasure. 

He wondered idly whether Spock had sensed the element of pleasure he had experienced in addition to the pain they had endured down on the planet. He and his lover were developing a complex mental bond, and Kirk was unsure just how much Spock was picking up, particularly with regard to the rougher edges of the sexual spectrum he enjoyed. Kirk knew that up until two weeks ago Spock's sexual experience had been largely limited to the theoretical: although Spock being Spock his "theoretical study" would inevitably be over on the far side of thorough, and had demonstrably encompassed something far beyond sex in the missionary position with the lights out. Judging by their experiential learning so far, Spock was a quick study, certainly not prone to prudish inhibition, and with a delightfully possessive streak which Kirk looked forward to testing further. None the less Kirk did not want to frighten the horses, not at this early stage in the game. 

His train of thought was curtailed by a stab of pain. The wound on his forearm, where Spock had dug out the sub dermal transponder, smarted like fuck in a syncopated rhythm to the throbbing heat of his back.  

Kirk sighed and reflected back over the events of the day. It could have been worse, none of his crew had died, he and Spock had escaped with relatively minor injury and the damage caused by John Gill to the prime directive had been at least partially ameliorated. 

His mind drifted away from duty; conjuring the image of his lovers  lean chest, bared in public for all to see. His reaction to that sight had been surprising and quite intriguing. Even though his relationship with Spock was known only to one other, he had felt a more than a shiver of excitement at seeing his lover paraded, partially stripped and bound, on show to the eyes of strangers. Maybe Spock could be persuaded to strip down in public again, for social rather than business related activities, unlike S&M a little gratuitous exhibitionism never hurt anybody. This previously unexplored avenue of his sexuality piqued at his curiosity and stirred his volatile loin. 

His restless mind meandered to another thought and in his minds eye he conjured an image of Spock in that old style military uniform...hot or what? Social events that usually bored Kirk to tears could develop far more interesting possibilities with the addition of a 'fancy dress' element. No, Kirk laughed and chided himself, he was definitely loosing the plot somewhere. A drink and sleep were clearly called for before his twisted psyche took him further into wonderland. Now, if he could just slide off the bunk and crawl to the side unit without disturbance to his back...

He shifted his position and felt searing pain and heat from his infected, lacerated skin. Spock climbing on to his shoulders to reach the light source had caused the open welts to become further inflamed and it would take time for the antibiotics to kick in against the resultant bacteremia. He was starting to regret refusing the pain suppressant Bones had offered, but he hated the unnatural thick headed sluggishness the hypos always caused.  Now his natural high octane adrenalin was wearing off he was rueing his rather vainglorious stance on analgesia. Perhaps he would skip the drink and go straight for the sleep, but sleep remained elusive. He still felt psyched from the events on Ekos, his vagabond mind refused to settle and his aberrant thoughts strayed. The Ekosian guard had been more than masterful with that lash, alternating between full strokes and teasing touches of the leather tip. Kirk had experienced similar skills in the discreet pleasure houses of a number of planets but accompanied by exquisite sexual gratification which had been decidedly lacking today... well, mostly lacking to be absolutely fair. A rather indiscreet bulge in Kirk's trousers had certainly not been missed by Chairman Eneg whose response had caught Kirk somewhat off guard - something he rather optimistically hoped his lover had missed. 

After Eneg had ordered the whipping to be stopped, he had briefly separated Kirk from his First Officer, taking him into a small stark office for a "private interrogation". Kirk had steeled himself for what he thought would be at the very least aggressive questioning, or at worst further, more subtle, forms of torture. But Eneg had stood behind Kirk, the mans breath hot on his shoulder, his quiet persuasive voice softly speaking in his ear;  "There could be more pleasant ways to pass the time, if you would simply tell me what I need to know".

Kirk had supposed the earlier brush of Enegs hand on his ass to be accidental, he had soon found out it was not. The long fingers had copped a good thorough feel and as Kirks hands were still bound at the wrist there was little he could do except pull away from the unwanted touch. In the past Kirk had never shied away from using his sexuality and boyish looks to gain advantage but recently he had found a damn good reason to look a little harder for an alternate solution. There was no way he was going to screw up; literally or metaphorically, what he had going with Spock, for a quick fumble in a back room with a nazi alien, not unless his ship, his crew, the whole damn existence of the universe depended on it and today, it had not. Nazi aliens! Really, it sounded like one of the execrable ancient B movies Ensign Torvill insisted on screening on a Friday night. 

Kirk recalled Enegs forefinger tracing the purple bruise on his shoulder, left not by the beating, but by his lover earlier that same morning. Eneg had perspicaciously noted its message...

"Ah, so you are spoken for... shame"  

Kirk determined to say nothing as Eneg continued, "surely not a wife; no I think not... but someone, I wonder...perhaps then that rather curious creature out there?" 

Enegs hand was exploring further, sliding round to cup Kirk's cock and balls through the rough serge of the uniform trousers. 

Still Kirk had remained silent, desperate not to reveal a truth that could endanger his lover, urgently trying to think of anything other than the sensation of the inquisitive hand exploring his irritatingly less than unappreciative tackle. One thing Kirk feared was that the Ekosians might injure Spock further in order to try to elicit information Kirk was foresworn from giving. Star Fleet discouraged fraternisation between serving officers cognisant of the risk that might arise. Of course he had always understood the logic in theory, but at that moment in time he had for the first time earnestly, viscerally, apprehended the connotations with complete clarity. 

Now he was back in the privacy of his own quarters he knew he would have to discuss these issues with Spock, and they would have to face the complications their relationship would bring. They would brook these problems as they had confronted every challenge almost from the day the started working together, side by side, head on, and with no compromise or quarter asked for or given. 

Kirk's reverie was broken as the door to his quarters opened with a quiet swish. "Jim" Spock's voice was edged with concern. 

Spock had not been spared a taste of the lash by the Ekosians but his higher pain threshold and greater physical strength had left his First Officer in better shape. Additionally Kirk thought, perhaps slightly petulantly, Spock had not had to offer his abused back as a working platform.

"I am fine Spock, just need a little rest, Bones will give the tissue regenerator another blast in the morning and I will be as good as new"

Spock did not vocalise a response but came to sit on the floor beside Kirk's bunk from where he could reach out and stroke Kirk's soft blond hair. Kirk angled his head to allow his eyes to meet the enigmatic dark windows to Spock's soul. "I am sorry love I am not sure I am going to be much fun tonight" in an attempt at humour Kirk echoed Spock's earlier, planet side observation, "to the logical mind the outlook for this evening would appear, gloomy". 

Sighing in frustration he realised his cock was not completely in agreement with this assessment as the proximity of his helpmate was arousing his libidinous desires. The days immediately prior to the clusterfuck that had been the away mission to Ekos, had found their shifts and duties incompatible with the pursuance of the physical side of their relationship. Now Kirk's cock was responding with enthusiasm to the pheromonal emissions of his proximal mate and his shaft was boring into the mattress like a core drill. Sadly his dick was making promises his body could not realistically keep. Sexual arousal was something Kirk always felt following a dangerous mission, a side effect of the adrenalin that flowed through his body, and now he had a lover who stirred considerable additional arousal, fuck, when Spock was near him his whole body felt like one giant erogenous zone.

"James I did not come here to initiate coitus..."


Spock had a practically insatiable curiosity at the best of times but where Kirk was concerned it was all consuming and his mates behaviour during the away mission had been, fascinating, confusing and infuriating. "I am somewhat...tested, by your responses to our experiences at the hands of the Ekosians, and Chairman Eneg in particular"

Bollocks, Kirk should have known nothing would slip passed Spock's hyper sensitive powers of observation. Well perhaps he could play it down a bit. 

"Really Spock? I thought we acted rather diligently, in the circumstances" 

"Chairman Eneg clearly signalled a desire to engage in frottage  with you James, surely you noticed"

Kirk sighed, "well he was not very subtle, of course I noticed".

"JIM, when he though no one was looking he rubbed his hand over your buttock"

"Well I can't help it if I have an irresistible arse now can I!"

Spock growled, "James you are vexing me, were it not for your current  injuries I would require to take this matter further" 

Kirk was not one hundred percent sure what Spock wanted him to infer from the phrase 'take this matter further' but he got the general gist and his already aroused cock reacted by becoming almost painfully hard. 

Spock moved closer and captured Kirks lips in a kiss gently biting his lower lip, before moving down to nuzzle the soft dermis of his neck and shoulder, nipping sharply at a piece of remarkably still unblemished skin. "You are mine" a low growl in Kirk's ear, barely audible.

"Yes love, only yours" Jim smiled and raised his arm to run fingers through the inky black hair.

Spock released his lover,  "There are several matters we need to address, but first I would like to alleviate your discomfort"

Kirk gave Spock a coy smile, "sounds good to me mister" 

"I meant the discomfort caused by the injuries to your back James, I may possibly consider your rather predictable need for sexual release after we have clarified your earlier behaviour"

Hmm, Kirk was not sure he liked the sound of 'may possibly consider', "Spock you are not thinking I betrayed you in some way are you, you are not thinking about breaking up with me?" 

"Negative James I see no benefit in excising my proboscis to infuriate my visage. I thought I made myself explicit 14.2 standard days ago. When we became lovers it was, for me, a single directional carriageway."

Kirk chuckled, "my love, have the new ensigns been teaching you 'traditional' aphorisms again?" He made a mental note to issue some kind of order explicitly forbidding the teasing of minority crew members. The love he felt for Spock flooded his heart and mind as he pulled him back into a deeper kiss, which might have gone better if the movement had not caused him to receive a caustic reminder as to why he was trying to lie still. 

Spock withdrew from Kirk's reach, disappearing through the door into their shared bathroom, returning with a dish containing some mysterious and frankly malign looking unguent and a bag of ice. Kneeling again at Kirk's side Spock's voice had regained its usual phlegmatic tone as he examined the wounds on Kirk's shoulder and back. 

"Earlier; after we had been tortured, Eneg made a sexual advance toward you, I could sense your nascent arousal and you could have exploited that to our gain yet you did not. I am concerned that the recently developed sexual element of our relationship will alter the choices you make in the course of your duty and that might impair your ability to make optimal decisions" 

Kirk made eye contact with his mate, and did not waver, "No Spock, your life is precious to me, more than I can express, and I would risk my life for yours without hesitation as you have done for me. But my duty is to my ship and crew and the Fleet and Federation I serve. If I have to act against my own interests or yours I will, but today did not require me to do so and I would not betray our relationship for something less than extremis. The elements contributing to my arousal earlier were... complex, and I would like to explore them with you further, when I am less incapacitated, but only if you are comfortable with doing so, the last thing I want to do is weirded you out. " 

Spock nodded, acknowledging the veracity in his lovers words. "I am sorry I doubted you, I find a strange conflict between what my logical mind knows to be true and the need to have you tell me what I want to hear, it is...fascinating."

Spock picked up the bag of ice, "I wish to remove the heat from your skin, it will ease the discomfort."

Even with the warning, the shock of the cold caused Kirk's muscles to spasm, but Spock was right, the unnatural heat of his skin dissipated and the throbbing eased. Taking a single cube Spock pressed it to Kirks damaged forearm with similar effect. Removing the ice pack Spock's hands continued to gently explore Kirk's injuries, as he took some of the ointment from the dish and rubbed it gently into the lacerations and welts. 

Kirk felt the stinging pain subdue to a heated itch barely worse that mild sunburn. "Spock, I have no idea what that gunk is, it smells as bad as it looks and it looks positively malevolent.  I am pretty sure Bones would have a conniption fit if he knew you were applying it... but it feels bloody marvellous, thank you."

Spock gave one of his priceless non smiles, "It is a replicated approximation of a herbal topical antiseptic and pain suppressor. My mother used it to sooth my childhood injuries, I agree it has a uniquely pungent quality, however it is I believe as effective as the good Doctors concoctions and will not make you drowsy. McCoy has put you on 24 hr medical leave?"

"Of course, I think he has a preprinted form he whips out as soon as he hears the words 'away team', he just leaves a blank for the length of time he will sign us off for dependent on how much trouble we get into"

Spock, apparently satisfied that Kirk was unlikely to be needed on the bridge in a hurry, continued to savour the feeling of the cooled flesh beneath his fingers.

He placed his mouth close to Kirk's ear pitching his voice to a low seductive rumble just at the inner edge of his mates auditory range. 

"James, I am intrigued and aroused by your sexual mores and I am desirous of the chance to explore them more fully. I am fascinated by the propinquity of pain and pleasure in your nucleus accumbens septi, the pleasure centre, of your brain. I believe the scientific approach I can bring to the application of these stimuli will be exceptionally pleasing to you. I am less certain of my ability to fulfil the desire I sensed with regard to the public display of my body or to your perverse enjoyment of my partaking in costume drama, but let us rule nothing out, there will be no taboos between us." 

Kirk groaned and silently cursed his lovers ability to discern his thoughts. In his mind he clearly understood that Spock was going to be the finish of him. He could only begin to guess at the exquisite ordeals his lover could institute. "Jesus Spock, do you know what you are doing to me, hells teeth, can you sense how urgently I want to fuck or be fucked by you." 

"James, my James, t'nash-veh, K'diwa." The words vibrated through Kirks body and mind. "Can I sense it? it is like the proverbial pachyderm in the cabin. Be patient my love, there is no hurry" 

Spock's moved down to stroke and kiss Kirk's buttocks reclaiming the flesh that had been so rudely usurped earlier. Kirk spread his legs wider feeling the hot digits now at the tops of his thighs, thumbs running up stroking his perineum. Spock's warm breath ghosted on his skin, caressing this delightfully sensitive area. He groaned again trying to turn over to encourage his lover to pay similar attention to his cock but Spock kept him pressed firmly in place. "You are not in charge here at this present time my love. You need to learn to appreciate the pleasure of anticipation, you are impetuous but in time I will teach you patience."

Kirk fervently hoped that Spock's idea of 'in time' did not mean starting now. He was ready to cum all over his bunk, and the knowledge that Spock was willing to explore this dominant roll was sending thrilling shivers of pleasure down his spine.

Spock's voice was a low breathy growl, edged with lust, "Tonight is just the beginning of this journey, and so I may be somewhat lenient with you, I will not restrain your hands providing you keep them placed by your side as they are now. Strong lithe fingers spread the firm rounded buttocks and the hot exhalations of Spock's breath now ghosted over his anus eliciting lustful desperate sounds Kirk could not control.

 "James, you are wanton, and I believe I will give you the release you desire so strongly but do not presume on my good nature in future." 

Kirk could not believe he was hearing these words from his lover, the emotional and physical stimulation was overwhelming. Spock's low monologue continued, as he slowly, carefully turned Kirk to a supine position, pressing his hands down firmly as reminder that Kirk was to remain passive. "Did you think I did not know what you were planning when you took shore leave on Simeon llV last year, or why you avoided sparring with me or undressing I front of me for a while after? Perhaps we could visit together next time, I believe it would be most instructive. I think the balance of pleasure and pain is much like...." Spock paused, capturing a nipple in his hot mouth, sucking on it, nipping with increasing pressure until he heard the catch in Kirk's breath he desired  "...much like the balance between hot an cold" Kirk's back arched sharply and he yelped in shock as Spock placed an ice cube on the previously warmed nipple, before removing it and soothing the cold nub once more with his tongue. 

Kirk felt almost delirious, he wanted Spock so badly, wanted Spock to suck him fuck him, any bloody thing as long as it brought release from his priapic state. He was relieved when Spock stood once more, to strip out of his uniform revealing that glorious cock, hard, tight against the lean belly, leaking precum, and clearly as ready for release as his own. 

Spock raised Kirk's legs and knelt between them, watchful for any sign of pain returning, he was happy to take this dominant role, but did not want to put Kirk back in sickbay. Kirk's, rapturous expression was almost enough to finish him. He knew his beloved was close to orgasm and he wanted to claim Kirks body as his own again, to make sure there was no doubt to whom this glorious creature was bound. He reached for the lube from the bunk side and slowly, coated his own cock, enjoying the stimulation of his hand all the more as Kirk's eyes followed every movement watching, seemingly mesmerised. "You want me inside you, my one, want me to take you?" 

Kirk managed to find some words, his voice, harsh, ragged, lustful. "Yes, god yes, please Spock, fuck me, take me" 

Spock leaned forward placing his glans against Kirk's anus. He knew that although his cock was slick with lube and precum the action of penetration would initially be painful for Kirk without the manual preparation they had used previously in their love making; but he sensed tonight Kirk would take it, welcome it, and so it was. With one puissant thrust Spock buried his cock deep inside the tight sheath of Kirk's body, eliciting a cry from his love that seemed to reverberate through his soul. Spock slid back and repeated the movement, watching his lovers body, scintillant with sweat, react to the sensation, back arching, toes curled as every muscle responded to the stimuli. "Touch yourself James, let me see you pleasure yourself" 

Kirk needed no second telling fisting his own cock almost brutally as Spock hammered relentlessly into his ass. He could feel his climax building, breath being forced from his lungs in grunting pants as Spock continued to rut cruelly into him. The initial pain of Spock's ruthless  invasion had metamorphosed almost immediately into exquisite pleasure and each thrust brought him closer to the vertex, that almost unbearable moment of no return. Every muscle in his body was contracted, demanding release and with three more strokes the electric pulse of orgasm flashed through him and he heard himself crying out Spock's name as streams of hot, silky ejaculate pumped across his abdomen and chest. 

The sight of Kirk's release, the feel of the anal sphincter tightening hard around his cock, the ecstatic cry wrought from his lovers mouth sent Spock over the edge into his own oblivion. The cabin the ship the universe disappeared, there was only the two of them lost in this one frenzied rapturous moment. 


"Hell Spock, you are going to finish me, but by the gods I am going to die happy" 

For once Spock did not pick Kirk up on his somewhat disquieting choice of hyperbole. Although he did discreetly check Kirk's vital signs for any indication of pending sudden demise. They lay now quiet in each others arms, gently caressing each others skin enjoying the fuzzy haze of post coital lethargy. 

"So you think you are going to tame me, then? teach me to be patient? because I am very much looking forward to my next lesson"

Spock very much doubted he could, or would ever wish to, truly master this indomitable spirit, or tame this mercurial being in any way but...

"I will make it my most earnest endeavour James" 


A few days later James Kirk was greeted by a most startling and arousing sight as his First Officer approached him on the busy corridor, apparently returning to his quarters from the gym, clad only in his red sparring tights, his chest bared for all to see,

 "Captain, perhaps if you are free, we might pursue the further instruction you were seeking...."


Chapter End Notes:

Please forgive any errors or non sequiteurs I am currently without a beta while she gets her head together. If you spot any mistakes please let me know. I would love feed back.

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