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Story Notes:

Contains: Mpreg, slash, angst in further chapters

Title: A Change of Heart

Paring: Spock & James T. Kirk

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters.

Warnings: Mpreg, slash (More warnings in future chapters but this is the gist of it all)

Rating: M– you have been warned.

A/N: Based on the prompt “Baby Maker” by KrazieKat2009 which goes like this:

“Features preggers!Kirk. I would like for Spock to still be in a relationship with Uhura at start of story. And Jim has secretly been in love with his First Officer for the past year. No one knows of his attraction to Spock, not even Bones. (Though he can be suspicious if you want). During a scout out on a once technologically advanced planet, Spock and Kirk stumble across an old, left behind piece of technology. The technology feeds off of emotional energy to create new life; it senses Jim's utmost desires to be with Spock, and so it activates and causes Jim to be impregnated, with Spock as his child's DNA "donor". Neither Jim or Spock are aware that Jim has been impregnated at first, but soon they become aware. Another side effect of the machine is that it causes the pregnant person to become more dependent on the one s/he has feelings for, so Jim's attraction magnifies, and it takes all he can not to let Spock find out. BONUS POINTS: If Spock, at first, wants nothing to do with the baby because he is with Uhura, but his paternal instincts start to kick in and his attraction to Kirk grows intensely.”

Now, I don’t usually write or read Mpreg, but this challenge was too good to pass. So here goes… this would be my first in many attempts to actually complete a story and write an actual smut fest for y’all. So, be gentle. Might I add, this isn’t beta-ed.


Chapter 1

It was when Jim saw them kissing in the transporter room when he felt he might have feelings for the “pointy-eared bastard”. It wasn’t the soul shaking, lust-filled, want-to-get-to-know-you-and-eventually-have-your-children-if-I-could kind of feeling, oh no. But, it was rather the type where a shared coincidental look made his insides flutter. He could easily shake off the feeling, he was capable of that, but the longer his tried to brush off the nagging feeling in his gut it would always come back to haunt him.

“So, her first name’s Nyota?” he found himself saying to lessen the uneasiness he felt. Uneasy, yes, due to: 1) the fact he had yet to see anyone actually connect intimately with the Vulcan and 2) the unsettling feeling he had when they kissed.

“I have no comment on the matter.” It was a stern and expected reply.

Alright, maybe he was wrong about what these feelings were, certainly it wasn’t Love.

A snigger unceremoniously erupted from him. Yeah right, love. Just keep telling yourself that.

Energize, Mr. Scott.”


Almost a year now has passed since Nero’s defeat and now here they were, travelling the galaxy to find an uncharted planet just a few days-with warp speed- after Delta Vega. It was a fairly easy mission: survey the planet, find survivors, and find new technology, the works. But Jim couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. He didn’t know why but he did.


Jim broke out of his reverie and found himself staring at dark brown orbs. Sparkling dark brown—

“Yes, Mr. Spock?” he shook his head mentally and berated himself for describing his first officer’s eyes. A small flutter in his chest all but made his situation more compromising when the aforementioned First Officer’s eye brow raised slightly, a look of concern marring that steely profile. For a minute there he thought it made the Vulcan appear more human and subtly wondered if his Linguistics Officer had anything to do with it.

There was a sudden pang where his heart was-anatomically speaking- in which he kept reminding himself that those pangs occur rather frequently when the topic concerned Spock and Uhura.


Jim looked again, this time the concern was evidently present in Spock’s face as much as the Vulcan detested showing any signs of emotion.

“Apparently you have not been listening to a word I was saying, sir.” Spock stated academically, clasping both his hands behind him.

“Enlighten me.”

“Our shift has ended, sir. It would be wise, as to seeing your current state, for you to rest.” Spock said.

Jim nodded once and stood from his chair. Without looking back at Spock he tapped the first officer’s shoulder and out the bridge.

Once he got into the turbo lift, however, rather than heading to his quarters, he instead went to the medical wing. The minute he was there, he was surprised to see the medical wing totally empty. Bones had just finished packing up sterile equipment into each container in every bed when Jim entered, bad posture and all.

“And here I thought I was the one who looked like shit more than you.” The doctor muttered as he pulled a flask out of his blue regulation jacket. “Here, it looks like you need it more than I do.”

With a small shrug, Jim sat across McCoy and took the flask. “Is this doctor’s orders?” he said before taking a sip, amidst cringing and coughing at whatever spirits the doctor concocted. “Jesus, Bones. That is a strong one.”

“Well, think of it as a friend’s rather than a Doctor’s.” McCoy took the flask and tucked it back his jacket. “What the hell happened to you?”

“I spaced off, in the bridge.” Jim sighed. “Hey, what are your opinions about Vulcan—.”

“Oh, hell. Not again.” Bones moaned, dropping his head back in an exasperated gesture. He did that quite frequently as well. “Look, you bastard. If you ask one more question about Vulcan…sexual practices, next time you visit the medical bay, I will personally drag your sorry ass to the alien you’re so suddenly interested in.”

“It was only a matter of curiosity.” Jim replied sullenly. “And you know how Vulcans are so…anal about their sexuality.” He chuckled at his own pun.

“Good God.” Bones rolled his eyes, but Jim caught the amusement in his voice.

Jim got up and saluted the man. “Well, if it is any consolation, my good doctor, I bid you a good night.”


But the time Jim got to his quarters, after being to the mess to eat his night’s fill; he felt light headed and dizzy. His body was in heat, extreme heat, and… “What the hell did Bones put in that drink?” he flopped onto his bed and tried to ignore the pool of blood into his nether regions. Goddamned doctor.

He knew it was months after he has gotten a good shag on or off planet. It was his ship for Christ’s sake; he couldn’t just grab a member of his crew and do unspeakable things to them. And he surely knows that was part of regulations.

“I’ll just get a shower, a nice cold one.” He mumbled to himself and got to his feet. He nearly ran to the shared bathroom, fearing the slow trod to the bath room would aggravate his…predicament. Once there, he stripped off his regulation clothing and stepped into the shower, gasping slightly as the cool water hit his skin. He merely stood there, waiting for his body to adjust to the coldness and letting his thoughts drain from his mind and into the water that dragged down his skin.

In the confines of his bath, he had never thought of the severity of his thoughts, his thoughts that mostly ran around the person of his first officer. It was strange that he even thought about Spock. After Nero, he must admit that they have become closer, even to the point of becoming friends. It was just as Selik-or rather older Spock-had predicted. But now that he and Uhura were…intimate, it was harder to have the Vulcan for himself…

“What?” Jim started. Of course it wasn’t that he wanted to have a relationship with Spock, it was more for the companionship, as it was not long ago where Spock had often visited his quarters to play a game of chess. But there was nagging feeling of something more that was carving out Jim’s insides. He didn’t want an intimate relationship, he did not need one.

He was well into his un-aroused state when he heard a soft and barely audible sound from his first officer’s room. Albeit surprised, curiosity over-ruled it. He turned down the water, but only to a minimum where water can still be heard but enough to feed his curiosity.


Jim gasped. Hell, they’re actually doing it?! He leaned in closer to the wall nearest Spock’s Quarter and listened…attentively.

There was a small grunt, definitely male, and definitely…Oh, god.

He felt his heart start to hammer in his chest, he grasped on to the wall and pressed his ear on the wall.

Uhura’s moans were short and unrestrained, but all Jim heard were the soft pants and grunts that came out of the Vulcan. And, hell, they were affecting him as much as they were affecting the linguistics officer.

“Shit.” He hissed as he felt his appendage spring to life once again. “Shiiiiiiiit!” he hissed again.

Mmmm, oh god, Spock. Touch me here.

Jim shut his eyes. Erasing all images of whatever Spock touched that made Uhura gasp. Instead he imagined those hands over his body: stroking his sensitive fingers over Jim’s heated flesh, caressing his face, his jaw, his neck. He shivered at the thought and grabbed his cock, running a loose fist over it as images after images of Spock bringing him to completion insulted his mind.

Whatever his hands touched his lips soon followed, this time, a barely there pressure was what greeted him as his hands traveled lower. Where ever his lips touched heat followed suit. He was arching and moaning underneath his first officer, asking for more contact.

Uhura.” Spock grunted.

Jim’s eyes snapped open. He stroked harder, faster.

Oh, god, Jim… the Vulcan would say as his lips traveled down his navel, dipping his hot tongue into it and stroking the inner depths of it until he kissed lower, following the trail of dark golden hair that went underneath his pants. He kissed and licked only up to the part of his waistband before moving up to his navel, his tongue moving suggestively and lewdly as a mirror to his intended actions later.

“Spock…” Jim moaned softly. Harder, harder, harder… oh god, oh….. oh!

Jim slumped on the tub, staring at his soiled palm…



A/N: Holy Shit!!! That was quite a handful. It took me almost a day writing this and I admit it isn’t much. But… holy—I never expected this to be difficult. And I tried to write McCoy and Spock, and tried to put them in character as much as I wanted them to but… ugh I could just cry from my attempts!

I admit to that I didn’t follow the prompt exactly. Jim should be in love with Spock in the beginning. But I had plans for Jim and Spock… so might as well alter it a bit. I hope that’s okay.

Ugh!!! And this isn’t exactly canon. Haha I did a great deal of research on warp speed and Jeffrey Tubes and all that. I must admit again that I’m not a die-hard Star Trek fan, but I do like JJ Abram’s version (KUDOS!) and English isn’t really my main language (as you can tell by the grammar).

As I have much time on my hands now, I will, in all my efforts, finish this story! I will! Seriously.

So… I thrive on reviews. Tell me what you think (honestly). Express your grievances as I might have ruined the characters.


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