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Story Notes:

The kind of thing I create when I am in the middle of a big story and need some relief.

Author's Chapter Notes:

(This is only really being put up so that there is a place I can snatch it from after my new computer is up and running)

This city is on the edge,


I'm on the edge


But I think you're pulling me back.




This city is on the edge of forever


I'm okay though, just sitting here together with you.




We can pretty much do whatever


Because this city is depending on the edge of forever.




Hand me another drink, Mr. Clever


My heart skips a beat when you are near,


and it is getting better and better.




There is a pile of clothes on the floor, 


Gold and blue tangled together in only the way that we do.




This city is on the edge of forever,


We're sitting on the edge of whatever.


It doesn't have to end.


The love I have for you will be here whenever you want.




There is no need to be coy, 


you can just ask the good doctor McCoy.


He doesn't say it much, but 


He happens to think we look great together. 




This city is on the edge of forever.


C'mon, we can beam back up there,


hand in hand.




I don't care about this planets weather


I only need to remember...


The way that your arms felt,


the way that your eyes looked when they met mine.




Yes, I'm laughing, but its fine.


I'm laughing at everyone who didn't know. 


I always said never say never.


Cause now were sitting on the edge of forever,


In a city of whatever,


I hope you think we'll always be together, 


till the end of whenever,


there ain't time for just whatever.




We should probably get up on that Starship, The Enterprise won't run itself.


Spock, baby, get your cute little Vulcan ass beside me,


I wanna kiss you and your pointy ears before the mission resumes


in the morning....



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