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There once was a Vulcan by the name of Spock
the best thing about him was not his green cock,
nor was it his eyes, alight with dark fire
not his lithe loins, burning with desire.

The best thing about him was his two pointy ears
their beauty can bring even a captain to tears.
Ears made to be nibbled, licked and kissed,
caressed so thoroughly not an inch is missed.

Or maybe the best thing is his black hair,
dark in contrast against his skin so fair.
Or his chiseled face, and lips so sweet
he simply looks good enough to eat!

Maybe the best thing really is his Vulcan mind,
logical, considering, sometimes even kind.
Or maybe his strength, so alluring, so intense,
which one is stronger, the muscle or the sense?

His body is gorgeous, his voice deep and sweet,
but the best thing about Spock? It is indeed
his rare smile, which turns into a smirk
after a long, steamy night with Captain Kirk...

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