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Author's Chapter Notes:

If i didn't make you cry, i apologize. *evil grin*

P.s I dont own Star Trek and this isn't Beta-d

Jim had been unlawfully ripped from Spock's world.

His Jim, His bondmate.

Jim had been out requiring sustinance for the himself, Spock and Bones. They had been happily co-habitating before they set off on a trip to Fintal Mayor, a new member of the Federation.

But that would never happen.

Jim had been walking through Shi'khar when a disguised Romulan had vapourised his beautiful body. Stealing the last piece of his beautiful T'hy'la from his grasp.

A courier had come from Starfleet with a letter from Jim. Jim, oh Jim. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Jim's scrawl.

Spock tore open the letter,it was all that was left of his Jim.

Dear Spock, please don't spend your life mourning me, you haven't lost me, i'm there in your heart. The bond maybe broken but i'm there. I knew i'd die before you my love so i became prepared.

Do not follow me into the afterlife,be the person i know you are. I love you so much and the years we spent together were the best i ever had.

Spock felt the emotion grip him hard "My Jim,T'hy'la i need you" The tears barely consealed.

I do not fear death, i go comforted with the fact you continue your life. We will have forever but for now we are parted. Ashaya, you were and always will be my life. The years together made me the man i am. I was broken, i wouldn't let anyone in but you broke my barriers. I would go through anything for us to be together forever.




They are nothing.

Spock had felt Jim die, his golden essence was ripped from his very Katra. Spock had lost the only connection to sanity.

I love the emerald tinge to your ears when you are embarrassed. The caressing touch of your hands. How you would hold me as i wept through the nightmares, whispering love. How i would feel so blessed whenever we touched.

I loved the golden aura that encircled his body, the carefree laugh that made him seem like a young boy. The thrill he would take in everyday activities. How he crashed through my vulcan shell. The constant feel of love in the back of mind.

Oh gods Spock, i'm afraid, i can't lie. Please don't be sad, oh gods, please Ashaya just live, live for me. Spock, t'hy'la do not be sad, i love you with all my heart.

Take care of Bones (unless the bourbon hasn't got him yet)

Take care of yourself.

Talukh nash-veh k'dular

Forever yours,



Spock hadn't been his usual vulcan self, Bones thought. He was currently staying with Spock at his house in Shi'khar. "Damn Hobgoblins, did they enjoy melting visitors" thought Bones.

"No" - He thought "I'll have to be nice, he'll be hurting" They were all hurting. Jim was gone. Oh god.

"Pull yourself Len, Jim may be gone but He still needs you to be strong. For Spock" He thought untill he pushed open Spock's door.

"Sorry Spock for intrud--NO!" Spock lay there on the floor.

"Spock, no you can't be dead. I was going to take care of you for Jim. Your the only best friend i had left. Spock"

Spock just lay there, painfully pale. Bones knew he was dead but that did'nt stop him talking.

"Spock I'm sorry, I should have seen the signs. Jim i'm sorry i didn't care for him" The tears came streaming down.

Bones picked up the letter that was clutched in Spock's hand.

One line stuck out

"Take care of yourself"

Bones only thought one thing...

"Spock, Why didn't you listen? "


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