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“Hello..!” Jim smiled warmly, as Spock entered his Captain’s quarters.

“Hello.” Spock said. It could be said that his greeting was hesitant.

“I’m glad to see you, Spock.” Jim smiled again.

“You are?” Spock pondered.

“Of course.” Jim promised. “Will you stay?”

“Here? Aboard Enterprise?” Spock queried.

Jim nodded.

“Yes. I do have a lot to consider still – but that is because of V’Ger. I will stay, if you will have me?” Spock asked carefully.

“Gladly.” Jim noted. “Though if you need time before you get put on the duty roster, take it, Spock. It’s okay.”

“Thank you.” Spock nodded as he spoke.

“Sit down, Spock, please.” Jim gestured that Spock should sit on a sofa.

Spock did so. “Jim, in Sickbay, I.” Spock paused, looking up at Jim.

“What, Spock? Are you okay? Is there something more I should know?” Jim looked in to Spock’s eyes.

“I should have told you, in Sickbay, and before; I love you Jim.” Spock said, somewhat simply.

Jim sat forward, in his white and grey Starfleet Uniform, resting his bare forearms on his knees, and clasping his hands.

Spock waited, somewhat calmly, finding his eyes drawn to Jim’s face, and then, to his beautiful arms, and to his chest hair, more visible now in the ‘cavity’ that opened up between shirt and skin. Then, he was drawn back to looking into Jim’s beautiful eyes.

“You love me?” Jim asked him.

“Yes.” Spock promised.

“As in, y’know, what we nearly got to before, if we hadn’t been so… confused by duty, and all those things?” Jim had to know.

“Yes, Jim, I am in love with you.” Spock spoke the words from the depth of his soul.

Jim stood up, walked the few steps to where Spock was, and looked in to his eyes. He held out his fingers in the O’zhesta.

Spock reached out his corresponding hand, and touched Jim with his fingertips. He stood and took Jim in to his arms, touched Jim, that beautiful man, his skin, his soul. He loved him.

In the next few moments, they knelt together, on the floor to Jim’s quarters; embracing, pressed up against one another, kissing; hands, lips, fingertips; feeling everything they had been afraid to let themselves feel for so many years.

Jim smiled. “Say that again. Think it again, for me to hear… Again, Spock, please.”

“I love you, T’hy’la.” Spock pledged entirely.

Jim smiled. “I love you, Spock. This is what you wanted, what I heard, isn’t it?” He ran his fingers over his own arms, then, moved to take off his shirt.

“Yes.” Spock told him. “Yes, Jim…”

The wonderfully fitting shirt lifted over Jim’s head, as he grinned lovingly. “Go ahead.” He said, seconds later. “I want you to. I love you, too.”

Spock reached out, in the evening half-light of Jim’s quarters. He touched Jim’s chest; such awe filling him. Awe and desire.

“Shall I take off the rest of my clothes, too?” Jim asked.

“Yes.” Spock looked at Jim, so filled with love.

Jim kicked off his shoes and socks, then, snapped open the clip to his pants. He stood there, in his underwear, having got up to remove all else he wore, and then, knelt back on his knees, with Spock.

Spock stared at him; at all he was so happily offering his love. He began to take off his own clothes; leaving his robe just behind him, like a pillow.

They looked at one another again; touching each other through their remaining underwear, and then, peeling it off together.

“You have me, Jim. Forever.” Spock said, then, kneeling on all fours.

“And you will always have me.” Jim promised, as he began to fill Spock.

“Gladly.” Spock throatily answered.

Jim grinned, and lowered his mouth to kiss what he could reach of Spock’s glorious skin, also taking Spock’s Vulcan anatomy in his hands gently. “You can have me as well, I promise, my Love.”

“Thank you, Jim. Thank you, T’hy’la.” Spock let himself, at last, keen for Jim. Let it all happen.

“Tu Dena Val…” Jim spoke in the Vulcan language.

“Tu Dena Val, Jim. Forever.” Spock swore his oath of love for James T. Kirk, and let Jim, encouraged Jim, to carry on, begin, making love to him forevermore.

The End..?
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