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A Handy Bulkhead and Green Wrap Shirt (Let’s Make Use Of How They Inspire Us So, My Beloved)

“Our time is our own.” Spock commented.

“It is.” Jim smiled, as the door to his quarters shut. “No more functions to attend. No more princesses to charm!”

Spock looked at Jim. “We could attend to other functions.”

“Very well said, Spock.” Jim grinned. “Very well said!”

“You don’t need any more princesses, Captain. You really do not.” Spock stated.

“They are a thing of the past, are they, Mr Spock?” Jim’s eyes sparkled, looking at his lover. “Show me, again, if you will, just why I do not need them anymore!?”

“I will, Captain. I will.” Spock stepped closer still to Jim. He kissed Jim, in the Vulcan way, before initiating a human kiss as well.

“You want me to take off this green shirt, don’t you?” Jim murmured, moments later.

“Much as I do like the appearance of yourself in this green and gold wrap…” Spock noted, getting his fingers down underneath the material which gave a glimpse of Jim’s gorgeous chest; he played with Jim’s chest hair and stroked his supple skin.

“OooOh, God, Spock..! Just take the damn thing off! Touch me!” Jim was feeling the heat, and Spock’s hardening Vulcan genitalia.

Spock’s elegant fingers dug in to the shirt’s material, and, more gently, began undoing the shirt’s wrap fastenings. Soon enough, he took the shirt from Jim’s back, and discarded it.

Jim stepped in to Spock’s embrace. Spock caressed Jim’s hips, then, his back, as Jim seemed to be climbing all over his firm body.

“I know what you need, Jim. I know what you need.” He assured him. He undid Jim’s pants, pulling them down just enough; both soothing and enlivening his Captain’s most definite sexual need. He then quickly undid his own pants.

They now had access to one another, and made full use of it.

Then, Spock guided Jim back to lean upon the bulkhead of the ship he so excellently Captained. “Can you feel it, Jim? Can you feel it?” He ‘whispered’ to Jim Kirk. “The coolness of it on your spine. The thrumming of your ship?”

“And you…” Jim’s voice was deep with desire. “And you! I feel you. I need you more, Spock. I need you more!”

“I know, T’hy’la. I know.” Spock kissed Jim with his lips, while his fingers kissed Jim also. As he did this, he carefully spun Jim, so that his Captain and the love of his very life, was facing the ship the man loved so much. “I’m here for you.” Spock promised. “Feel me…” He began entering Jim. “Feel me now.” He breathed upon Jim’s skin, as they melded, more and more. "Feel me now…" He kept repeating, from the bond of touch telepathy that they shared in these precious moments. He began to thrust for Jim, inside Jim, taking Jim’s erection in his hands; feeling Jim’s heat, and the coolness of the ship’s bulkhead against his knuckles now and then. He pumped Jim, from the front and behind – gathering up a rhythm, yearning as much as Jim was, as he did so.

“Spock..!” Jim warned. “Spock…” He repeated.

Spock concentrated his ministrations to his lover’s natural rhythm all the more than even seconds before. “I am with you, Jim…” He kissed Jim’s neck. "I will see you through everything." He promised, again, from within the mind meld, as he continued to, not without care, ‘pound’ Jim’s prostate, over and over again.

Jim came with a host of sexual moaning that he could not hold back at all. His cum spattered all over Spock’s elegant, hot hands. It hit the bulkhead of the ship he so loved as well.

Spock’s lips kissed his T’hy’la’s neck yet again. “Tu Dena Val, Jim. I love thee wholeheartedly.” He pledged, nano seconds before he and his body could not hold back any more either, and he came, deep within Jim, so lovingly, and undeniably heated.

Jim leant against the ship’s bulkhead, reaching back to pull Spock’s body with his. “I love you wholeheartedly, Spock.” He pledged as their bodies still pressed together.

Spock leaned on his lover, embraced by the man.

Jim, again, turned around. Now, he faced Spock, as he had earlier, and while still leaning on the ship; he took Spock in to his arms; kissing him over and over. Not letting go of what they had, wanting it, as ever to continue. “Thank you… Thank you…” He kept saying, as he brushed Spock’s hair gently back with his fingers, and pulled his body closer and closer still, ‘til they were hardening together again.

In the next moments, it all began again. Yet, this time, it was Jim in his beloved, his T’hy’la, Spock.

The End..?


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