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Are You On-Board?

They hid behind the wall on this planet-side night, trying not to let their breathing be hard.

Spock’s fingertips brushed Jim’s.

Jim looked into Spock’s eyes; the touch telepath touched his face.

What’s the matter, love? Jim enquired. We’re almost home; almost back to the beam up point.

I need to get back to the ship, Jim. Spock confided.

Spock, what is it that’s hurting you? Jim asked again.

I should not have come on this Mission, Jim. I apologise.

You’ve done nothing wrong. This isn’t your fault! Jim spoke of the situation they were in, knowing the sooner that they got off this planet and stopped antagonising the natives, the better.

It might be. Spock continued to admit, through their mind meld. Can you not sense it?

Sense what? Jim had to wonder.

Well, at least I am doing one thing right; shielding you from it, at least what it does to the mind. Spock commented.

What, what does, Spock?? Jim queried.

Pon Farr. I believe that my Pon Farr is coming up increasingly soon to be upon me, Jim. Spock noted. What if my hormonal madness has ‘upset’ these people? Hormones can do much more than escalate a being’s sex drive. They can, if they have such an effect, as they might be having on this population, make a person quick to anger. These people have a degree of empathic sensory development, we know that.

Spock, none of this is your fault. We’ll make a run for it again in a minute; the assigned beam up time is almost ticking around on the chronometer. I’ll get you back to safety. Jim promised.

Jim, I need you. I want to have you against this very wall now! Make you cum so hard and so much; feel you all around me. Make you spill your seed against the bulkhead of your beloved ship; she of many I must share you with. I want to feel you in me, too. I want you, but I cannot have you! Not right here; Should I have you at all? Given the plak tow incident seven years ago, and all that you mean to me; should I ask this of you at all? Spock ruminated.

Not knowing if it might be too much, but deciding he had to risk it, Jim took Spock’s hand in his, and pulled them both into standing upright. Come on – He spoke, still doing so telepathically, for the moment. Let’s get back to the ship. You can have me, Spock, not least because, hearing you talk like that, I need you, too – and, I love you, like you love me, Spock. I love you. You’ve got to have realised that by now. You’re more important than anything you think I care more about! He smiled, as despite everything, he saw Spock smile, too.

They ran in to the night, and had to wait… Wait for their rescue – and, continue it on, once they were back on board Enterprise.

The End..? 9.11.13
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