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Author's Chapter Notes:

I tried to write Chekov with his accent, only to find that I am more than terrible at it...so just pretend he has his usual accent. 

When Leonard McCoy was just a child in the southern United States had had always felt different and out of place, never quite knowing where he belonged. His interests in the feminine side of things and pushing the envelope even at a young age made him an outcast. Little did he know back then, but he along with a group of beautifully talented individuals just like him were going to take the world by storm.


On the planet Vulcan lived another child of individuality. Born to an Ambassador to earth and his human wife, this child already had his peers against him. S'chn T'Gai Spock, his full Vulcan name, was brought up under the strict teachings of his home planet. He followed every discipline and expanded his intellectual standings much farther then any Vulcanian had expected. They all thought of his human half as a handicap, he thought of it as a strange advantage.

Spock had many experiences during his childhood that shaped him into a powerful adult. One he would always recall when asked was the summer he spent in New York City with his aunt and her thespian husband. It was there that he was exposed to both the glamour and the horror that came with living life as a star. 

From that summer on he had plans of what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He continued on his path of knowledge in school, allowing logic to determine every aspect of his life. He knew one day he would return to earth, leaving behind Vulcan and his father's wishes in exchanged for something a bit more sparkling.


Riverside, Iowa was the birthplace of the blond son of the deceased George Kirk and his lovely wife, Winona Kirk. On a technicality, James Tiberius Kirk had actually been born on a shuttlecraft, but he never spoke of such things because of the tramatising way his mother told the story. He simply moved along his path of musical discovery, inheriting a love for early 1970's rock music from the time spent with his abusive stepdad.

Of course, Jim's word was not full of the glittery revalations like others of his time. Young James Kirk found himself drawn into what his mother called the 'dark side' of sexuality. He made advances towards his fellow male classmates, hoping somewhere along the line he would get caught. He even went as far as to try to seduce his stepfather.

Upon his mother discovering all of this he was sent off to therapy for eighteen months. There was a guarantee that he would return home a normal child without an ounce of fairy in him, but all it did was drive him completely bonkers. This all happened before he reached age fourteen and though he vowed to never look back, he always did.


In the year 2272, ten years after the biggest death hoax of musical history Pavel Chekov was just a simple journalist. He had been through it all. He had seen the glam rock revival first hand. That was why the head of the news outlet known as 'The San Fransisco Daily' had picked him to cover the news story for the weekend edition of their publication.

"Why are we so worried about some moron rock singer who faked his death?" Asked a woman journalist in the corner.

"Because the Starfleet Admirals won't be back until next week and the Stonn tour won't be in town until Saturday," Jean-Luc Picard told his employees. "And Pavel is going to cover it.

"Wait? What am I going to do exactly?" Pavel asked in fear that left heat simmering across his entire body.

"You lived through it, Mr. Old Time Rock And Roll. We needed someone who saw it all up close. Your job is to find out why he did it, where he is today, those sorts of things. Find out whatever happened to pop icon, Spock?"

"Oh, okay," He took a deep breath. "I can do that,"

"I knew we could count on you, Chekov, I just knew it,"

Pave's fear didn't go away. The universe had changed so much in the past ten years that the life he had been living in New York had seemed like someone elses. It was more of a fairytale now. He was being forced to relive what his job had told him to forget. He would be diving headfirst into the past without a parachute, no doubt there would be free falling. 

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