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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm finally publishing my first story here... Please be kind! I want to dedicate this to all of the incredible writers who post amazing stories here on the Archive. Thank you so much for years of wonderful entertainment! I hope I can reciprocate with this piece.

Chapter 1 Warnings: Graphic detailed consensual sex, Bottom!Spock, Rimming, Fingering, Crude language.

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It was a gentle touch; soft and endearing: palms cupped his chin and narrow jawbones, digits splaying along the sides of his face to press into the soft skin of his neck and behind his earlobes, thumbs grazing across the skin of his cheeks just below his dark eyes which suddenly held a great deal of expression.

Spock gazed into the depths of the eyes staring back into his own; the typical brilliant hazel they boasted was minimized by the presence of black pupils blown wide. Their noses were millimeters from touching and Spock could feel Jim's warm breaths whisper across the sensitive skin of his face, rolling off onto the pillow which held his head of slick black hair.

Jim's right thumb continued to stroke across the skin beneath Spock's left eye as Spock's own nimble digits remained securely docked on those strong masculine hips so easily accessible by their current position of Jim straddling his midsection. Warm, tan skin was a stark contrast against that of which was cool and olive, especially when both men were entwined naked on top of the burgundy blanket covering the bed.

The ship night was relatively young - an antique clock resting near the desk showed the Terran time of 23:37 - when both Jim and Spock entered the Captain's quarters together. The moment immediately after that door swished shut behind them and the privacy lock was engaged, Jim's body collided with his, human lips against his own, human hands seemingly everywhere on his body at once, the scent of human desire flooding his senses and heightening his own, heart rates increasing and then pounding, trousers quickly becoming uncomfortably too tight. A trail of clothing upon the floor served as a jagged path leading straight to the bed that Jim pushed Spock on. He fell on him immediately after and then slid his knees up to either side of the Vulcan's abdomen, bringing them to the position they currently were in.

Jim had stared into those deep, black eyes in a state of transfixed awe, looking at this being beneath him almost as if he couldn't believe he was real. Finally, the trance broke and he moved, his lips upon Spock's before moving them up to a place on his cheek not grazed by fingers, his eye, and his brow before he rested his forehead against Spock's. With his eyes closed, he gently nuzzled back and forth against it, still holding the Vulcan's face as if his palms contained a bounty of glittering diamonds.

...Jim had a gentle touch; soft and endearing. But the depth of the emotion that it carried with it and the strong feelings transmitted to Spock through it magnified its significance to the same importance as air filling the Vulcan lungs. It wasn't logical, but Spock knew it was somehow true that he wouldn't be able to survive a healthy existence without it, without this man. Such a realization was unthinkable for a Vulcan and it caused Spock unease; however, in the end, Jim was somehow always able to quell any anxiety without even knowing it existed.

With a deep inhale, the warm spiced scent of Spock flooded Jim's senses and he groaned suddenly, finally releasing the narrow face from his grasp. His hands landed on the bed and supported him as he pushed his robust torso slightly up into the air, his full blown erection dragged down against Spock's abdomen with the shift in his position. Jim's lips trailed to Spock's temple and down to one of those pointed ears now blushed from arousal. “Jesus,” he growled into it as he thrust upwards, erection moving against the cool Vulcan flesh. “I'm going to fuck you.”

Spock's eyes closed and his mouth opened at the thought of what was about to come, literally. His breath hitched and then released as Jim's hips were thrown forward yet again while he reiterated his statement, his tone low and sultry as the words once more graced that ear, “I'm going to fucking fuck you.”

His cock already so uncomfortably hard, Jim slid himself down the lithe body beneath him until he was face to face with Spock's own shaft – at full attention and weeping precum. He leaned his face down, lips barely touching the sensitive organ in which he blew a breath over and watched in delight as Spock visibly twitched.

“Fuck, Spock...” Jim growled as he took his cock in a hand and pumped it a few times. “...Look how hard you are..”

Spock raised his head, his lips still parted, chest heaving in anticipation. Just as he was about to encourage the Captain to do what he wanted (in some indirect dignified manner, naturally), Jim took the words out of his mouth by taking his cock in his own. Sucking so hard that his cheeks indented, Jim expertly moved his head up and down at a quick pace, turning his face to the side and letting the base of his tongue slide along the underside of Spock's shaft – just the way he knew he loved it. One of Spock's hands entwined with Jim's digits while the other tightly grabbed on to golden hair as he gasped quietly, his narrow hips bucking up into the heat of that human mouth. Jim allowed the head of Spock's now massively engorged dick to hit the back of his throat over and over and then enter it, the sensation stinging and causing his eyes to water. He kept this up until he gagged, lungs starving for air, moisture from one eye running down his face.

At that moment, his lips slid up the length of the shaft and made a deliberate sucking noise when the cock was released from them, springing free into the open. Jim audibly gasped for air, his hand coming back to stroke Spock's dick as his chest expanded and compressed rapidly. Spock's fingers took hold of the cover beneath him and kneaded into it, his teeth gritted slightly as he allowed himself to be utterly claimed by the feeling of the fist jerking him off. Sweat had beaded on Jim's brow by this time and he turned it into his shoulder, attempting to remove the perspiration from his face and moisture from his eyelashes.

“J..Jjjiiiimmmm..” Spock groaned then, humping up into that fist and he nearly – nearly – whimpered when he felt the digits surrounding his cock let go suddenly.

“Not yet.....” Jim said as he caught his breath. “Not yet... I have something better for you.”

Spock's head slammed against the pillow then... Jim had only given him foreplay so far and he was already ready to blow his load all over that beautiful face; it was time to employ some of that famous Vulcan resolve to keep himself from painting the entire damn room white. He raised his head again as he felt Jim reach over into the drawer beside the bed. Human eyes locked on Vulcan ones and Jim gave him a smug grin as a half empty bottle of clear fluid was procured. Spock licked his lips, eyes wide open and chest rising and falling; he suddenly found the way things were escalating – as he always did in this situation – very, very favorable.

But Jim, never being one to be predictable, simply opted to place the bottle on the nightstand. Instead, he grabbed Spock's hips within his hands and gave them a push to the left. “Turn over.”

Immediately, the Vulcan complied, his body gracefully flipping over and leaving him prone upon his stomach. So Jim planned to take him this way. That was certainly agreeable though he just might have missed being able to see the human lubricate himself... Spock's thoughts came to a crashing halt at the feeling of a hot, wet appendage upon the small of his back. A sharp inhale was sucked between his lips as he felt it slip down to the top of his crack.

It left suddenly, but the sensation of Jim's hands upon his asscheeks replaced it and Spock's eyes closed. Jim's thumbs moved back and forth in small motions, caressing the soft skin and threatening to spread him apart with any one movement. After he felt he sufficiently built enough impatience with his teasing, Jim drove his thumbs down into the crevice and pulled the cheeks apart, revealing that tiny little hole hidden between them.

The sight of it made Jim's cock jump into a full salute. Spock had one of the prettiest assholes he'd ever seen. It was perfectly shaped – so tight looking, so fucking inviting, just waiting there to take his dick. The skin around his hole was a deeper olive than the rest of his flesh and it pulled in taut to this elegant little star shape, no extra skin around the rim to be found. It was perfect.

Luckily, it wasn't there just to look at, so Jim nudged the lean Vulcan thighs as wide apart as they would go, giving him both perfectly unobstructed sight and access. Delaying no further, his tongue came out and nudged against the impossibly tight orifice.

Every nerve in Spock's body was electrified and he sucked in another deep breath at the feeling of the sudden stimulation against his overly sensitive ring of muscle. Jim's tongue prodded again and then pushed against the hole, circling around it and then flicking over it. One strong arm jutted its way beneath Spock's thigh, his hand clasping an asscheek and pulling it away while his other hand finally took hold of his own erection and began to stroke it.

Jim moaned as his tongue pushed in; he moved his face from side to side, working his skilled appendage in and out of the tiny hole. Saliva quickly gathered in large amounts, coating Spock's perineum and Jim's own face, his moans reverberating into Spock and driving him out of his mind.

Spock had buried his face into the pillow and shook his head into it, his hands taking fistfuls of the bedding once again. Expression hidden, he allowed himself to clench his eyes and teeth as the entire universe shrunk infinitely to Jim's tongue in his ass. A broken, choppy breath escaped his throat.

The scent of Spock's jewels was pleasantly strong – the same clean, spiced smell Jim could pick up from his neck and hair flooded him once again, driving him over the edge. Jim's hand tightened on the asscheek it held, his fingers digging into the globe of flesh as his other worked over his own cock which was ready to explode.

With a grunt, he sucked at the tiny opening with his lips once more before leaving it and unraveling his arm from beneath Spock's thigh. Reaching for the bottle, he raised the cap to his mouth and flipped it open with his teeth. Turning it upside down, he drizzled a copious amount of slick all over the hole he'd just coated with his own saliva and reveled in the sight of how it was slightly open already.

Next, he hastily squeezed out a sizable dollop into his own palm and lubricated his cock and fingers simultaneously. The bottle was discarded somewhere on the floor; Jim didn't recall if the lid was snapped shut or not. Oh well.

Starting with his middle finger, he drew circles around Spock's opening and then drove the digit in, first thrusting into it a few times before he slightly bent it and found that fleshy bundle of nerves. As soon as he began massaging it, Jim felt a wave of satisfaction as he heard the tiniest moan emerge from Spock's face still buried in the pillow. Spock was a rather quiet fuck, so any sound he could draw from the Vulcan was a victory for Jim. Not to disappoint one who encouraged him, Jim slipped a second finger inside of him with ease and sought out that same place. He was rewarded with another soft moan.

A third was added then and the sight of watching his own fingers so easily slipping into that throbbing entrance was maddening. Spock's muscles were strong everywhere and his asshole certainly wasn't spared that fate either; when he clenched down, Jim could feel just how compact his channel was. By this time, Jim was so turned on that his cock which had gone more or less neglected thus far was so hard that it actually ached. It stabbed into the bed, flushed an angry deep pink and begging for attention.

He slowly withdrew his digits, spending one final halfhearted second to watch them emerge from that tiny hole... How anything could actually fit in there was beyond his level of understanding. Alas, a thought for another time. Unable to wait another second, he grabbed those thin hips again, but this time rough with desperation. Jim pulled Spock up and positioned the head of his weeping cock at the opening. Complying, Spock found himself on his knees, his chest still pressing into the bed, spine forming the most beautiful curve. He turned his face to the side to reveal one deeply blushed cheek and ear, sucking in a deep breath as he felt Jim enter him slowly.

Jim watched through a haze of pure lust as millimeter by millimeter disappeared into Spock at a painfully slow rate; Spock would probably have berated him for his lack of logic seeing as he was already open and ready, but Jim was too concerned with hurting him to not go slowly at first. When he was finally completely sheathed, he groaned loudly as his eyes snapped shut; Spock was so tight, so hot that it nearly hurt. The rim of his hole was stretched taut around his throbbing meat and it was almost too much.

He gently withdrew until the head of his dick nearly slipped out and was about to slowly move forward again until Spock's ass smashed backwards into his hips. Jim choked out a groan and taking the hint, grabbed at those lean thighs and threw himself forward.

The sounds of moaning and flesh slapping into flesh instantly filled the room as Jim tossed his hips forward rapidly, deliciously ravaging Spock against the bed. His cock nearly popped out on three occasions, the feeling sending Jim into some other dimension; the fact that Spock so eagerly was throwing his asscheeks back to meet his thrusts heightened his state of mind even further. There was no doubt that Jim was going to blow his load soon. He already prevented himself from going over the precipice multiple times and was reaching the critical point where his resolve to stop himself was shattering.

Jim grabbed Spock's waist and flipped him over onto his back. With wild eyes, Spock watched as Jim lifted up his long Vulcan legs, threw them over his shoulders, and grabbed an olive hand. He brought it to the matching olive shaft, leaving it there for Spock to jerk himself off and instantly began pounding into him again with uncontrolled thrusts and moans in his ears. The angle of his body allowed Jim to hit his prostate dead on, stars exploding behind his eyes. Following the downward angle of Spock's body, Jim leaned forward to place his lips on the side of the Vulcan's neck and let his tongue come out to taste him.

“Jim!!” Spock exclaimed suddenly, his eyes closing tightly, head shaking back and forth as if he almost couldn't stand the pleasure he felt. Jim's lips on his neck sucked at the supple flesh at the sound of his name. The incredible amount of emotion transmitted from the human was too much to take: The pure feeling of love filled him up, Jim's fathomless pleasure becoming his own, his desire for Spock and only Spock... Spock's hand pumped his cock swiftly up and down, up and down, squeezing tightly and... “ngh, ngh, Jim!! Jim!! JimJimJimJimmmmmmmnghhh!!!!!”

His swollen cock positively erupted at that moment, hot seed shooting out in four hefty loads, leaving creamy white puddles in the black hair covering his chest. Spock's eyes snapped shut, his back arched, head thrown back, mouth opened wide and gasping for breath.

“Fuck yyyyyeeeeeeeees!!!!” Jim groaned as he felt Spock's hole rapidly clench and unclench around his cock through his orgasm. He smashed his hips into Spock's, his heart pounding so fast that it felt like his chest would burst.

Spock began trembling, riding out the last waves of pleasure as his hands came up and took hold of Jim's asscheeks, clenching down on them, pulling them apart, and yet moving them forcefully forward enhancing each thrust. Jim's moans grew louder and louder as he tossed his hips haphazardly into Spock. With a final loud yell, his cock exploded and he was thrown into a mind-shattering orgasm, shooting a huge load within Spock in multiple spurts as he was swept away into some distant universe where only an immeasurable amount of ecstasy existed. He thrust himself in twice more before dropping the legs upon his shoulders to the bed and positively collapsing into the Vulcan arms ready to catch him.

Both of them were heaving for air, Jim's forehead nuzzling into the side of Spock's neck just beneath his jaw, his body wet with sweat and Spock's cum. They laid together just like that until Jim was coherent enough to lift his head into his shoulder to attempt to wipe the sweat off his brow again.

“Spock,” he said, still panting. Raising a hand to his Vulcan's cheek when he didn't receive a response, Jim spoke his name again just above a whisper. “Spock.”

Spock's eyes opened then, his gaze entwining with Jim's, arms encircling this golden-skinned human possessively.

“I love you,” Jim softly declared and took his lips into another kiss, which Spock reciprocated and deepened by opening his mouth. When Jim's tongue slipped inside, Spock found the taste of himself in Jim's mouth erotic but it was short-lived; the kiss broke so both of them could breathe large gulps of air so desperately needed still.

Jim's head crashed into the pillow next to one of Spock's ears and he laid in his arms bonelessly. Spock's eyes fell shut again but his arms never loosened around the human on top of him; if he could stay here forever and just hold him like this, he would.

After some time went by and breathing and pulses quieted, Jim slid off of Spock, his bare foot hitting the floor. Walking across his quarters, he disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments and came back with a wet cloth. His lips pulled into a soft smile as he stippled at Spock's face first, running the pleasantly hot fabric across his forehead, down his cheeks, and then his neck. Jim wiped off the jizz drying in the black hair on Spock's chest and abdomen. He then carefully cleaned off his cock and gingerly dabbed at his slackened hole, removing the excess cum that had seeped out.

Spock's eyes never left Jim the entire time he cleaned him off. He had never understood the emotion named love until he met James Kirk, and it now blossomed within his very soul. He could never imagine anyone treating him so preciously; it was a conundrum, a question he simply could not answer. Jim could have chosen anyone in this universe, and here he was...

As Jim next moved to wiping off his own body, Spock finally spoke with closed eyes. “I do not deserve you.”

Jim was in the middle of dabbing at his stomach when he stopped and simply looked down at him. “You're right.”

Spock maintained no expression as he opened his eyes to see Jim's features graced by seriousness. The human continued, “You deserve better. But for all it's worth, Spock...” He tossed the dirty washcloth into the laundry chute and returned to the bed. Sitting down, he finished his thought as he pushed the rim of black bangs neatly back into place, “...I'm very happy you're with me. ...Lights, off.” The room went dark.

Jim's hand left his face and he tugged at the disheveled blanket then. Taking the hint, Spock moved himself underneath it and slid over so the human had space to slip in beside him. Once he was under the cover, Jim pulled Spock into his arms and held him tightly, a hand coming up to the back of his head.

“I hope you always will be.”

“You do not have to hope, Jim,” Spock replied. As he felt the human's lips press to his forehead, Spock felt intense waves of love radiating from him. How he wound up here was something he was unable to fathom. His thoughts wracked through the situation again. No science could explain why he, an awkward and socially-challenged halfling, was the one Jim Kirk chose to hold in his loving arms. Perhaps there was some veracity to the old Terran saying “It is what it is.” Kaiidth.

During this quiet period of consideration, Jim's body was quickly claimed by exhaustion. He was Captain of a starship with responsibilities beyond most peoples' comprehension. Lack of sleep wasn't something foreign to him, and yet, he still made time for Spock. Spock lifted his face, his head on the same pillow, nose close to Jim's. Studying his placid face for what felt like the thousandth night, Spock reveled in the sound of his soft breathing and the feeling of his heart steadily beating. Even in his sleep, Jim projected his feelings of love to Spock.

A hand raised then, slim fingers delicately touching Jim's face and settling on his psi points. Unable to speak these words out loud, Spock chose to say them instead just like this: His eyes closed and in his thoughts, he spoke, 'I love you too, Jim.'

When Spock opened his eyes, he may have seen the man sleeping beside him smile.

Chapter End Notes:

 Thank you for reading!

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