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To Jim:

Roses are red

(Which is, in fact, incorrect. Many subgenera of the genus Rosa have petals of varying color, when viewed under neutral lighting of 2700-27000 K and of adequate intensity. The viewer must also be physiologically able to perceive the color red.)

Violets are blue

(See the comment above. Terran plants belonging to the family Violaceae vary in color. Aforementioned lighting conditions apply.)

Poetry is illogical

(While it is considered an appreciated and expressive form of art, poetry is most ineffective due to its extreme subjectivity.)

Merry Christmas to you!

(As your science officer, I recommend the anomaly detected earlier today is studied as soon as possible. As your friend I recommend a game of chess, my quarters at 1900. I have decreased the temperature to suit your preferences.)


First Officer, Science Officer
USS Enterprise

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