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"Damn pair of idiots!" McCoy was muttering to himself after he had released James Kirk out of Sickbay - again. And Spock hadn't left his side the entire time Jim had been in Sickbay (except when his presence was needed on the bridge - again).
"I hope you are not talking about me?" Nurse Chapel asked.
"No. Of course not," McCoy answered. Nurse Chapel was the best nurse on the ship. He was sure she would be a doctor herself one day. And a damned good one at that.
"They left then? About time. Spock's not himself when the Captain is injured. When I checked on the Captain last night he was holding the Captain's hand," Nurse Chapel said.
McCoy turned around and asked: "They're friends. I did the same at the academy when Jim got into trouble, and got hurt somehwere."
"You're not Vulcan. Vulcan hands are very sensitive. As Touch telepaths they can sense emotions through skin-to-skin touch. You know that!"
McCoy stared at her. Caught up in his thoughts he had totally forgotten about that. But Nurse Chapel was already saying something else: "Do you think the Captain knows that Spock loves him?"
"It wouldn't surprise me if Spock doesn't know himself. I tell you that: The whole ship could now except them. They just don't see it," McCoy answered. And I'm starting to think they never will.
"I think the whole ship already knows, or suspects anyway," There was an edge in her voice.
"Maybe not the whole ship but the bridge crew for sure. There's just too much flirting going on there. And once one or the other is in danger all regulation suddenly doesn't mean anything," McCoy answered. He could well remember the time when Jim had flown all the way to Vulcan to save Spock's life, and almost got himself killed instead. Well, Spock's reaction when he discovered that Jim wasn't dead at all had definitely been worth the trouble. He had never seen Spock so happy before.
Nurse Chapel looked a little sad, and McCoy suddenly remembered that she had a crush on Spock: "It hurts you, that Spock isn't interested, does it?" He asked empathically. She didn't answer but a look in her face told him enough. Well he's handsome enough that the women are falling for him. But I wonder what Jim sees in him.
He told her to go to her quarters. He could take careof Jim, and Sickbay himself for the remaining time of the shift. Gladly Nurse Chapel left sickbay, leaving McCoy alone with his thoughts. Jim and Spock were the closest Command team he had come across in his career. At first he had thought it was, because they were friends and shared a hobby (he still wondered what was so great about chess), but that couldn't be it. Jim was his friend, too, but they weren't as close as Jim and Spock were. But why couldn't they see it that they loved each other? Well, it was no surprise when it came to Spock, with him being Vulcan, but Jim? He usually didn't have any problems with saying his feelings out loud.
At the end of his shift Jim entered Sickbay, not sick for once, though, and asked: "What is it? You gave me such a strange look when I left Sickbay earlier this day? Have I done something wrong?"
McCoy rolled his eyes and looked at his friend. He just couldn't believe Jim was even asking that question: "You haven't done anything. And that is the problem."
"Häh?" Jim obviously had no idea what he was talking about. And the look he was just giving McCoy was priceless.
"You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? Well, I won't tell you what it is. There's still hope that you figure it out for yourself." McCoy answered. Jim left Sickbay, not without giving his friend a slightly annoyed look. But he had duties and reports to return to, and solving the riddle McCoy had just given him, didn't seem to be one of them.
"What are you talking about, doctor?" Spock suddenly had come out of nowhere and must have heard the last thing McCoy had said to Jim.
"I'm not surprised that you don't know. But Jim should know by now. He's usually not so ignorant when it comes to emotions." McCoy answered, not expecting anything in response.
"Are you saying that the Captain fell in love with someone?" Spock answered, and was eyeing one of the nurses, who looked similar to the women Jim had been with before.
I'll be damned. Spock's got it! Not everything, but he knows it has something to do with love. This could get interesting. "That's it, yes. But he doesn't admit it to himself," was all he answered, but that seemed to be enough for Spock, because he was leaving Sickbay already.

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