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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi, so this is just building the situation up but it will soon get into it. I hope you enjoy and mayeb if you have ideas for a title i'd love to hear them :)

Captain’s Personal Log- Stardate 1618.2

The Enterprise is currently hosting a party of ambassadors so they can discuss the troubles in the Djanhan system. On its third planet a civil war has broken out amongst the people and the Federation is deciding whether to intervene. The ambassadors are tempestuous at best but for personal reasons, Ambassador Sarek is the worst. His treatment of Spock is appalling and I hope for his sak—

“FUCK- Spock…” Jim felt his heart jump from his chest as his Vulcan counterpart appeared at the door.

“My apologies Capta---“

“Jim. Please Spock”. Still after years of serving together, Spock still stood on formalities. Jim hoped that Spock would relax and gain some informality but that informality never came. Jim also hoped that somewhere in that supposedly unfeeling Vulcan heart was love. Love for Jim.  

Jim inwardly sighed.

“My apologies…Jim, however I did buzz your door multiple times and you did not respond”

Jim inwardly sighed again. Get over it Jim, he is a Vulcan. And straight. And dating Uhura. But, however many times Jim repeated his little chant to himself he could not shake the sense of longing.

The silky black hair that he just wanted to run his fingers through.

Those pointed ears, he just wanted to touch.

And that Vulcan penis he just wanted to put in his—

“Captain-“SighHave I interrupted upon something? You appear distracted”

“No Spock it’s okay, I’m maybe just a little tired from socialising with the ambassadors. What did you want to talk about?” Being a captain had perks but talking to ambassadors about every problem on their home planet did take its toll.

“I just came to inform you that we will arrive at the third planet, Djanana, in approximately 11.34 hours. You will need to transport down with the ambassadors and join in with the discussions”

“But Spo-o-o-o-ock”

“Yes Captain?”

“You are more suited to the diplomatic situations than me”

“Yes but Captain. You are the captain”

“Fine. I’ll see you at 08:00”

“Yes Captain” and with that he swept out of Jim’s quarters with cat- like elegance. Hopefully the day will be better than today and he won’t spend that much time away from his silver lady and Spock”.

Chapter End Notes:

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