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Story Notes:

The timeline for Eugenics War was moved up from 1993-1996 (cannon timeline) to start in 1996 just after Dumbledore’s death and the magical war begins to come to a head. Also this means that Harry is 21 at the start of this fic.

Author's Chapter Notes:

There is no Star trek really in this chapter except for reference to the Eugenics War.

Undisclosed Location, Scotland, Earth; 2001 AD

They had come from all corners of the globe. Wizards and Witches. Goblins, House Elves and Centaurs. Nixies, Pixies, Ghosts and Ghouls. Every last intelligent Magical species, all together in one large room for perhaps the last time if their plan failed. It had been four years since the fall of Voldemort but what they had failed to realize even then was that Voldemort wasn’t the only enemy near at hand. One war had been replaced by another, perhaps even more dangerous war. The muggles were calling it the Eugenics War. A war started by scientist who had been trying to find a way to create superpowered humans capable of hunting down and killing the Wizards and other Magical Beings should another Dark Lord arise. Or at least that was what the Queen had told them the reasoning behind the unholy genetic manipulation had been in the beginning. Of course the general population of the planet was unaware of the true reason but who knew how long that would last. Already one of the “Augments,” a man called Khan Noonien Singh, had taken over most of Asia and was already on the way to conquering the Middle East.

The majority of the magical population had thought at first that they would be safe and they had until another Augment had decided he wanted to take over Khan’s kingdom. The resulting battle had whipped out two muggle villages and had then spread to a wizarding village and the local magical school. Nearly four thousand magical people, more than half of them children, had been killed. The surviving Wizards and Witches had lashed out decimating the two fighting armies before fleeing to other wizarding communities to spread word. But for Briton’s Wizarding World, they had been too late.

Another Augment calling himself Anextiomarus Camalus (1) had appeared in Briton two weeks prior and had begun to systematically tracking down muggleborns, halfbloods and known purebloods who had been listed in a secret file kept by the Muggle Government. Invariably these people were found tortured and left either impaled or cruixified in areas that the Muggle Government believed was near a wizarding village. The Wizarding World had been in an uproar. First to know the Muggle had been keeping tabs on their children and their public employees and then to know that they had done nothing to stop Anextiomarus from killing them off one by one. But then, as long as he and his minions were focused on converting the Wizards to his side or killing them off, the Muggles had little to worry about.

The Wizards of Briton were tired though. They had just gotten out of a decades long war that had cost them so many lives, had left such an overwhelming sense of grief and horror in their hearts that these new deaths were the straw that broke the camels back. Knowing they were too heartsick to put up much of a fight they had called a Council. Messages had gone through Fairy Post to all the wizarding communities around the world, calling forth the leaders and the elders to the summit. And so here they gathered, hundreds of them from all the nations of the world. Their faces were all lined and heavy with the knowledge of what had already begun and what was still to come.

Harry looked out of the assembled Wizards and the other non-human representatives. They were all older than him by decades. It made him uncomfortable to be sitting there at the front of the room alongside Professor McGonagall and Minister Bones. He felt out of place no matter what the two older women said. But he was the Master of Death, the Master of the Deathly Hallows and the Boy Who Lived and as such the Wizarding World expected him to be hear. He had defeated a Dark Lord and was Albus Dumbledore’s most trusted apprentice. To them he was practically the next coming of Merlin.

“We all know why we are here,” McGonagall’s voice cut through the nervous chatter filling the room. “Despite all our power, despite all the Wards surrounding our cities and schools these Augments are breeching them. They are storming through them and systematically bringing us to extinction.” She looked out across the room, her stern gaze filling with grief for all the students, the friends and family she had lost to Voldemort and now to Anextiomarus. “Soon enough our last bastions will be found and it has become obvious that our muggle alliances will not keep their pledge to safeguard us. We are a dying race.”

Shouts and murmurs filled the room, several people shot to their feet screaming out to fight to the death even as others fell to weeping. Harry watched them and couldn’t help but feel upset. These were his people’s leaders and they were falling apart now? Now, when they were needed most!

Pushing back his chair Harry stood, his gaze going flinty as he slammed his fist down on the table. A solid whoomp echoed out, sparks of light jumping around where his fist met the holly tabletop. He looked out at them all, his green eyes glowing with an eerie light reminiscent of the Avada Kadava cruse. “Be silent. I cannot believe what I am seeing here. Are you all fools? People used to call me and all the other Grffindors fools for blindly rushing in where Gods feared to tread and that’s what you want to do now? To run rough shod over these Augments as if they were just another Muggle?” Harry shook his head. “It won’t work. These aren’t just normal Muggles. If they were they never would have gotten so far along in their war against us. This isn’t the time for the tactics of a Griffindor.”

“Then what should we do,” cried out a voice from deep into the crowd.

“We pull back and we ask the Muggleborns and their families for aid.”

More murmuring began to fill the room again. “My friends and I think we may have an idea. One that Professor McGonagall wanted to pose to you today. One that may be our only hope for survival.” Harry turned to look back at his former Head of House.

“Well, keep going, Potter.” McGonagall smiled and waved her hand at him to continue.

Harry let a grim smile spread across his lips. ”Space. It is our last option. We gather up all of the plants, animals, being, creatures and people of our world and we build an Ark. We have found several Muggles willing to help from around the world. From Japan, China, India, Briton and America. Muggles with skills and money to fund the creation of a spaceship large enough to carry all of us away from Earth.”

The hall around him remained silent. He could see the eyes of the people in the front row and noted their shock. Many we purebloods who had little to no idea about space travel. It must be beyond their own belief.

“That canna be possible!”

“Surely the Muggles aren’t capable-“

“Bozhe Moy!”

“Silence,” called out McGonagall. When the room quieted down she stepped back and handed the floor back to her former student.

“I know this is not what any of you imagined we would propose, but honestly, this is our only chance. As we speak here the Ark is already being built in a facility hidden under a Fidelius Charm. According to the most recent estimations it should be completed by the end of the year.” Harry paused and licked his lips, looking back over the Council who had slowly begun to calm again. “We don’t know how long it’ll take to find another world that has a magical core similar enough to Earth’s to support us so Potions Masters Severus Snape and Aamaal Badesha along with a muggle biochemist Dr. Bin-Han Li are working on a two-set potion to put everyone into a deep sleep while keeping them from aging. The first potion of the set has been completed and the second is nearly there. They estimate another month to finish it and then they can begin mass production. So before they can do that we will need an accurate head count of everyone who is going.”

“What do you suggest doing about the muggles who know about us,” asked one of the Russian elders.

“We have decided to ask them if they wish to go. If they don’t they will be Oblivated to prevent the Augments from learning what we have planned. Also all of you will need to advise your citizens that they must take an Unbreakable Vow before they can be given the full information on what we are planning.”

Harry waited as the others began to talk amongst themselves. For several minutes they talked, occasionally breaking out into small arguments before somehow reaching a decision. The American Elder, an old man with pure white hair cut military short, stood. He calmly tugged down the hem of his waistcoat before casting a Sonorus spell. His voice filled the room, a rich surprisingly deep sound that vibrated deep into Harry’s bones. There was a strange accent to his words that didn’t sound like any of the Americans he had heard speaking on the TV before, but Harry decided he liked the sound. “Bless my old withered heart, son.” The man chuckled lightly. “I ain’t never heard such a ridiculous plan! But I have ta’ say it’s bold an’ I like it. We’ve decided ta’ follow you for good or bad. Lead on an’ tally ho or what not.”

Harry couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.

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