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Spock cannot find any logic in the snow, nor in his puzzling fascination for it. Written for 2012 Ksadvent.

[Originally published on the date 13 December 2012]

Rated: All Audiences
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Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash
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Story Type: Fluff, Romance
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Universe: Abrams Universe
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Published: 06/11/2014 Updated: 06/11/2014
Story Notes:

Fanfiction betaed by uber-professional Tapsyhapsy over at Livejournal.


This fic was started in January 2012, when an unusual cold (up to -12°C) hit North Italy during the last days of the month; it was a luck that at least there was much, much snow with the ice! Now, I don’t know why but I turn into an idiotic five years old when I look outside the window and see everything white and I felt the need to put down a bit of this happiness into this fluffy shot.
It's quite puzzling how I ended up never finishing it until few days before my Ksadvent deadline was up! Because of this, I have to super-thank Tapsyhapsy who's been a professional and nit-picking in such a short time: she fixed anything that wasn't strictly "Spock-ish" so most of the merits go to her.



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