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Story Notes:

I decided to make Leila a member of the crew for this story just because.

Besides, I've always hated her.

Chapter 1: Discovery

Yes, they had made love several times since their bonding. However, James was alarmed when he suddenly woke one night to hear Miss Spock throwing up in their bathroom. He dashed over to her and clutched her roughly, trying to get her into a more comfortable position. "Spock!" he cried in fear. "Spock! What's wrong with you?" he begged her. "Please tell me, I-"

"I don't know, sir," she managed before she vomitted again.

He watched her for a moment before rubbing circles on her back soothingly. "Sshhh," he whispered in her ear, trying to stay calm. "Sshhh, Spock, you're alright." When she finally stopped, he drew her gently into his arms and kissed her head softly. "You're going to be fine, ashaya," he soothed. "Just go back to sleep and see if this goes away."

"I... I doubt that it will," Spock croaked back. Then she stood shakily and went to rinse her mouth out. "And I highly doubt that I will be able to return to sleep if I am going to be at risk of vomitting the entire night."

"Oh, Spock," James whispered, walking up behind her and pulling her close before burying his nose in her neck. "You're going to be alright, my love."

"How do you know this isn't serious?" Spock asked, sounding sorrowful.

"Because I'd never let anything that bad happen to you," he swore. She smiled and kissed him deeply. She did love her captain so.


Spock was standing on the bridge the next day when her stomach began to slowly revolt her previous meal. She snapped to attention and quickly dashed off the bridge with a quick salute, running for the nearest bathroom. In her hurry, she accidently ran into the men's and vomitted there by Doctor McCoy.

When she realized what had happened, she flushed a dark green and turned away, wanting only to get out. She was prevented from doing so.

"Spock, you're coming to sickbay NOW," McCoy snarled. He grabbed her arm and unceremoniously hauled her down to deck five, where she promptly turned pale once more.

McCoy suddenly became very worried, and he relaxed his death-grip on her arm. He shouldn't have held her like that in the first place, he realized. "I'm sorry about that," he said quietly. "Did I hurt you?"

Before she could answer, James suddenly burst in through the door, eyes blazing wildly, and McCoy let out a cry as the enraged captain slammed into him and pinned him to the ground. "What the hell are you thinking?!" James growled dangerously. "Don't you DARE treat my wife like that!!!"

Suddenly, Spock moaned softly and collapsed as pains began to wrack through her. "Damn it, James!" McCoy roared. "She's in pain! Let me up so I can treat her!"

But James was paying him no attention. He was already at Spock's side, scooping her up gently and placing her down on one of the sickbay scanning beds. "Spock, are you alright?" he asked urgently. "Please, please be alright, my love..."

McCoy grunted and set to work beside the first officer as she stared almost blindly at James. "T'hy'la...?" she asked.

James nodded. "Yes," he whispered. "T'hy'la. I'm here, Spock; don't you ever forget it." He stood beside her as she gradually stopped shaking and eventually curled up to make herself more comfortable. However, it made James feel extremely over-protective to see her in that state. She looked so vulnerable...

It was right as Spock was about to fall asleep that McCoy finally found what he was looking for. "Spock! Holy shit, Spock, wake up!"

She snapped to attention at once, although her palor wasn't improved, and met McCoy's frantic gaze. "What is the problem, doctor?"

"You're pregnant with James' child!"

Chapter End Notes:

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