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When Spock's biobed readings are anomalous, Spock has to explain certain aspects of Vulcan life to Kirk and McCoy.

(No, not pon farr; this is new Weird Vulcan Stuff, not the Weird Vulcan Stuff you already know and love. :-D)

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Published: 11/29/2014 Updated: 11/29/2014

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1. Warning: This story mentions a subject that could be distressing or triggering to certain vulnerable people. Revealing what that subject is, however, could spoil the story. A full warning is given in the end notes, where you can choose to read it before the story or not, at your own discretion. (The story does NOT contain character death, non-consensual sexual contact, or graphic depictions of violence.)

2. Thanks so much to my beta, OrmondSacker, who graciously commented on a rough draft of this story and gave me the benefit of her insight. Any remaining infelicities in the story are, of course, my fault.