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Stepping up to the science station with an approving smile, Captain

Kirk watched the Vulcan's long sensual fingers seemingly flying over

his keyboard. He enjoyed his observations, and moved closer to his

first officer who monitored the newly-discovered nebula through the

viewfinder. It always amazed Kirk at the speed Spock input

information into the computer, and for a fleeting moment he felt

challenged to not dwell on his personal memories of those fingers'


Spock turned to his captain with unrestrained eagerness showing on

his face. "Intriguing, Captain. At least four stars are forming

inside the reflective nebula. It will be interesting to discover if

there are others."

Jim ignored the temptation to tease the science officer over his

obvious excitement. "Scotty is concerned over the increasing

radiation's effect on the shields, so we can't risk getting closer. I

hope your department will be able to record its findings from this


Spock started to respond but suddenly grasped Jim's arm for support

as he was overwhelmed by a wave of disorientation. His head

momentarily seemed to swirl in a twilight of stars, then just as

quickly cleared. Straightening back up, he shrugged off Jim's grip on

his elbow, "My apologies, Captain. I… I was mesmerized by…well… by

the bright colors."

"Spock?" Jim's concern tripled. "What are you talking about?"

"The nebula, Captain. I believe the reflective nebula is combined

with an emission nebula." Spock lowered his voice minutely and leaned

closer to Kirk. "That's what I found fascinating. The deep pinkish

glow surrounding the edges of the mauve-shaded clouds of the anomaly

remind me of a certain part of your anatomy."

"What?" Kirk hissed with a tightened jaw. His eyes darted around, but

the only one he suspected of hearing the remark was Uhura. The

communication officer's cheeks had turned a dark crimson. Lowering

her head, she tactfully returned to her duties. Wishing he had

misunderstood, but knowing better, Jim stepped closer to the

Vulcan, "That was a rather cryptic answer, Mister Spock. Do you care

to explain?" He raised his hand as a warning, "And please leave out

the personal remarks."

"I do not think that is possible." No longer whispering, Spock

shrugged with renewed vigor, "It especially matches the tip of your…"

"Spock!" The captain grabbed his first officer's upper arms forcing

him to stand squarely in front of him. He looked closer into the

other's eyes startled at the glazed, dreamy glow. They seemed to pour

out emotions. "What's the matter with you? Are you feeling all


"I wish to tell you your cheeks are so cute… especially when… you're

miffed." Smiling brightly, Spock reached for Jim's face but the

captain released him and stepped back.

"Miffed? You've never used a word like 'miffed' in your life." Kirk

was astonished not only of Spock's vocabulary but the slightly

slurred quality of his tone. Hesitantly, he asked, "Are you drunk?"

"No, but as I recall, you tried to get me that way two nights ago. I

believe you had ulterior motives," he chuckled the last sentence then

winked at a shocked Jim Kirk.

A few snickers from the crew fed the captain's anger. He whirled

around to glare at the bridge personnel, his eyes daring anyone to

make a sound. All of them were suddenly memorizing their panels --or


Giving Spock his full attention, Jim's stomach was grumbling and had

formed a knot. His concern grew at the increasing changes in his

friend's eyes. Their dark chestnut orbs were now dilated, shining

with a gleam of…euphoria? "I want you in sickbay, Mister Spock." Jim

turned back to his chair to give McCoy a warning to be on the lookout

for the first officer's visit. He didn't make it.

"Ow!" the captain protested at a sharp stinging pinch biting his

right butt cheek. Twirling, he glanced Spock quickly pulling his hand

away. "What the hell…?" Jim's face was red and his words full of

angry shock.

"Your face is not the only place with cute cheeks," Spock grinned

mischievously, lightly bouncing on the balls of his feet. Both of his

eyebrows danced with merriment. "They dare me to pinch them," he

shrugged again.

"Security!" Kirk roared. The captain's anxious glare didn't stray

from Spock's.

"Yes, sir." Mr. Leslie, who had the same stunned expression as the

rest of the crew, pushed himself away from the bulkhead where he

stood guard. He moved quickly to the first officer's side, cautiously

watching his captain. All security was aware of Kirk's no-nonsense

temperament. They also were aware of his intense protectiveness of

the Vulcan. Mr. Leslie waited with apprehension, unsure how the

Captain would react to this situation. He watched a mixture of

emotions fighting in Kirk's troubled expression.

"You're to go to sickbay with Mr. Leslie, Spock." The captain turned

to the security officer to continue his orders. "You're to see that

he doesn't leave until Dr. McCoy releases him."

"Yes, sir." Mr. Leslie stepped aside to allow the first officer to

head for the turbo lift. Instead the Vulcan froze, staring at his


Jim knew something was seriously wrong and struggled to find words to

encourage him. Aware anything he said would cause more embarrassment

to his friend, he tried to minimize the tension in his own

tone, "Spock, just go to sickbay. I'll let Bones know you're on the


Crestfallen at Kirk's upset demeanor, Spock hesitantly pointed

out, "You said to be more spontaneous."

"Not on the bridge," Jim answered with a clinched jaw. "Please, co-


"No. I… I can not leave you," his voice was soft, and Jim heard a

confused tremble. He noted perspiration on Spock's lip and forehead.

The Vulcan's cheeks had paled a grayish green that wasn't there

moments before.

"Spock, go now. That's an order, Mister." He hoped the firm tone

would automatically make his first officer obey. With relief he

watched him turn toward the turbolift, but cringed when Spock stopped

and turned back.

A half-smile creased Spock's lips; his eyes glazed more while meeting

Jim's. "My duty…is to you." His hand reached out and stroked Jim's

cheek, a thumb brushing the human's lip.

It was Jim's turn to momentarily freeze -- a testament to the shock

he felt. Others were aware of their relationship but it wasn't

something they flaunted. The two separated their private life and

duty, and pointedly took steps to avoid mingling them. He quickly

cleared his thoughts and again took a step back

"That's enough. Go to sickbay, now." Jim heard the strain in his own

voice and tried to soften it, "Please, Spock."

Shaking his head, the Vulcan moved towards him, ignoring the security

guard who tried to maneuver between them. Spock's fingertips lovingly

caressed Jim's meld points.

"Kroykah!" the captain snapped. Startled bridge crew jumped from the

shout but Kirk ignored them. Fear gripped him tighter as he watched

Spock blink in confusion. The Vulcan slowly lowered his hand and let

his arms fall to his sides, looking at Jim with a pleading need.

"This is impossible," Jim muttered, contemplating a fearful

realization of what might be wrong. He tried reaching out to his

bondmate through their link to offer comfort but only sensed

confusion. "Spock, please go to sickbay. I'll join you as soon as my

shift ends."

Spock turned back to the turbolift followed by the security guard. He

entered the lift but turned to watch his captain. With his eyes

locked on Jim's, anxiety over the Human's rejection troubled him.

Some glimmer of thought alerted his logical Vulcan mind to the fact

he was behaving irrationally. It did not seem to matter. All he knew

was he felt like he was betraying him by leaving. Why did Jim not

feel the same way?

Captain Kirk quickly returned to his chair and pushed the switch to

sickbay. When McCoy responded he attempted to keep his voice

low. "Bones, security is bringing Spock to you. I want you to give

him a complete physical."

"Physical? Security? What is this all about, Jim?" McCoy's perplexed

tone matched the thoughts of everyone on the bridge.

"That's what I want you to tell me. He's acting very strange. I…

well, I suspect his behavior is related to what happened the last

time we were on Vulcan." He fervently hoped the doctor would catch on

without too many questions. A momentary quiet was all that filled the

comm, then he heard disturbed noises in the background. McCoy said

distractedly; "Put him in isolation room 2."

"Bones… did you understand what I said?" Kirk asked.

"Yes, you mean you want me to check for pon…"

"Okay, Doctor, you got it." The captain quickly interrupted, letting

the unspoken message of privacy reach through the comm.

"But that's impossible," McCoy replied with concern. "It's too soon."

Jim sighed loudly, "You're talking to the one man who knows that

best, Doctor. Please keep me informed." Switching off the

communication link he looked briefly around the room before settling

back in his chair. What crew who were brazen enough to look his way

soon ducked and returned to duty. Sitting upright, a sharp nip of

pain in his butt cheek reminded him of Spock's pinch and he winced,

shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

"Damn," he muttered with irritation.

Turning to Uhura, the captain ordered replacement crew from science

and security be sent to the bridge. "We have a nebula to monitor,

everyone. Let's stay focused." Ignoring his own words, Kirk soon

became lost in his concern over the event. With the scientists

recording their findings, he felt useless at the moment and wanted to

be with Spock. For the first time since Spock left the bridge, Jim

realized he only sensed a slight hum through their link, instead of

the confusion that was there earlier. He missed his Vulcan's

reassuring presence in his mind. Why hadn't he noticed this morning

that something was wrong with him? Spock had been quiet but he had

figured it was fatigue from their late-night snuggling.

The haziness made him wonder again if Spock was drunk. He knew it was

an absurd thought but how else to explain this? It couldn't be

anything to do with his Time. Memories of their quick stop to Vulcan,

after their bonding had caused Spock to go into pon farr, flickered

through his thoughts. Lost in those memories he jolted abruptly when

McCoy's voice interrupted his musing.

"Jim, you better turn over the con and get down here immediately."

Kirk chilled from his adamant tone.

"What's wrong with him?" Almost choking on the words, fear gripped

his heart. Just then, yeoman Davis handed him a padd requiring his

signature. As he signed it with a quick glance at its contents, he

realized he was holding his breath.

"Now, Jim. You don't want me saying this over the comm."

"I'm on my way," Jim answered, quickly handing the padd to his

yeoman. Ordering Sulu to take the con, he didn't wait to hear the

helmsman's reply as the doors to the turbolift closed.

In sickbay, he discovered two additional security guards by McCoy's

office. They both glanced with trepidation at the door, then their

captain. "Why are you here?" he asked chief Garrovick.

The security chief signaled for Mr. Leslie to take his place and

gestured for the captain to follow him. "Doctor McCoy called us in to

help with Mister Spock, sir." Seeing his captain's stricken

expression he quickly explained. "He isn't harmed… just agitated.

It's probably best that Doctor McCoy explain, sir."

Kirk noted the red blush that passed the chief's face but ignored it.

Quickly following the young officer into the disorder that had taken

over the end rooms of sickbay, he viewed the chaos. The section

seemed to be in upheaval with people moving furniture and boxes.

Chief Garrovick led him to an isolation room at the far end of the

corridor. The usually see through windows had been changed to opaque

so he couldn't see who occupied the room until he was inside.

Two nurses were filling boxes with the contents of the drawers and

McCoy was shouting orders. The doctor handed one of the heavy boxes

to Garrovick, "Take this to my office. Better yet, leave it near my

door. Don't open that door unless you have no choice." With an

exasperated sigh he tossed Jim a quick look. "It's about time you got


"What's going on? Did Nurse Chapel and Uhura move the Christmas party

to sickbay or something?" He looked around for Spock, but the first

officer wasn't in the room. "Where's Spock?"

"This is no time to ask silly questions. Get undressed, a robe is

hanging on the back of the door in the in the head. McCoy pulled Kirk

aside just as one of the security guards and an orderly pushed a low-

gravity carrier into the room. There was a mattress balanced

capriciously on it. The men struggled to maneuver it around the boxes

to a thick molded frame that was already set up in the corner.

"What is this?" The captain demanded above the noise, but was


"Pictures, too, Christine. Anything breakable," McCoy ordered over

his shoulder while shoving Jim towards the head. Kirk refused to


"Where's Spock?" anxiety punctuated the question, but McCoy was

distracted maneuvering a skin graft machine towards Christine.

"Put this in room 1 for now. Lets hope there won't be a need for the

isolation rooms for a few days," he mumbled. "Oh, yeah, don't forget

those three boxes of holiday decorations Uhura slid into the closet."

"We'll have this set up in two minutes," The orderly promised as the

mattress was finally lifted off the carrier.

"Nurse Walkins will help you make it. Only these two boxes by the

door are left for you two to carry. And don't forget to set up that

other bed in my room. I gotta sleep too, ya know." McCoy tried again

to push Jim to the head, but he steadfastly refused to move.

"Tell me what the hell is going on or I'm going to start ordering

people thrown in the brig," The captain roared, instantly getting

everyone's attention. "Where is Spock? Remember him? Your patient."

McCoy ordered everyone back to work then faced his agitated

captain, "He's in my office, and I'll have him brought here in a

minute. We're removing perishables just in case. Since this room

isn't used very often I tend to store equipment and supplies here. I

don't know how long this room will be off limits, so I'm moving what

we can." The words were said to Jim but the befuddled captain had the

impression Bones was talking to himself. "Then you're putting Spock

here? What's wrong with him? And what is this?" Jim asked pointing at

the bed in the corner that was being made.

"It's my bed." McCoy turned to catch the two men leaving with their

arms full, "Tell Garrovick we're almost ready for Spock. It will be

just a few more moments." He turned back to Jim. "This is the only

ICU unit that is soundproof. It usually holds up to three beds, but

we moved two out and brought mine in because it's a bit bigger. I

don't need you two breaking hips by fallen' off the bed." The last

sentence was whispered as he looked to see that the others weren't in

earshot. "Put the robe on, there isn't much time to explain."

"Then I suggest you make the time. I want to know what the hell is

going on? Spock was practically a basket case on the bridge. I get

called down here and everyone acts like they've been sipping eggnog

from a holiday party that started two days early."

"I'll fill you in once you undress. We're running out of time." McCoy

struggled again to push the obstinate captain towards the head. Nurse

Chapel and Walkins had returned a few moments earlier for the holiday

boxes and when Jim pulled away from McCoy he accidentally fell

against Chapel. With a clatter, one of the boxes hit the floor.

Holiday ornaments and small containers of various decorations

scattered across the floor.

"Damn! At least they're unbreakable," Bones exclaimed as he joined

the women in picking up the mess.

The security guard at the door came in to help, while giving the

doctor a message, "Chief Garrovick said to tell you your office is a

mess. Leslie and he are guarding the door but Mister Spock broke the

entrance sensor. They are holding phasers on him to keep him from


McCoy rolled his eyes and muttered something unintelligible.

"Tell me what's going on, NOW!" the Captain exploded, grabbing

McCoy's arm. "Phasers on Spock? I want answers RIGHT NOW!! Consider

it an order!"

The guard and Walkins quickly scrambled out the door. Nurse Chapel

followed carrying the hastily repacked box. Jim could swear that on

her way out she gave him a sympathetic look.

"Okay," McCoy tried to talk soothingly. "Spock will be all right…

this is temporary. He had an allergic reaction to something called

Tellarite Canauza Chakkas."

"Oh, you mean those chocolate cherry things Spock bought me for a

holiday treat. Only they weren't real chocolate…or real cherries. He

sent for them to surprise me when he found out I love…"

"Yeah, well he's about to surprise you, all right."

"You said he's allergic? We only had one each late last night… or

rather real early this morning." A small smile at the memory crossed

his face. "They were good but almost too sweet for my taste." Jim

watched McCoy pick up a rolled banner that had escaped. "I don't get

it. You gave him something to counteract the allergy, right? What

does Spock's allergy have to do with all this?" he looked around the

sparse room.

"I looked up the ingredients. 80% of Vulcan males have a reaction to


"And you treated him. So what's this about security holding him

hostage? Is he contagious? Spock wouldn't fight quarantine." Jim's

face suddenly paled, "Oh, my God. It's serious isn't it. He's really

sick, and you ordered me here because you think I caught whatever he

has." Jim grabbed both of McCoy's arms, "You've got to help him… he's

… he's everything to me."

The fear in Jim's eyes touched McCoy and his voice spoke with the

tone of years of consoling patients. "Spock will be okay, Jim. I

wouldn't lie to you about that. He isn't contagious, but he needs

your help. I suggest you undress, now."

McCoy pulled away and yelled at the doorway, "Christine, tell

Garrovick to give us at least three minutes, then bring him in."

"Why do I have to undress? They were just chocolate cherries, I

didn't react to them." Jim looked at the doctor like he was

crazy. "Tell me how I can help Spock."

Christine popped her head back in. "Chief Garrovick wants to know if

you really want them to stun him."

"Oh for god's sake. Can't three security guards handle one Vulcan?"

McCoy griped while Christine shrugged then tossed Jim another look of

pity as she left.

"Why does Garrovick want to shoot Spock? And why does she keep

looking at me like that?"

"Jim!" Spock's shout bounced around the barren room. Before Jim could

react, the Vulcan rushed over and gathered him into a bear hug. Jim

released an involuntary protest when his feet lifted briefly from the


The security guards who ran panting into the room tried not to notice

the embrace, but they were obviously relieved Spock was no longer

their problem. Chief Garrovick cleared his voice and tried to

explain. "I'm sorry, Captain, he finally realized we wouldn't really

shoot him and pushed past us. He knew you were here and thought we

were hiding you."

Jim's shocked face studied Spock carefully. "Are you all right?" He

tried to gently pull away but Spock held him tighter. Realizing his

struggling was upsetting Spock he stayed in the embrace but wiggled

to a position of being able to face the others in the room. Taking a

deep breath he forced himself to not take his embarrassment and

agitation out on his crew. "It's okay, Chief. I appreciate everyone's

help." With a slightly reddened face he sarcastically added, "You can

all go home now."

McCoy herded the two guards and Christine out the door.

Turning his attention back to Spock, Jim felt his overly hot forehead

and rubbed it gently, allowing one thumb to caresses an upswung

brow. "Bones told me you had a reaction to those candies. They were

just chocolate cherries. How did they cause all this?" His

apprehension rose as Spock suddenly grabbed the hem of his gold shirt

and pulled it over his head, tossing it nonchalantly to the floor.

"Spock?" He quit squirming when Spock briefly released his grip to

pull off his own shirt. But the Vulcan somehow managed to get it

tangled on his wrist. Afraid he would break his arm if he continued

the struggle, Jim helped him untangle it. He growled at McCoy, "Are

you going to fill me in or what?"

With one arm pulling him closer, Spock immediately started kissing

Jim's neck while lifting his own boots one at a time to remove them.

"Please Spock… let me talk to Bones. You can get undressed while I

do. Just let go a moment."

"No!" Spock resumed his kisses, and somehow maneuvering one boot off

to send it flying across the room and landing on the extra sickbay

bed in the corner. The other one followed while Jim tried to get

Spock to stop tugging at his pants fastener.

McCoy cleared his throat, "I tried to get you to undress."

"I'm listening Doctor… explain this! Quickly." Jim twisted his head

to encourage Spock to kiss the back of his neck so he could glare at

the doctor.

"Okay, I'll make this brief." A knock at the door interrupted him.

"God, no!" Jim muttered.

McCoy opened the door and took the extra towels and sheets from

Christine. She quickly gave Jim a 'hang in there' smile then left

with a loud sigh.

Spock broke the fastener on Jim's pants with a broad smile. Before

Jim could protest he was standing in his briefs with his pants

bunched around his feet, "Spock… wait…"

"No!" Spock twirled Jim around, not noticing his mate's tangled feet.

Jim tripped forward, landing on the new bed. "Perfect," Spock

exclaimed, squeezing the firm muscles of his companion's buttocks.

McCoy quickly interjected, "As you've guessed the reaction to the

ingredients acts as an aphrodisiac. Kind of a mini pon farr."

Jim paled and McCoy continued reassuringly, "This time it's supposed

to be nonviolent, but he's as clumsy as hell. He can't seem to hold

still and started examining everything he could get his hands on. And

not caring what he broke. I believe he was attempting to get his mind

off you: the center of his universe."

"I noticed!" Sarcasm again filled his voice as Jim struggled to stop

Spock from taking his briefs. "Just give me a minute, Spock."

"No!" Spock repeated and resumed his pull on the dark briefs. The

sounds of a ripped garment was heard. Jim felt the heated blush all

over his body when strong hands lifted him to his knees.

McCoy spotted a bight red mark on Jim's cheek and moved to examine

it. "Wow, that must have hurt." He started to touch it but Spock

slapped his hand away with a grunt.

The doctor was incredulous, "Did he just growl at me?"

"You expect me to explain any of this?" Jim's frustration showed in

the irritated look he tossed to McCoy. He was trying to draw Spock's

attention from his privates where the Vulcan had plunged his hand

between the strong thighs and started tugging his shaft.

"I guess not." McCoy snickered as he headed for the door, but turned

to explain, "As I was saying earlier, unlike regular pon farr,

instead of concentrating on his need to release, all his attention is

on his desire to please his mate. That means you, Captain, sir."

Jim moaned, partly from frustration, and partly from the fact that

Spock's hand was gently teasing his balls. He tried to bring his

knees higher on the bed but his feet were still tangled. He managed

to kick one boot off and free a foot. "Spock, at least get us


"No. No time," Spock mumbled as he started kissing Jim's rear while

unfastening his own pants.

Jim noticed McCoy was still gawking and glared at him. "It was just a

chocolate cherry."

"Tellarite Canauza Chakkas." McCoy offered, looking back with

unashamed interest. Jim and he had spend many shore leaves together

before the captain fell head over heels in love with Spock. Watching

this man in the thralls of pleasure with shared lovers was a beauty

he missed. "This will last a few days so I'll let you know how the

holiday party goes. We'll save your gifts for later."

Jim started to make a cryptic remark but his breath was suddenly

taken from him when Spock increased the momentum on his shaft. Overly

warm lips trailed teasing kisses down his crack. "You only… ate one,"

he panted between breaths.

"He ate eight this morning, just before reporting to the bridge."

"You ate all my chocolates?" Jim's head shot up, looking at Spock

between his legs. All he saw was the bobbing dark silk hair. "They

were my… gift. Yes… Spock. Oh... my…"

Spock kept his fist busy but looked up to greet Jim's eyes gleaming a

fogged erotic dance. "They were delicious!" Spock smiled then bent

lower, spreading Jim's cheeks apart with a caressing hand. His tongue

was searching for the tender opening. "So are you," his mouth soon

found the new treat. Jim's head flopped back and soon his hips were

thrusting to Spock's rhythm.

"Ghod…Yes." Jim looked towards his friend who was starting to

leave. "Bones! Tell Scotty to take… command… if… oh…"

"I know, if an emergency happens, it better be damn good," Bones


McCoy grinned, meeting Jim's eyes, the green specks glowing with

excitement. The hazel orbs seemed to smile through the haze at

him. "We love ya… Bones."

"I know… I love you both ya know."

Jim's voice caught, then released a sigh as he rode out the release

of pleasure, semen coating Spock's fist and the newly made bed.

McCoy watched his friend shudder with the wave of gratification. An

excitement filled the doctor as he savored the beauty of it. "I need

to track down a certain communications officer and see if she's busy

tonight," he muttered to himself. Reaching into his pocket the doctor

pulled its contents out and waited for Spock to lift his head a

moment. "Spock!" When he had the Vulcan's attention, he tossed the

tube to him.

"Another holiday gift," Spock said enthusiastically.

"Use it! Happy holidays, you two. If you need anything…hit the comm."

"Thank you for not letting the security guard shoot me." Spock called


Dialing the lights low, McCoy's laugh followed him through the door.

Jim soon understood what he had been told over Spock's restlessness.

Despite the lack of aggression, Spock became as insatiable as he had

been during pon farr, only determined to pleasure his lover with

equal enthusiasm. Within what Jim realized was the first sixteen

hours, according to the chronometer on the wall, he was exhausted and

sore. The Vulcan's mood swings kept him on edge. Talkative at times,

sullen at others, Spock's emotional rollercoaster made Jim worry.

Now that Spock had fallen into a deeply needed sleep, Jim finally had

control over his own bodily functions. Jim rose to go to the head but

was shocked when his body hit the floor.

"Jim! You should have woken me."

"I think I just did," Kirk muttered, trying to pull his one remaining

boot from the pant leg that tripped him. It became complicated with

Spock holding his leg trying to figure out how to pull the pants over

the boot. "Spock, I take it you're still a bit incoherent. Will you

let me do this… please."

"No. It is my duty to take care of your needs. You are mine." Luckily

a sharp tug on the pant legs' bottom pulled the boot with it. "See… I

did it!"

Jim grinned watching Spock's joyous expression as the Vulcan

untangled the boot from the pants in his hand, held it in the air,

then tossed it into the corner. "You truly are a holiday miracle. I

never dreamed I would see you so… loose." Quickly removing his socks -

-and Spock's, he noticed the Vulcan was suddenly very still. He

looked up into the crestfallen features. With a sigh, Jim prepared

for another major mood shift.

"Spock. What's wrong?"

"You do not approve of my.. personality?"

"I didn't say that! Sheesh, Spock. Would I have bonded with you if I

didn't enjoy being with you? You're a delightful wonder. Discovering

what you are all about is more exciting to me then finding out what's

inside that nebula is to you. I love you." Jim pulled Spock into his

arms. "Look. I really want to stay and hug you… but if I don't get to

that head soon..."

Without another word Jim was instantly lifted and taken to his


"I could do this by myself," he softly pleaded.



It was another thirteen hours before Spock settled down enough for

Kirk to risk checking in with the bridge. He knew Scotty would be in

the command chair and if anything had gone wrong, either Sulu or he

would have yelled. But the captain couldn't relax not knowing what

was going on with his ship.

Spock opened his eyes at the sound of Jim's voice on the wall comm.

Jim signaled for him to stay quiet for fear his emotions would still

be erratic. Spock put his finger on his own lips and winked. "Oh

Ghod!" Kirk muttered with a roll of his eyes just as Scotty responded

to his call.

"Scott here, Captain."

Kirk turned his attention to the wall and asked Scotty for an update

on their status. All seemed to be going as expected and Mister Scott

assured him the radiation threat was under control. The science lab

was able to successfully collect the data from the distance they were

maintaining. He said science officer DeMille wanted Mister Spock to

know two more stars had been discovered in the nebulae.

"Fantastic!" Spock responded with a loud joyous lilt.

Jim jumped. He hadn't realized his companion was standing directly

behind him.

Concerned over his bondmate's anxiety, Spock nudged closer to Jim's

back and circled him with his long arms. Immediately he encased the

dwindled appendage in one hand and squeezed.

The captain had been listening to Scotty's remarks over the shield

levels when he suddenly hissed, flinching from how sore he was. Jim

attempted to pull Spock's hand away, but the Vulcan just squeezed his

fingers in return and continued nudging the penis tip. Jim's hiss was

louder this time. He softly slapped Spock's hand.

"Captain? I didna' get that last question," Scotty inquired.

"Scotty, the numbers on the… matter mix." He manage the words trying

to not panic.

Spock had responded with a pout, then turned Jim's body to face him.

Falling to his knees he saw the redness on Jim's penis and carefully

kissed the tip. "I will make you feel better.'

"No, Spock!" Kirk whispered with alarm. His eyes again rolled to the

ceiling with exasperation when Spock took the shrunken organ in his

mouth and started sucking tenderly. "Ahh…" Jim moaned as some of the

tension melted, then remembered the comm. The captain realized he

asked the engineer to repeat himself a second time and put his hand

over the comm, "Please…" he whispered. Spock ignored him.

"Scotty.. I'll.. a second…" He fumbled on the wall behind him to hit

the switch off, falling against the wall in the process. "Damn Spock,

it does feel better. But I can't. Let me… talk then… oh, Spock."

The Vulcan raised his head with a smile, "I want to make it grow."

When he returned to take the cock into his mouth he was pleased to

see it had grown considerably.

Scotty was stunned on the bridge. Surprised expressions gleamed on

the faces around him. He was about to turn the comm off when a

startled yelp came through the channel.

"Not your teeth." Kirk growled in a harsh whisper and Scotty glared

at the crew. His own red face added to their snickers.

"Spock,." the captain said hoarsely, "No teeth! Yes that's right… oh,

yes. Do that…too sore… no teeth." Kirk shook his head to clear it.

His head rolled sideways on the wall as he enjoyed the pleasure

starting to grow in his groin. Fear knotted in his stomach when he

heard what vaguely sounded like soft laughter from the wall. He

blinked at the green light. "Damn! The switch." Cringing, Jim was

unsuccessful in pushing Spock gently away and twisted partially back

to the wall --Spock scooted with him, his mouth full.

"Scotty?" Kirk's voice was filled with the unspoken question.

The commander hesitated to answer. His hand was still frozen over the

comm switch in shock. 'Where's a Klingon attack when ye need one,' he

prayed. "What was that, sir? I couldna' hear ye..." Scotty flashed a

warning glare to the smiling crew.

"Are… are you still there?" Kirk was hoping the communication panel

had chosen that moment to melt. In case it didn't --he mentally

pictured himself crawling away to a dark cavern on a deserted planet.

"Can I go with you?" Spock beamed up at him after picking up the

thought. Kirk softly bounced the side of his head on the wall.

Spock shrugged and returned to licking his main objective. When his

lover sharply inhaled again, he moved further down to the scrotum,

gently using his lips to pull on the tightened skin.

Kirk bit his lip and savored the taste of blood to keep from moaning.

He tugged on Spock's ears to distract him but his mate simply

released the balls and moved to again capture Jim's shaft. A groan

that he couldn't help escaped him.

Back on the bridge, Scotty was cringing at the pain in his young

captain's voice. He chose to think the groan was from Kirk's

embarrassment. It would make it easier to face the crew without his

face getting redder then it already was. "Sorry, sir. Ahh...we were

distracted by a wee cloudburst emergin' from the anomaly on the

viewscreen. Lieutenant DeMille assures me it's harmless, but we're

after steerin' clear o' the hazard, just in case."

"Oh… good," Kirk wasn't sure if his remark was to Scotty or Spock who

took him deeper, moving rapidly up and down. Swallows from the heated

throat drove Jim crazy but he fought the distraction.

The captain sounded out of breath when Scotty heard; "Very… very

good… Sp.. Scotty. Kirk… out."

Again meeting the crew's eyes, the commander was pleased to see they

returned to their duties. "Aye, good crew," he mumbled just loud

enough for the closest ones to hear.

Three weeks after being 'released' from sick-bay, Jim and Spock were

asked by Doctor McCoy and Lieutenant Uhura to meet them in unit 27 of

the officers' storage lockers. The officers arrived together after

the end of alpha shift, both hoping this would be a brief encounter.

It was the first evening they would have together since the holiday

due to Spock working extra hours on the material collected on the


"What's this about, Bones?" Jim tried not to show his irritation, but

his impatience leaked through. McCoy ignored him, but Uhura sent an

apologetic smile.

"Time for your holiday gifts," McCoy grinned while patting the top of

one of three crates they were leaning against.

Jim shared confused looks with Spock. "We already celebrated the


"I, for one, do not care to be reminded of it." Spock held his hands

stiffly behind his back.

Jim sent him a reassuring smile. It had only been recently he could

walk down a corridor without at least one crew member blushing or

ducking their head to avoid meeting him in the eye. He knew no one

had dared to give Spock the same treatment but his bondmate was very

embarrassed by his 'allergic reaction.'

"This will explain it, sir," Uhura handed the captain an old-

fashioned envelope. "It's a holiday greeting card addressed to both

of you." Before any more questions could be asked, McCoy and she

headed for the door. Jim grinned at the doctor when he noticed his

friend grab the lieutenant's hand on the way out.

"It seems the Doctor has made progress in his attraction to our

communications officer," Spock noted, taking the greeting card from


"It's about time. But I'll miss his attention." Reaching an arm

around his companion's waist, Jim turned to Spock and the card. He

noticed that the card's cover had a painting of two turtle doves

nesting in a tree. A sour flavor in his throat alerted him that they

hadn't heard the last of their holiday encounter.

Spock held it up and read out loud: "Contents of these crates go to

our favorite Enterprise couple. We wish to thank you for reinforcing

the ideals of why we strive to keep our home worlds safe while

exploring the galaxy. You reminded us all of that basic need to love

and care about those closest to us --no matter the circumstances.

Thank you for giving us a loving holiday. Signed: The crew of the USS


"Well, that was nice, I guess," A heated blush teased at Jim's

face. "But what's in the crates?"

"There is a postscript. I do not believe it will make you happy." Jim

watched Spock's ear tips highlight a deeper green tint.

Taking the card, he promptly read aloud: "Enclosed you will find 432

boxes of Tellarite Canauza Chakkas." Jim stopped to roll his eyes

again, and decided to count to ten… or twenty at this point, he

mused. With a loud sigh he continued reading; "430 boxes are from

each member of your crew. The last two are from Sarek and Amanda of

Vulcan. P.S. Amanda contacted the ship to wish you a happy holiday.

She was upset when she heard you were both in sickbay so Doctor McCoy

informed her why you couldn't be reached."

"Now we know why Leonard scurried out of here so fast," Spock tried

not to growl.

Jim turned back to the card, "A few days later I informed her of our

arrangement for a surprise gift. When she told Ambassador Sarek, he

suggested adding the two boxes from them --for future enjoyment."

Spock was studying his feet, attempting to not allow the heat of

irritation to surge deeper within him. He sympathetically watched Jim

step forward and lean on one of the waist-high boxes with a

disgruntled groan.

"I don't believe this. What are we supposed to do with these?" Kirk

muttered with a befuddled chuckle. He shuddered in memory of all the

looks and covert snickers.

"We could share them with the crew," Spock suggested moving behind

Jim and drawing him snugly into his arms. He gazed at the crates as

if they were the enemy.

"I wonder." Jim turned his face to give Spock's lips a quick tender

kiss. "We have what…nine different species presently aboard? What if

any of them have a similar reaction? It might take some of the

attention from us."

A raised brow showed the Vulcan's pondering. "It could prove most

interesting. Or we could sprinkle some Rigellian aphrodisiac powder

on the candy."

Jim laughed in astonishment, "You devious Vulcan! It's a shame no one

else sees this side of your personality."

With a sigh, Spock continued to glare again at the Tellarite Canauza

Chakkas. "It was just a passing thought."

"I think it's a pleasant thought." Jim laid the back of his head on

Spock's shoulder and watched the boxes with equal dismay. "At least

we'd have the happiest ship in Starfleet."
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