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Author’s Note: I know it isn’t much, but a little tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Enjoy.


Jim watched his friend examine the chessboard between them, the older Vulcan’s lips twitching up as he moved his rook forward.


     Jim smiled at his friend. “Damn, I was sure I had you this time.”

     Drinking the final sip of his tea he stood.

     “I believe I shall retire for the night, Jim.” He embraced his old friend before retiring to his bed, leaving Jim to put up the chessboard.

     Spock reclined in his bed and faded away to the sound of his long-deceased bondmate’s laugh.

     That night, with the two moons of Vafer-tor overhead, and the stars making their journeys across the sky, he joined them, an explorer at heart.


R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, thank you for the laughs, the love, and the hope you offered us. Somewhere up there, may you live long and prosper.-T’Minyel

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