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What if the events following the Wrath of Kahn were much more bleak. What if Spock truly died and Jim kept his word to visit the Genesis planet and his lost friend. A Leonard Nimoy Tribute. <3

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Published: 02/28/2015 Updated: 02/28/2015

1. Boldly Go by C E M [Reviews - 4] starstarstarhalf-star (8759 words)

This piece is very rough and unedited. After a while of having this story on my computer I decided I wouldn't publish it, but after the unforeseen events of this morning... I felt compelled to. 

To Leonard Nimoy: You were an inspiration to me. It's difficult for me to speak in past tense about you and it's even more difficult for me to wrap my head around your passing. But you have inspired me by your constant activism of equality, peace and love. You were an artist, a poet and an incredible human being. Like Leonard McCoy once said, your not really gone as long as we remember you.


It's been such an emotionally draining day, and I couldn't help but feel sad the entire day. Though Spock would have been quite disapointed in the sheer emotion I had been displaying today and all of my tears I cried, it's hard to not meet this news with grief. I believe Spock would still find the circumstances fitting.. for in my mind Spock is grieving today for the loss of Leonard Nimoy just as I am.


To all of those who choose to read .. live long and prosper. And as Leonard Nimoy once said , "Be Safe and Strive to be happy." .... even during these times. 


If there are inaccurcies or grammatical errors... I appologize. I may go over it very soon with a Beta just to clean it up. Sorry in advance. Reviews are appreciated ESPECIALLY reviews in regards to Leonard Nimoy. <3