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Story Notes:

I hope this one comes out as good as my other Evanescence stories

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hollow like you don't remember me
Underneath everything
I guess I always dreamed that I would be
The one to take you away from all this wasted pain
But I can't save you from yourself

I had been shocked when I saw Spock, my friend from the first Enterprise, show up on the bridge earlier today. But my happiness at seeing my friend after these two years or so was nearly crushed when I saw the utter emptiness in his eyes, the coldness that he was staring at me with. I wondered what was happening to him.

I wondered if he even still cared for me or any of us. Was he still my friend? His expression was that of someone who was very hollow and icy, and even worse... it was like he didn't even know who I was anymore. Did he not even remember me?

I shuddered at that thought as I prepared to return to the bridge. We were getting closer to the entity that was threatening the human race and I had to be fit and ready to take action against it if that were necessary. But my mind wasn't even focusing on the crisis; it was focused on Spock, the Vulcan that I had to deal with now that Sokan had been killed in that accident. I should really apologize to Rand for that later on.

My mind flickered back to Spock almost faster than it had flitted away. I suppose my biggest issue with him being so cold and leaving for Gol in the first place was that I was his friend. I wanted to be the one to relieve his pain and help him through the hard parts in his life. He was so open to me before he'd left, but when he had, his only explanation was that he had a secret pain. I had wanted to relieve that pain for him so that he wouldn't have to go to Gol, but he was gone before I had had time to get anything more thourough from him.

There was nothing I could do to save him from that now.

Chapter End Notes:

This was just the first chapter. I'll be adding more, probably going through the most of this song if not the entire thing. PLEASE rate and review.

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