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Story Notes:

Well, this is going to be my first longer fic. And I do hope that you will enjoy it.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I don't own Star Trek 2009, I'm just having a little fun while I can.

I do hope that you will enjoy this story, it will be around 30 chapters.

Believe in You

Chapter One

James T. Kirk was happy, for the first time in a long time he could really say that he was happy with his life and the way things were going. He was a Captain of a Starship, and not just any, but the Flag Ship of the fleet, The Enterprise. But that wasn't the only thing that was making him happy, there was one things that was above all that, a dream that he didn't even know he had until it literally hit him over the head. He smiled to his dinner companion, who gave a small upturn of the lips, and if you didn't know him well enough, you wouldn't have been able to see it.

"Is everything all right Jim?" he asked, his tones even and smooth, though Jim could hear the hint of worry within it.

Jim smiled and nodded, "Yes Spock, everything is fine, just thinking about all that has happened over the last two years," he told him softly.

"To what events are you thinking on that make you smile like that?" he asked him, curious.

Jim chuckle, "Us, how after the away mission, and waking up with you right there, I just knew that I couldn't let go that time. Thankful that I didn't. I never thought I could be this happy and with everything coming together, things couldn't be better."

"I believe they can Jim," Spock told him, the upturn becoming that little bit larger.

Jim frowned for a minute and then smiled, "Oh yeah, can't forget that can we, how long until things are arranged?" he asked him.

"It will be another four months before we will have the chance to go there, I have no doubt that my father is looking forward to seeing us both. He has given his blessing, though there was nothing he could have said against it," he answered him.

"Well that's always good to know. I've talked to Chris and he wants to be there as well, so he is making arrangement to come and join us on New Vulcan, I'm getting a little excited, I have to admit, never thought this would happen. You know what I mean?" he said softly, smiling as he ate the last of his desert and took hold of the lemon water he had ordered to go with his dinner, he had forsaken the wine, he didn't want to drink that night.

"I do," he nodded, "I had believed that I would end up bonded to T'Pring at one point," he said softly, he felt a small twinge where the bond with the Vulcan woman had been.

"Sorry Spock," Jim said as he wanted to reach over and take a hand, but knowing that they were in public stopped him.

"There is nothing for you to be apologising for, there was nothing that could be done to change that. And while I did not truly care for T'Pring I am…" he paused, trying to find the right word to use.

"Saddened by her passing?" Jim made the suggestion as he looked to the half Vulcan across from him.

"That is as close as I can go I believe," Spock nodded in agreement, "Though our Bonding is much anticipated by my father and Elder Selek," he added.

Jim chuckled and nodded, "I know, Selek called a few days ago to ask me a few things about what we wanted for the bonding, he has agreed to try and make sure that everything is ready and that we will be able to have some of the Enterprise beamed down with us," he told him.

"He calls often," he said, a small pang of jealousy within him at the closeness between Selek and Jim.

"He does, he is like a father at times, he gives me the best advice and I have to wonder if it is the same things that my father had given my alternate self that he is now giving me," he said softly as he thought of the older Vulcan and all the times he had talked with him, about anything and everything.

"Then I am glad for that, you make an excellent Captain, even though I was unsure at first, you have proved me and many others, wrong," he said truthfully.

"You doubted me?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Just in the beginning, after the Nerada I didn't know if you would be able to Captain the Enterprise, but my counterpart told me to follow my own wishes, and I did. I wanted to see if you would live up to the faith that had been put into you, and you have done more than that I believe," he answered him.

"Mean," Jim couldn't help but joke a little.

"I am not, I am only telling the truth," Spock said as he looked to him and could feel a little hint of the teasing tone though the slight bond that had started to form between them.

"Are," he told him once more as he then shook his head a little and looked to Spock, "Well, I think we have to head out and meet up with the others, they want to take us for a couple of drinks to celebrate as well," he told him.

"Yes, I believe we should go now, it would not surprise me if they do not send Ensign Chekov to come and meet us to make sure that we go," he nodded in a agreement as he stood up.

Jim smiled and stood up, "Yeah they like to play dirty don't they, no one can resist the baby face that is Pavel Chekov."

Spock inclined his head, "Yes," he then added, "I believe out of the times that Ensign Chekov had used his looks to get out of trouble the rate of success is now 87.65%," he told him.

Jim laughed and shook his head, "That's high, might have to try and learn how to say no," he told him.

Spock nodded his head as the two of them made their way out, paying for their meal as they went. They headed down the walkway towards the bar that the others had claimed for themselves when they had arrived at Starbase 7, over a day ago. The place had almost been drunk dry by all the crew stopping by during their small leave that they had been granted as new orders came in for them.

"Hey, here are the lovebirds!" came the call from Bones, as he was the first one to spot the two.

Jim shook his head at his best friends antics, he could already tell that Bones was getting close to drunk. He was a happy drunk, which made a stark change from his normal attitude of being a twenty-four hour grump, "hey Bones," he greeted the man as they walked over to the small group.

"Happy Aniwersary," Chekov said, a cute smile on his cherubic face.

"Thank you Pavel," Jim said, using the ensigns first name since they weren't on duty.

He smiled happily as he then went and got the drinks in for the two, both of them non-alcoholic. Jim had only agreed to meeting them all if they would leave him be and let him have the non-alcoholic drinks that night. He was soon back and they all sat down.

"So I heard about the Bonding on New Vulcan, but nothing on a date yet?" Uhura asked the two of them, smiling at them both.

"Nothing concrete yet, but we have a small time frame. Starfleet will have us around there in about four to six months, it will be our turn to drop off some supplies and help out. So while that is going on, we are trying to organise it for then," Jim answered her, a happy smiled on his face as he looked over to Spock.

"Never thought I would see you married Jimmy," Bones laughed as he wrapped an arm around the young captains neck and pulled him into a one armed hug.

"Neither did I," he said as he looked to Spock, who was now talking to Sulu, "But it just makes sense," he added softly.

Bones smiled to him and nodded, "I know, the two of you are very close, closer than any couple I have seen before. It makes me happy for you," he told him.

Jim looked back to his friend and smile, "Thanks bones, you helped me get the courage to take that leap, you and Selek," he told him, honestly.

"Good to know I helped a little," he said as he then slammed his hand on the table, "Right, lets get this little party started," he called out as the others all raised a glass and yelled out.

"Damn right!" Scotty said, a happy smile on his face as he took a swig of his whiskey that he had been able to get and then saluted the two.

"Congratulations on being together a year, and I hope that there are many, many more to come!" Sulu said as he too raised his glass.

Everyone echoed the sentiment as they all settled in to drinking and having fun, which Spock and Jim smiled and let them indulged in.

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you so much for reading, next chapter to be posted next week on Wednesday.

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