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Two Drabble-Esque Short Stories - Both Sides Of The Penny Dropped

"Do you want some?" McCoy asked Spock, standing before him, leaning over the table.

Spock looked up from his Science Manual.

"You know, Spock," Jim came through to the seating area, a grin on his face. "The sex on the beach we mentioned earlier?"

Spock had tenuously agreed to spend his shore leave on a beachside (private beach) holiday, at a Condo, with Jim and McCoy, on the Pleasure (and Leisure) Planet, Risa. He cocked his eyebrow at the two men.

Jim poured some liquid from the pitcher he held, into the awaiting cups on the table. "Go on, Spock. You'll enjoy it!"

"Will I?" Spock queried. He soon found that though naming a cocktail (an oddly titled drink at the best of times) after an act of coitus in a usually very public place, was much too distasteful to his Vulcan sensibilities, when it actually came to sex on the beach itself, once convinced to try it by his two very keen, very assuring friends, eventually, he relaxed enough to enjoy it a very great deal; He was, after all, used to the sun and the sand, if not the invigorating sea air.


Drabble-Esque Story Two:::

"Go, Spock!" Leonard McCoy shouted, as the Engine Room of Enterprise collapsed around them. Scotty, injured earlier, had already been taken to relative safety (Sulu was given the job of evacuating the ship of her crew). Scotty's deputy lay dead, and Jim had ordered out the rest of the Engineering Staff, but he hadn't been able to stop an incredibly insistent Spock and McCoy to leave his side.

Spock stared at Leonard, just a few metres parted them - but McCoy was trapped. Not even Spock could remove the huge beam that had partly fallen on one of his beloved. Spock and Kirk were not trapped at all (if they got to the escape pods on time), though Jim was now unconscious (falling debris made sure of that).

"Spock, stop feeling guilty, or whatever it is you're doing! Go! It's okay - I know that you love me, too, T'hy'la - but Jim needs rescuing, and you can rescue him! We both feel the same about that man... I understand, and it doesn't diminish your love for me. I'm doing this for both of you, because as much as you both love me, I love you both, and I want you to live!" McCoy managed to keep yelling out the truth.

Spock held out the fingers on his right hand, forming the stroke of an O'zhesta kiss upon the air - his version of blowing a very poignant last kiss of this existence to his and Jim's partner, Leonard Hippocrates McCoy...

McCoy smiled at him, tears beginning to fall down his cheeks. "Remember, my T'hy'la and Ashaya, I love you!" He spoke to Spock definitely, but also to his darling Jim.

For the sake of Jim, the one partner in this relationship whom he could save, Spock turned, having heard McCoy's words, and looked into his eyes, gathered up Jim into his very strong Vulcan arms, and ran for the exit. He kept going all through the ship, thinking all the time, of both the men he definitely loved so deeply.

The End..?
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