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Author's Chapter Notes:

Welcome to my little de-aged fic, it will only be about a few chapters long. I hope you'll stick with it.



Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye,it is very beautiful” - Kailash Satyarthi




Shelteredin the foothills of the swaying mountains of Hecate III, Commander Spock and his bondmate James T Kirk explore the long forgotten shrine of a long forgotten goddess. Jim kneels in front of the statue with a desire to show respect. Something he learnt as being Captain is that however strange the custom, however different it may be from their own; you always showed it the respect that it deserved.


And this shrine was no different.


Nestled amongst the carved alabaster rocks of the mountain hid this shrine, although it had worn with age Jim still felt the importance. The inner walls of the grotto peppered with intense teal coloured quartz. Intricate plaited garlands of a golden rope and other coloured fabrics hang from the top of the grotto and hang around the burnt orange statue made from a similar mineral as nephrite jade as the most efficient first officer ultimately points out. The statue itself was of an ample woman with three pairs of arms holding dead serpents in her grasp, her chest adorned with a necklace of skulls of what Jim assumes must be her enemies. Most unusual are that she possesses three heads yet their faces are completely smooth.


“The ancient Hecacians believe that the face is the most personal part of an individual, therefore they are not allowed to gaze upon the faces of their deity” Spock informed the Captain as he ran his tricorder over the statue, Jim rolls his eyes and grabs the solid arm of his Vulcan, dragging him down to the floor.


“Spock. Please. No more scans or science or -” Captain Kirk exclaims the rest in his best impression of a Vulcan with a cheeky grin “Fascinating!” He pecks Spock’s lips as his own curl up in amusement.


“May I say one more thing Ashaya?”


“Go for it Spock” Jim laughs in soft amusement, his slightly calloused trace along Spock’s chiselled jaw and flick the top of his ear.


“There is an extraordinary amount of Thoron radiation being emitted by the mountains, this could--” He would have liked to finish his little fact about the thoron radiation but hungry human lips seized his in a passionate kiss, knocking them both to the ground surrounded by the petite purple flowers. The two lovers embrace each other physically and mentally as their bond sings in a convivial harmony, relishing in the close parameters of two minds that acted as one.




“Spock please let this be something romantic...”


“You… um… You have the most aesthetically pleasing eyes in the galaxy...” His eyes crinkle around the edges in a manner that Jim recognises as Spock’s little tell when he quickly had to make up something. Sensing Jim’s amusement through the bond at his attempt, Spock relinquishes and says what he originally would have. “We will be beamed out in approximately 32 seconds and counting… I did not believe you would appreciate being transported in this position”


“You are very right Mister Spock” He grins and raises into a more appropriate position until the familiar chirp of his communicator sounds. “Kirk here”


“Ready for the beam out Captain?”


“Of course Mister Scott, feel free to beam us up at your leisure”


“Aye Aye Captain”




“I hate that goddamn transporter, what if you’re losing a part of me every journey? I ain’t gonna be best pleased Scotty”


Doctor McCoy rolls his shoulders and stretches his arms like he had just been through a thorough work out however he had only been transported into the first transporter room of the USS Enterprise. Nurse Christine Chapel links her arm into his with a coy smile.


“However if Mister Scott did lose part of you every journey, we would have a much more polite and less surly doctor”


Scotty laughs from behind his console at the couple stood upon the transporter pad, they were complete opposites yet complimented each other so excellently. Chapel calmed the surly nature of the Doctor however the Doctor made her come out of her more reserved shell. “Now gentleman and lady, step aside so I can beam the Captain and Mister Spock up aboard” He smiles thankfully as they descend from the pad and wait for the retrieval of their friends. As natural as breathing, Scotty’s fingers slide across the controls and trigger the well-known cascade of light that bring with them the individuals.


However this time it wasn’t that accurate.


Deposited upon the pad were the petite forms of Captain James T Kirk and Commander Spock, now respectively five and eight years old in mind and body. The little cherub face of Jimmy Kirk stared up at the new adults he had just met, they were just like his mummy. They wore those special outfits that mummy had in her closet and daddy wore in his picture. They must be in some sort of special club! Maybe he could join when he grew up big and strong, yet that wasn’t important right now because all the adults were staring at him in complete confusion and disarray. A grumpy looking man rushed towards him with a metal doodad that Jimmy just couldn’t think of the name of, he ran it down the length of Jimmy’s body with a mumble of annoyance.


“I gotta get transferred, they’ll do my heart in. It’ll probably explode” McCoy mutters to himself as he assesses his miniature friend. Jimmy pokes at the man’s stubble with a curious glint in his eyes.


“Why’s your face all furry?”


“’Cus I’m a man” He answers abruptly, flicking the hand away gently.


“Then why ain’t mine furry?”


“’Cus you’re a munchkin”


“No I ain’t”


“Yes you are”


“No I ain’t”


Scotty cleared his throat wanting to put a stop to this little childish charade, it wasn’t the time for games now that he was technically acting Captain. “Doctor McCoy I think you should take them to Sickbay, I’ll contact Starfleet Command and see how to progress… I think I’ll also contact Mr and Mrs Sarek and Ms Kirk” McCoy nods and gestures for the kid to follow him “Come on munchkins it’s time for more medical tests”


Spock nods assuming that he has some authority in this unfamiliar situation, it was indeed logical to bow to the wisdom of authority. He notes that his clothes are considerably larger than is necessary, taking adequate precautions he holds the trousers high and begins to walk. However Jimmy wasn’t as successful, falling flat on his face with his peachy little bottom on display to the rest of the people there. He looks up with a laugh




“Ooops, I fallen”







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