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Story Notes:

This was suggested to me, eons ago, by another writer. I wanted to write it then but was distracted by other things. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

kirk and Spock have crossed the rubicon into a physical relationship which delights them both however it is all a bit too easy...

 All Too Easy!

Kirk turned within the close embrace of his lovers arms and was rewarded by the feel of them constricting more tightly around him. Strong agile hands moved across his back and down to rest on his buttocks as he was pulled more firmly against the lean muscular frame of the man who now shared his bunk. "Good morning Jim, I trust you slept well"

Kirk smiled into the velvet soft skin of his lovers neck, noting that Spock had finally lost the habit of calling him Captain, at least in these more intimate moments. Kirk allowed his own hands to roam now, exploring the muscular physique and brushing through the fine hair that covered his mates chest. "Hmmmm, yes, I slept well thank you, can't think why...." He moved up to nibble at an earlobe that was so tantalisingly in range. He had soon discovered  that Spock's ears were delightfully sensitive to such an assault, and he was rewarded by the catch in Spock's breathing and the satisfying hardening of Spock's  partially tumescent cock pushing hopefully against his abdomen. Kirk's body still ached pleasingly from the carnal activities of the previous night, a happy reminder of delights he was discovering with his mate. None the less he pushed his groin more firmly against Spock's, groaning at the spark of pleasure that ran through his body and tingled through his loins, driving him to a slow rhythmic dance. Watching his lovers face, eyes half closed, head thrown back hard against the pillow, Kirk knew without shadow of doubt that, for better or for worse, he could no longer accept any other. Spock's body responded, arching into the contact and joining the dance as the two moved together in an easy wanton synchronicity.

Despite the previous nights pleasures Kirk was quickly aroused by the proximity of his lover. He felt the strength of his arousal mirrored in Spock's and knew neither of them would last long. His mouth sought Spock's, his tongue gently asking and being granted permission to enter as it mirrored the rhythm of their loins. Kirk's fingers found a nipple and he applied pressure to the hardening nub, knowing that the pain would be enough to send Spock over the edge. Spock's cry of pleasure was answered by his own as he felt his orgasm flash through his body as he was lost to that most primitive of all sensations.

These early mornings together were rare and Kirk treasured them almost above all other time spent with Spock. Their lives did not hold many certainties. That they had both survived so far into the five year mission was a testament to both their working partnership and no small measure of luck. Basking in the sated afterglow of their love making; Kirk allowed himself the luxury of knowing that in some way he could not quite define, and in a place he had not expected, he had found a home.

Spock too felt at peace, lying with Kirk in his arms, he could sense his lovers contentment. Like that of a weary traveller on regaining his own bed. Taking that step; which had moved them from being comrades and friends, to lovers, had challenged his courage but the reward had far outweighed the risk. Looking back, it seemed almost inevitable that the closeness that they had developed, forged by the risks and rigours of life on board a starship, would become something extraordinary. This man was quite simply part of him, the better part of him. The pleasure he was finding in their mutual journey of discovery;  was without equal in his life. This was for Spock uncharted territory, dangerous waters he never expected to sail.

Spock knew that inevitably there would be challenges ahead. Decisions that would have been hard enough before would now be edged with an additional level of care. Thus far however his ability to work with Kirk appeared, to be enhanced rather than clouded by this mental and physical bond that they shared. 

Spock had been surprised by the intensity of his own physical passion. He had always believed himself to be separate from that libidinous world, the world of intimacy and physical love. He admitted, if only to himself, that he had felt rather above the tawdry needs of the flesh. All he had known previously were the atavistic drives of Pon Farr, and he had watched others, intent in the pursuit of physical congress, with some disdain. A smile quirked the edge of his mouth as he considered now the innate hubris of his previous stance.

His relationship with Kirk was still a closely guarded secret and known by chance rather than choice  to one other. Whilst Spock knew there was speculation in some quarters about the closeness of their friendship, at present it remained no more than that.

Spock pulled Kirk closer, giving in to his natural possessiveness. Out there, on the other side of the bulk head life and duty dictated he share his T'hy'la with so many, here in the confines of the cabin he was, as near as his job allowed, Spock's alone. Craning his neck he bit first gently then with greater intent onto the soft skin of his mates shoulder, sucking hard, drawing blood and leaving a mark "Mine". As always he felt and heard his human chuckle silently, "Yes love, yours" Spock did not really need to hear the words for he felt the depth of that promise seeping through every pore in Kirk's body and flowing through their joined souls.

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