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Author's Chapter Notes:

A brief history of this AU, I'll set up Jim and Spock in the next chapter



Although it resided in the Sol System, Earth’s history was not dissimilar from the tumultuous present of the Vulcans. It was in the early 21st Century – precisely 2026 – when the 3rd World War began. Brought to a head because of the anger against genetic manipulation and experimentation with the Human genome, Earth’s communities were split into factions – some of which were known to control their soldiers with narcotics. Hundreds of millions of lives were lost through the increasing use of nuclear weapons and factions; most notably the infamous Colonel Philip Green who’s eco-terrorists were responsible for the euthanasiation of 37 million people. Those eco-terrorists believed that because of the radiation produced from the usage of nuclear weapons, the people who were showing radiation sickness should be eliminated to save the next generation from contamination. What they didn’t realise was that this radiation, it mutated the genome just enough that the human race soon began to realise that their lifespans soon began to lengthen. And once they realised this, it acted as the catalyst for the Awakening.

The Awakening began as the natural curiosity of the Human race asserted itself above the violence. Ares IV, one of the earliest manned missions to Mars, was sent off in 2032 hoping to find out that they weren’t alone in the galaxy. They launched the Charybdis in 2037 to let them finally bring the galaxy outside of the Sol System, within touching distance. However The Awakening wouldn’t be complete until the early 22nd century till the formation of the United Earth Government – in 2150 – and the complete annihilation of poverty, disease, hunger and most importantly – war.

A key player in The Awakening was the Scandinavian activist Stellan Tully who preached, to whoever would listen, a philosophy of staunch pacifism – even when the only option seemed to be violence – an understanding of the fellow man, and most importantly a curiosity. Curiosity wasn’t violent. It was an almost childlike glee that harboured inside of each individual, if we spent more time cherishing that curiosity then it would benefit your soul. Because, to him, curiosity couldn’t be a bad thing. Nobody conquered worlds based upon curiosity, nobody would steal anything or hurt anyone out of curiosity. So curiosity should be the basis of their society.

Therefore Earth began to leave the nuclear horror behind and they began to expand outwards. First contact with another species, the Andorians, happened near the start of The Awakening which only spurred Humanity on. They began trade deals with nearby planets; becoming a fast friend of the Andorians in the process. Treaty upon treaty were signed until the Humans felt comfortable enough to really start searching the stars. The United Earth Government began creating ships based upon Zefram Cochrane’s design until they had a fleet, each shipped filled with scientists of every area, and civilian workers that catered to every need of the families that went with the ship.

Earth soon gained a reputation amongst the neighbouring systems as a peaceful and curious race, one that none of them paid a second thought to.

Except the Vulcans. No the Vulcans didn’t trust those Human nirakswho had so easily sold themselves out to the wretched Andorians just to get a way into the galaxy to play with the big boys! The Vulcans were a race that so strongly embraced their emotions, that they could be dangerously unhinged. It didn’t take much for the Vulcan High Command to tell their Surrok-class warships to go settle one of their scores with a nearby planet. The Vulcan High Command were a de facto military government who had seized control from the supposed King of Vulcan – Solvein the Weak – who had gained his nickname because he could barely control the various factions on Vulcan. He, and his followers, believed in the radical idea that Surak believed they should purge all emotions and use logic in their everyday life. Solvein spent hours locked away with his followers while the wars around him raged on.

So in the aftermath of the Romulan-Vulcan war, the Vulcan High Command took power in a bloody coup where all Solvein’s extended family and followers were all brutally murdered. They were all, even the children, buried in The Forge and left to die in the worst sandfire storms since the records began. Vulcan High Command embraced the teaching of the V’tosh ka’tur and united the warring factions under the ideology that they should master their emotions, and that there was no point fighting each other when their combined forces could create an empire that could never be surpassed. Vulcan High Command was made up of 3 chosen representatives of each district – Kir, Raal and Shi’Kahr – which were headed by an elected Praetor, the most recent being Sarek of Shi’kahr who was the many times grandson of Surak.

With their unified force they began to regularly attack the Andorian Empire and anyone that supported them, which sadly for the United Earth Government that meant the Human race. It started with the annexation of Weytahn – the recently terraformed Andorian planetoid – and now continues with our story.



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