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Story Notes:

This story came into being by making it up explicitly for a fellow Trekker to use, but they didn't, so I ended up writing it. Oh, and who was that Trekker? Reallyamerica. It's obvious.

"Spock, are you washing Buddy?" Kirk asked.

Spock was sitting on a stool washing the unidog with a hose when he looked toward Kirk's direction. Spock was in his bright pink, colorful robes  with one hand behind his back standing a few feet from the somewhat empty pool. The Ambassador turned his head in the direction of the admiral. Kirk had lines on his face, bags under his eyes, and laughter lines. Where did all that youthful, radiating glowing skin go? His hair was turning a shade of light gray with his bangs parted to the side. He was a very athletic man leaning against the doorframe.  Buddy was resting in the water pool resting obediently with his tongue sticking out the side of is open jaw panting covered in soap.

The hint of a smile was seen on the edge of the  Vulcan's face.

Kirk was radiating beauty before the Vulcan with his messy, curled bedside hair.

"Good morning, adun," Spock said.  "and it is a logical chore as it is your birthday."

"How long you been up?" Kirk asked, curiously raising his thinning eyebrows.

"Two hours and thirty three minutes," Spock replied.

"The best way to start a birthday is by cuddling," Kirk said, walking into the backyard with his flip flops. "Not taking care of the dog."

"You have been complaining about not taking care of the dog," Spock said.

". . . Yeah, I did do that," Kirk said, as he came to the Vulcan's side. "The academy is likely going to throw a birthday party," Kirk grumbled, folding his arms. "I feel so old."

"You are turning seventy this year," Spock replied. "that is a great accomplishment."

"It doesn't feel that way," Kirk said. "I feel.. . . useless. . . asides to giving lectures every once in a while," he sighed. "it feels like I am getting another wrinkle instead of it being . . ."

"A joyful occasion," Spock said.

"Feels like the life is sucked out of it," Kirk admitted. Kirk nodded, solemnly.

"You are upset that you cannot share this with your brother," Spock placed his free hand on the side of the man's shoulder. "for every time you nearly died, there is a time Sam could have died before the unusual alien species came to the colony, and for every time that nearly happened, you given an extra year to live," Kirk's eyebrows raised at the suggestion. "And for that,  I am grateful. You have survived Krall, Nero, and several five year missions," Kirk nodded. "your brother would be overjoyed that you are alive today and he is not. Given your track record, you should be dead."

"Spock," Kirk started.

"It is true," Spock said. 

"I don't doubt it,"  Kirk said. "I just doubt your logic regarding getting an extra year to live."

"In some ways, it is," Spock said. "if you want one then you have to lose one."

"Oh," Kirk said, holding his two fingers out. "I understand."

"How would you like to spend the rest of the evening after your parties?" Spock asked.

"Honestly?" Kirk said. "with you." 

Spock's hand moved to the side of the man's waist bringing him forward into a kiss with his head turned to the side. Kirk's arm wrapped around the man's  side savoring the taste. The kiss was slow and passionate. Buddy sat there watching the two men standing like that----Did he just hear one of his masters purr? Kirk backed off from the kiss with a gasp, breath taken, looking at Spock as though he were his entire world.

"We'll finish this tonight," Spock acknowledged.

"MMmmh, my favorite marathon?" Kirk asked.

"Plausibly," Spock said.

"That's a good birthday gift," Kirk said.  "I'm going to out-birthday you tomorrow for yours."

"I will like to see you try," Spock said, as the admiral made his way back inside.

"I will succeed!" Kirk replied.

Spock warmly watched the human return inside their house then turned his head toward Buddy who was lapping up the lapping up the water aimed at his mouth. Spock retained his raven black hair and bowl hair cut. He looked older by his face. He aimed the hose along Buddy's back jetting water through the dogs hair. The hose soaked out the shampoo that was bubbling around the small figure. He aimed the hose at the horn from above the dogs eyes and the antennas along the long, sharp orange horn. Buddy flipped over onto his back kicking his legs into the air wiggling his back against the floor.  Spock aimed the hose at the direction of the plants behind the pup retraining a sigh of annoyance.  The Vulcan came closer to the dog then lowered the setting to the hose. 

Buddy righted himself up  wagging his long lizard like tail barking at the Vulcan towering over him.

"You, sir, will be getting a bath," Spock said. "resistance is futile. And illogical regarding your fleas."

Buddy whimpered, making himself look small and looked at him with big eyes as the shadow of the Vulcan covered the dog.

Kirk loved his Vulcan. No doubt about it. He was going to find a way to make the man's birthday quite the spectacle with friends and family, including Saavik and David. He came down the hall to see his bondmate dripping wet with his wet hair stuck to his skin and his pink robes were on his forearm. He was only wearing his briefs. Spock did not look happy. He passed the Vulcan heading into the kitchen where he began to make him plomeek soup, instant make, while the doors to their quarters opened. Kirk saw that their dog was in a kennel alongside the door barking demanding to be let free. He also noticed that the setting: dry was on. He prepared himself some breakfast while waiting for the plomeek soup to heat up.

Kirk hummed to himself.

He heard the ding to the heater then picked up towels and moved the bowl to the breakfast bar.


"Buddy, Buddy,"  Kirk said, coming over to the kennel. He opened the door. "Come here, boy. It's all right."

Buddy hesitatingly looked around then stepped out of the large container into the arms of his master.

"Whose my buddy?" Kirk planted kisses on the back of the dogs spine then to his shoulder and on the top of his forehead. Buddy wiggled in the human's grasp  wagging his tail. "Yes, it's you, you're my little air bud," the dog leaped up placing both paws onto the man's chest  then started licking the side of the side of the man's neck. "you are too adorable."

"Jim, I have watered the plants for you," Spock said,  exiting the bedroom in a colorful attire. Kirk looked up then down then back up where he grew a smile on his face. The Vulcan came down the hall in a t-shirt that had Pikachu leaping into the 'o' in the yellow text 'Pokemon'. His pants were decorated in Pikachu's. Spock noticed the bowl of plomeek soup on the table. His eyes directed toward his bondmate. "I am pleased but you should  not be make breakfast on your birthday."

Kirk looked toward the Vulcan, with raised eyebrows.

"Says the man who worked on all his birthdays," Kirk said, teasingly as he lowered his eyebrows. "You're not working tomorrow."

"I will endeavor not to be given spoilers," Spock said. "and you, however, will have it easier."

"Because you won't be at the academy," Kirk said.

"Yes," Spock asked.

"Mr Spock," Kirk began. "you do realize that my students do come here in the times you're present to be tutored . . . right?" Kirk raised a eyebrow.

Spock considered it, briefly, tilting his head.

"Yes," Spock said, straightening his head. "but today is not a tutoring day. That is Wednesday which it is not of this moment."

Kirk smiled, warmly, back at the Vulcan.

"That is true," Kirk said, then he stood up and came over the table joining Spock sitting on the chair.

Buddy retrieved a pink bone shaped chew toy where he set it in the middle of the living room. His teeth sank into the rubber material that made it squeak. Kirk's hand grazed along along to Spock's left hand. He let Spock see the image of what he had hoped would happen. Spock glared back at Kirk chastising him on the location that he had seen in the link. It was a indecent place to do anything of Kirk's fantasy, and still is indecent. Spock loved the human but not enough to create a scene that would likely be scarring to the young minds lingering around the locations that Kirk wanted to do all these things back. Spock's long, fine green fingers wrapped around the man's wrist.

Spock sent back a preferable location. Kirk's cheeks started to turn a shade of pink at the idea while restraining back laughter and a loud audible gasp. Kirk returned the favor by giving another suggestion. Spock turned his head in direction of Kirk visibly disgusted. The argument of where to spend their fantasy at wasn't really going well but it was hella amusing doing it there as they restrained back laughter. Spock was having difficulty keeping back laughter with his emotional and physical control. Spock  shook his head returning to his plomeek soup. Why did he bother bonding with him? Right, because he is living with the embodiment of the sun encased into a bag of water, bones, and skin.

One who so happened to be the love of his life.

That's why Spock bonded with him.

"BDSM," Spock said. "I would be perfectly fine with it."

Kirk looked over in alarm.

"At this age?" Kirk asked. Kirk was making it difficult for Spock to keep restraining his laughter.

"Not doing it to you, silly, you do it to me," Spock said.

"Oooh," Kirk said.

"And besides, I am resilient," Spock replied.

"You do bounce back easily," Kirk said. "the last time we did that. . . . wasn't that . . . Five years ago? Last month? Six months ago?" he furrowed his eyebrows quizzically once swallowing a piece of bacon.

"Ten years ago," Spock said. "once ensuring the Khitomer Treaty went smoothly."

"Oh right," a fond smile grew on the younger man's face. "we did,"  Kirk added. "I remember now."

"Time is passing faster for you," Spock said. "in some ways. I sympathize with you and then, on other days, I feel pity that you run out of things to do."

"Spock, Spock," Kirk said. "it's fine.. . . But do make sure this year to put my first name on the recipient. My actual name. You know what my name is . . . right?"

Spock nodded.

"Of course, I do," Spock said. "I married you."

Kirk relaxed.

"Good," Kirk said cutting a piece of egg off. He turned his head away to miss the look of panic on the  Vulcan's face.

Spock finished watering the plants outside in the front yard after finishing breakfast. Which he was unnaturally the first one to do which was odd to Kirk. Normally, he was the one to finish eating. It felt like he was in a romantic comedy rather than a ridiculous, light hearted science fiction movie with great CGI, costuming, science fiction vehicles and weapons. He could see the golden gate from the window. The apartment was on a curved series of houses on a block that each appeared to be different. In fact, they lived right next door to McCoy and Scotty. Kirk was in the newest uniform of Star Fleet courtesy of the new Uniform Designer. Spock followed his bondmate to the hover car.

"Sure that you got everything covered?" Kirk asked.

"It is all covered," Spock said. "let alone my plans for this evening with you."

"I hope it'll not be hectic as the academy's parties," Kirk said, opening the driver side door.

"Indeed," Spock said, nodding his head.

"How about a kiss for good luck?" Kirk asked turning toward his husband.

"You do not need luck from me, Jim," Spock said, his hands locked behind his back. "you have it. With you. Always."

"I always thought that was you and Bones," Kirk said.

"Luck is your friend that keeps you not alone," Spock said. 

"You are the best thing that happened to me," Kirk said, holding his two fingers out. Spock placed his two fingers on the two fingers held out then slid his fingers down to the knuckles then his fingers grazed down both sides of the human's hand finishing the ozh'esta. "I will see you in . . ." Kirk paused, doing the math mentally. "nine hours. If they have more in store planned."

"Taluhk nash-veh k'du," Spock said, clenching the side of the man's shoulder gently. I'm sure of it, Spock replied. Kirk raised his eyebrows in return as the Vulcan let go of the human's shoulder feeling a flood of warmth slip through the bond. "Until then, I will have my shields up so you won't know."

"I love surprises!" Kirk said. "You're the best!" he slipped into the vehicle. "Just don't go overboard."

Spock's eyebrows raise as his hands were locked behind his back.

"When have I gone overboard?" Spock asked.

"My fiftieth birthday," Kirk said, his arm dangling on the edge of the window. "and this was a diplomatic first contact initiation. Which was probably the most romantic one in first contacts diplomacy."

 "I reached what I had intended for you," Spock said. "that was not overdoing it. So memorable you still remember after ten years."

"Spock, you hooked Pavel with the princess," Kirk said.

"Two birds taken care by one stone," Spock said. "they are members of the federation." Kirk smiled.

"A great party," Kirk said. "Just us."

"As you wish," Spock said, nodding his head. Kirk rolled his window up then slowly drove out of the drive way. Enjoy the party, T'hy'la.

The car vanished down the street.

Spock made a mad dash to the house next door.



Chapter End Notes:

taluhk nash-veh k'du=I cherish thee

Adun=husband, male, life-mate.

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