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Story Notes:

Meant to be a short story but the Orville was coming on that night and here it is as a long story. Please. Enjoy this sad-suffering-to-fluff-and-happiness story.

Spock is the first one out of the anomaly. Face to face with the USS  Kelvin. Spock clenched onto the pendent on his neck beneath his coat. The sheer realization that he had arrived in a very crucial point in time was obvious. The communications aspect to the computer was chiming. The computer’s voice repeatedly reminding him of the incoming call. Spock briefly closed his eyes then reopened them.

“USS Jellyfish to USS Kelvin,” Spock replied. “This is Ambassador S'chn T'gai Spock. I am from the future.”

There was radio silence as the two ships floated in space across from each other. It had been fifteen minutes since contact made with the USS Kelvin. His view screen came to life to display the holographic face of the captain in a uniform that was unfamiliar to the Vulcan. Tight fitting bright blue uniform instead of the iconic  yellow. Star Fleet had gone through many uniforms before coming on to the well recognized color for each career track. Thick eyebrows. Rounded ears.

“Captain Robau of the USS Kelvin,” Robau said. “would you like a lift to Vulcan?”

“No,” Spock said, decisively. “I would like a lift to Earth. Permission to come aboard, captain.”

“Permission granted.” Robau said. “Kelvin out.”

Spock carefully menurved the ship closely to the larger vessel. Star Fleet would secure the red matter. And he had many things that had to be taken care of. The future was fragile and very delicate in the time he had arrived. Spock heard the familiar light friendly melody to the transporter surrounding him as the tractor beam grabbed hold onto the vessel. He reappeared onto a transporter padd. Instinctively, his hands were behind his back. Captain Robau was joined by first officer and science officer Kirk. The resemblance between his bondmate was increasingly strong. A look of bitterness, loss, and regret. His eyes widened, this was Richard Robau. The captain who brought heavily pregnant Winona Kirk  and George Kirk to their rapidly growing family.

“Greetings,” Spock said, holding the ta’al out. “Captain Robau, Commander Kirk.”

“Do we know each other in the future?” George asked.

“I cannot answer,” Spock replied, lowering his hand placing it behind his back clenching onto his wrist. George was quite illogical as his son would be with asking questions that could not be answered. Only… Only questions that he would be able to answer in time with his science tricorder and more observation. George would later find this question answered.

“Prime directive,” Spock nodded. “Sorry, trick question,” George had a laugh to himself. “Ambassador.” He wanted to say ‘Ambassador Kirk’ but it was illogical to do so.

“We happen to have a VIP quarters,” Robau said. “it’s the best we can manage.”

“You do not have any belongings, Ambassador?” George asked.

“I do not,” Spock said. “it was… not supposed to be this way.”

“My first officer will guide you to the quarters,” Robau said. “It will take four days to arrive to Earth.”

“My story does not need revision, captain,” Spock said. “Vulcans do not lie.”

“As much as I like  to believe that Vulcans are very good planners, I must think otherwise,” Robau said, holding his hand up. “I will talk to you after we arrive to Earth. Have fun, number one.” Robau then walked away out of the transporter room leaving Spock who raised a thinned, grayed eyebrow in return with George in the same room.

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