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I am not a man of fancy words

And I think poems are for nerds

But for you, Spock, I will try

Not to make this poem too dry

My best not to make you cry


Jim cringed and squeezed the pen for his PADD tight in his fist. He had had such a great idea for the poem earlier on the toilet, but then this and that happened and now he couldn’t remember it anymore. How did it go again?


You stand by by my side, day and night,

Like a valiant, gallant knight

I trust you, I need you and I think you know

I would go wherever you go


Jim groaned and buried his head to his hands. This was never, ever going to work. The best he could do now was to make it short and hope that Spock would at least find his failure amusing. Giving up was not in his vocabulary.


Jim picked up the PADD again.


I need you and my feelings are true.

But without you my heart is blue *

(* not due to lack of oxygen, Spock, but blue with longing and sadness and that kind of stuff, you know, because you’re not here)


The desk shook when Jim banged his head against it in frustration. Like many aspiring poets before him, James T. Kirk deleted all what he had written and started anew.


Thank you for always being there for me

And thank you for letting me be

Beside you, as your captain and more friend,

My respect for you knows no end.


Merry Christmas, my dear, dear Spock

And Happy New Year - let’s make it rock!

PS. I’m not very good with words. I wanted to say I really appreciate you and everything you do for me. To feel my appreciation, come over tonight after your shift. Dress code: none (if you get my drift).


Love, Jim.

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