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Countdown to Armageddon

Direct Hit!
from our torpedo number three
we rumble with these monsters
who somehow look like you

Aft shields compromised
decks shake beneath my feet
how many letters home
of sad condolence will I have to write

Reports from engineering
tell me to turn tail and run
I cannot live without you
and will stand my ground

No cares for what Command will say
dig in my heels
call for phasers
evasive actions

Try for more time
ticking down the seconds
accepting our demise
thinking all hope of collecting you is gone

Above, klaxons blare
white knuckles and with sweat on my brow
someone shouts
three more hits all the more we can take

Captain in me, I yell to come about
heart breaking for my lover
soul aching for my friend
get out and go on

One more torpedo connects
Romulans will be upon us
how to justify that I still hesitate
zero hour

I call out a heading
Mr. Sulu, warp two if we can manage
I say goodbye in my mind
the air sings

through instantly induced mourning
smell of burning insulation
words somehow penetrate

Some on board shun labels
miracle workers, heroes, outstanding all
midshipman speaks to me
we’ve caught you on the fly in transporter room four!

Run, rush, shoving others from my path
burst into the place your body and soul occur
our fingers weave
your hand in mine

We’ve come through worse
escaped by the skin of our teeth
beating armageddon
once more, we are side-by-side

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