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James T. Kirk, serial number SC937-0176CEC.

Service rank, Captain.

Position, Starship command.

Current assignment, USS Enterprise.

All this falls away…

Palm Leaf Of Axanar Peace Mission,

Grankite Order of Tactics,

Class of Excellence,

Prantares Ribbon of Commendation, Classes first and second.

All this falls away...

Awards of valour, Medal of Honour,

Silver Palm with Cluster,

Starfleet citation for Conspicuous Gallantry,

Karagite Order of Heroism.

All this falls away…

Jim Kirk Iowa farm boy

Survivor of Tarsus IV

The only cadet to beat the Kobayashi Maru

Lover of women

All this falls away…

Your oh so delicate fingers touch my face

Flesh whispers on my skin

The way opens, we meet at the crossroads

And all this falls away

Traceries of the meld

Scintillation stops me in my tracks

Your welcome beckons

And all this falls away

How can one be lost,

And found at the same time?

How can two go into one?

Then all this falls away

Our love is a gravity well

There is no escape

No outside world

When all this falls away
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