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Kirk stared at Admiral Nogura across the admiral's desk. He hadn't expected to hear anything pleasant when the admiral had called him on the carpet, but he certainly hadn't expected this. "Ambassador Sarek is what?"

"Suing you for breach of promise," Nogura said wearily. "He says his son won't be able to find another mate now that you've refused to marry him, and that he's entered some kind of Vulcan monastery."

"Refused to ... we never talked about getting married!" Kirk protested. "I mean, given our positions in Starfleet ..."

"Let's handle the potential diplomatic incident first," Nogura said, in a tone that suggested he wouldn't forget to get back to the issue of chain of command.

"We never talked about getting married."

Nogura glanced down at the screen in front of him and then back at Kirk. "It says here that you had sexual relations with the Ambassador's son. Is that true?"

"Well, yes, but I ..."

"And that you further entered into a Vulcan marriage bond as a result of that sexual relationship. Is that true?"

"All right, Spock said we had some kind of telepathic bond, but I didn't think it was a ..."

"Which by Vulcan law represents a promise to marry at the appropriate time, unless you wish to invoke the right of challenge." Nogura glared at Kirk. "I don't know what that is, but if it's going to piss the ambassador off -- any more than you already have -- you'd better not be thinking of invoking it."

"Vulcans aren't supposed to get pissed off," Kirk said, although he suspected that was far too mild a description for Sarek's probable reaction if Kirk got his son killed in another wedding-day duel. Not that getting Spock killed was an option, he reminded himself.

"I expect if anyone could do it, you could," Nogura said. "I'm frankly surprised you haven't got irate fathers pursuing you from a host of planets, but this one happens to be on the Federation Council."

"It just didn't work out."

"At the point where you started having a public relationship with someone else, or before that?"

Kirk turned up his hands in frustration. "I didn't even know the Vulcans had same-sex marriage."

"Did you ever ask?"

"Well, no ..."

Nogura sighed. "At least you didn't get anyone pregnant." He looked up sharply. "You didn't get him pregnant, did you?"

"I ... don't think that can happen."

"I'm checking the medical files," Nogura said. "Let's be absolutely sure."

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