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Story Notes:

This is a very smutty story, so be warned.

Lust Letters

Admiral James Kirk keyed the lock to his apartment and ordered the lights to three-quarters; made his way across the room and placed his briefcase on the glass-topped dining table.  He flicked a switch that made the curtain retract to reveal a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay.  The lights of the city and small craft both played upon the water and Kirk breathed the same sigh he did every night upon his return.  This always felt like home; his haven against the world of duty and responsibility.  The hiding place that he and his T’hy’la had found together.

 Spock was out with the Enterprise on a brief orientation mission with their latest batch of cadets.  It was only a twelve Light Year trip, he had been gone five days, and Jim was expecting him back late tomorrow.  The apartment always felt a little larger and colder without him, but the knowledge that Spock would be there soon was enough to warm Jim. 

The Admiral had a number of reports on activities along the Neutral Zone to read through and a pile of essays on ‘Three Dimensional Battle Tactics’ to mark.  He emptied the necessary data chips and PADDs from his briefcase and spread them out on the dining table, sorting them into piles of priority.  Satisfied that the weekend ahead held little but work and some small down time, Jim made his way to the Bar.  What did he feel like?  Bourbon? No. Brandy? Maybe.  Scotch!  “On the rocks.” he thought, out loud, as he opened the bar fridge.  There on the shelf was an envelope with his name on it, written in Spock’s angular hand.  He must have left it there before his departure and Jim was sure that his lover knew he would not find it until Friday night.  “Oh, my sneaky Vulcan.” Thought Jim as he picked up the packet and carried it to the lounge to open.

Unconsciously Jim brought the paper to his nose and smelled it; one tiny step closer to the being he loved.  He slid his thumb under the flap and glue gave way easily, to reveal the contents.  A letter written on a pale mauve parchment, in Spock’s own hand.  Jim’s heart beat a little faster in anticipation.



[Dear Jim,



I surmised long ago that you have an almost insatiable need for sex; no, not just sex, but physical contact, in all its forms.  It is part of who you are, like command, like your need to reach out into the unknown and understand what you find; like oxygen and nitrogen.  This need to connect is essential to you; it is in your DNA.  I believe it was what made you want to comprehend your First Officer, even though I had no need (that I was aware of) for closeness, you loved me into it.  You caressed my mind long before you touched my body.  You would not let me be anything less than your closest friend.  And for that I will be eternally grateful. 

There are few emotions that have any meaning for me; love is the only one of consequence now.  Guilt and shame had been my constant companions and I had become so used to those, that as you peeled them away from me I began to feel naked without them.  Yet you so steadily replaced them with warmth and affection that their passing was not a trial, rather a revelation.  Jealousy and possessiveness have never been a part of my make-up and so I know not what attraction they hold for those who do feel them.  I know that once we became lovers, you feared that I would be angry at you for the times you had to seduce people, or the times you found yourself in another’s arms; and often you hid the truth from me to save me from feelings I did not in fact experience.

It has taken many years but now you must realize that I have no sense of entitlement to you; you understand that it is my privilege to love and serve you as I do.  You know that I love you no matter what and that your happiness is my satisfaction.  Now that we live permanently in San Francisco I want to give you what you so desire; that combination of freedom and experience that you once felt amongst the stars. The last thing that I would want is for you to feel restrained by our love; I want our love to liberate all of who you are.  And so I have found something that I believe you will enjoy. A place where your carnal nature can take full flight and where I can indulge my pleasure in watching you surrender to the urgings of your body.

I have found an establishment where our every fantasy can be fulfilled.  I know that the female of the species holds little or no fascination for you now and that it is males that really intrigue you (a result I guess from years has having me as a lover).  You desire the strength and brutal power of the masculine in yourself and others.  You want to take and be taken.  Well in this place you can and you can have as many partners as it takes to satisfy you.  And Jim, I want to watch.  This may shock you, but I want to see you bathed in sweat and numb from sex.  I want to study you as you fuck and as you are fucked; I want to step back and enjoy the show.  Your beauty has always moved me and I want to see that beauty as it is shared with all who want you.  And when you are finally broken and boneless from the effort, I want to take you in my arms and sooth you and comfort you, so you will know just how much I love you.  All I need is your ascent. All I require is your written response.











Jim read through the letter three times before he laid it in his lap, and learned back into the softness of the sofa, a broad smile plastered to his lips.  Years of life with Spock had taught Jim one very valuable lesson…expect the unexpected.  Jim Laughed; “You require a ‘written response’ do you Spock?  Alright then, you shall have it.”  Jim was ready for this game, he welcomed it and he knew what Spock wanted.  An interchange of thoughts, a passion play, teasing; call and response. Jim went to his antique bureau and gathered his own writing set and paper and settled himself at the dining table, facing the view and began to write.



[My Dearest Spock,


What can I say?  You never cease to amaze me and it is in that tradition I read your letter.  You are the most incredible being I have ever known and so it should not surprise me that you can be so perceptive, so outrageously honest and trusting, and so downright kinky.  You know me better than I know myself; you anticipate my every need and move to satisfy it before I even know I need it.  Your words made me so horny and I guess that is what you wanted to achieve.  Are you serious?  You want to give me to others?  You want to watch me?  The though is making me so hard, I wish you were here right now; I would throw you to the floor and fuck your not inconsiderable brains out.

You say that you feel no sense of possession and yet your words brand me with your mark. I want to belong to you.  I am your slave; I have been since the first time you seduced me.  You mesmerize me and I can do nothing other than what you want.  You know now that I will scarcely sleep until you return to me.  You know I will be so aroused when you get here that you stand little chance of even removing your coat before I attack you…you are very naughty Spock, but I guess that is just another thing I love about you.

In answer to your invitation, my reply is: “Do with me as you wish, T’hy’la, I am yours.”







Jim folded the letter and inserted it into an envelope, and sat it next to other paperwork.  He would need time to think about where to put it so Spock would find it.  Then he had an idea.  He would take it to the Staging Area at Starfleet Headquarters and leave it for Spock to retrieve upon his arrival back on Earth.  And although he could have easily let himself become distracted thinking about Spock, Jim worked on his reports well into the night.  His strategy worked, so that he fell into bed and slept well. 

The next day he took a leisurely stroll to Headquarters and deposited his reply in Spock’s private mail box.  Satisfied with this Jim returned home to wait in anticipation of the Vulcan’s return.  He knew that he was scheduled to make planet fall at around 16:00 and it would take him approximately 3 hours to disembark, be processed and make his way home.  Jim could not wait; he felt like a teenager going on his first date.  How could Spock make him feel like this, after all their years together?  Always the same feeling of absolute pleasure to be with him, always the sense of love and being loved.  It had something to do with the intensity with Spock regarded him.  It always felt like he was the centre of Spock’s Universe.





Focus was Spock’s strongest suit.  For the duration of the training voyage he had given his full attention to the requirements of the task of overseeing his charges.  On the return journey he had written and logged performance reports for each of the fifty-eight cadets; noting efficiency ratings, psychological profiles provided by the CMO and his personal observations of each trainee.  As usual he desired little interaction with others aboard the vessel save in the capacity of his duties.  His thoughts had only strayed to Jim on two occasions, and those times had been in the few moments he had had to himself.  But as his shuttle approached the Staging Area his mind went to his beloved, who he knew would be waiting for him in the ‘nest’.  He disembarked and made his way to his office to file his reports and check his messages.  He checked his mailbox and found the letter from Jim, much as he had expected.  He did not open it immediately, but waited until he was settled in the aircar he had engaged.  He directed the driver to take a scenic flight over the Bay and read Jim’s reply.  Then he pulled a piece of writing paper from his bag and wrote a short note to Jim.  He then asked to be deposited at an address in the heart of the downtown area.  He gave the note to the driver and asked him to deliver it their home address.

Spock made his way into a hole in the wall; a doorway with only a number written upon it, and awaited Jim’s arrival.

Jim had found the time from 16:00 had dragged interminably, it was now 19:15 and still no Spock, but a chime at his door broke the tension.  Jim took the dispatch from the driver, tipped him and returned to the lounge area, ripping open the letter with eager hands.



[My Dear Jim,



I have read your reply and I am pleased with your response.  Please prepare yourself adequately and when you are ready, join me at the address below.  I will be waiting for you and counting the moments until we are together.








Jim smiled and felt his penis jump to attention.  “Mystery and intrigue it is then.” He thought as he made his way to the bedroom.  He inserted a Microlax and took fifteen minutes to lie on their bed whilst the enema did its work.  When relieved, he took a long hot shower, shaved and checked his nakedness in the mirrored wall.  “You still look good James.” He mused to himself, then dressed and called an aircar.  The address was about fifteen minutes away but it seemed like an eternity, as his expectancy was reaching an almost unbearable level.  Not only would he be seeing Spock, but Spock would be ‘seeing’ him.  Watching him, savouring his every movement, as his body enjoyed pleasures of the flesh.  Jim felt like he, himself was a gift he was bringing to his beloved, an offering of the highest value.

The aircar came to a stop at the address that Spock had provided and Kirk alighted, and made his way to the door.  He entered and found himself immediately in a long dark corridor, which seemed to lead downwards on a slight angle.  Dim lights shone up from the floor making the way clear; Jim followed these until he come upon a desk manned by a small dark man, with large bulbous blue eyes, who seemed to care little for his new arrival.

 “Slave or Master?” he asked nonchalantly.

Jim was a little taken aback, and indicated as much with his eyes.  The small being seemed even less interested, but more annoyed.

“You’re new at this aren’t you? Are you a slave or a Master?  I should be able to guess by your ignorance that you are a low-life slave.”

“Slave, I guess.” Said Kirk still a little unsure of what was going on.

“I guess.” The small man said sarcastically.  “Well I guess you had better follow me to await your Master.”  He added in the same tone.

Admiral Kirk was not used to anyone speaking to him like that.  The last person to do that was some jumped up alien minor Warlord who thought he was a match for a Starfleet Captain; Kirk had put him to rights very quickly.  But this was different, this little person was not worth hitting, but Kirk felt angry nonetheless.  He followed the creature’s lead into a medium sized room, which was lit with red and gold lanterns, and furnished with low plush lounges, covered in black leather.  Jim took a seat and allowed his gaze to roam around the space.  He noticed that not only lanterns hung from the ceiling, but chains also.  And aside from the leather lounges there were a number of large straight-backed wooden chairs with straps to bind hands, feet and neck.  Jim felt his guts starting to churn and his penis start to fill…this was all very intriguing and highly arousing.

Before long a door on the opposite side of the room opened and two very attractive young men dressed only in loin clothes entered and walked straight to him.  The blond one fixed Jim with his eyes and said:

“I’m Ivor and this is Cantor.  We will prepare you for Trensu.  Please allow us to remove your clothes.” 

With that Jim felt himself give up control and experience the strangest sensation of becoming naked without having to do anything.  The youths expertly peeled away his jacket and pants and slowly and with much giggling and cooing undid and removed his shirt.  They both dropped to their knees and almost fought over who would slip his skin tight boxer briefs from him.  As they did, his now hardening penis sprang into view and Ivor stroked it and let a low moan escape his lips, and Cantor pushed Jim’s feet apart and ran his hands up the inside of his thighs, halting at the top to gently cup his balls.  Jim looked down on the pair as they seemed to twitter like birds, as they fussed over his genitals.  There was a dreamlike quality to what was happening and Jim allowed himself to relax and enjoy the attention.  But this pleasure lasted only for a short time, as the youths stood up and led Jim over to a corner of the room. They took an arm each and before he knew what was happening Jim found himself in chains, with padded cuffs around his wrists.  Cantor left the room and Ivor stayed long enough to pull a cord that tightened the chains, which pulled Jim’s arms above his head.  Ivor came back briefly to smack Jim on the arse, wink and whisper:

“Have fun.”

 Jim had no doubt he would.  His heart was beating swiftly; his breaths becoming shorter and his sense of eagerness growing by the minute. What was the name that Ivor had used?  Trensu?  Was that Spock, or someone else?  Jim experienced a brief moment of fear, was it wise to give up so much control?  And when would Spock arrive, would he see him at all?  Or would the Vulcan simply remain in the background and be a silent observer?  These questions filled his mind.  There was little else he could do, as he waited, chained and naked.

A drapery moved and three men of different ages, none of whom Kirk recognized, entered the room.  They took up seats on one of the lounges and whispered amongst themselves; then one, who appeared to be the oldest, stood and walked over to where Kirk.  Unceremoniously he grabbed Jim’s balls and squeezed a little, then brought his mouth to Kirk’s ear.

“You are indeed a prize.  Your Owner was not lying; it will be a pleasure to take my fill of you.  Trensu says you like to be screwed hard, well we will see.  And he says you can take a lot of pain…my friends over there will be able to help you there.”

 Jim swallowed hard, but he felt no fear, just an almost unbearable excitement.  So, Trensu was Spock!  He wondered when he would see his beloved, his owner.  This thought made his cock fill and become harder.  The stranger circled it and gave it a few firm tugs, then ran his hand around to Jim’s butt and kneaded the flesh with obvious relish.

“Oh yes, I am looking forward to using you my beauty.  Now I would like you to meet my slaves…Number One and Number Two.” He said as he turned and made his way back to his seat.  The two younger men both stood and shed their clothes, revealing muscular bodies.  They both wore leather collars, training harnesses, briefs and heavy black leather boots.  Neither spoke as they approached him, but Kirk could feel their strength and a heat coming from their bodies.  ‘This was going to be intense.’ Jim thought to himself.

One man came directly to him, the other went to the cord that controlled the chains, and pulled it tighter so that Jim’s wrists came together directly over his head and his arms were stretched to their full length.  The older man went to a concealed foot locker and produced a metal spreader bar, which he handed to one of his slaves.

“Get those legs apart; we should start as we intend to finish with this one.  I want full access to that arse.  Number Two, secure his ankles, Number One get that gag on him.” The slaves went to work and in moments Jim was completely at their mercy.  ‘Bound and gagged’ Jim thought and the thought shot through him like an electric shock.  So many times whilst on the five year mission aboard the Enterprise, he had been imprisoned, bound and helpless and he had always found a way to escape; but now he wanted nothing more that to held tight, with no escape, with no reprieve.  He wanted them to take him, abuse him, but he wanted Spock there to see.  ‘Where is he?’  Jim wondered. ‘He’s missing all the fun.’

Just then, as if he had read Jim’s thoughts (which was probably the case), Spock entered the room.  Kirk thought he would die from lust.  He had not seen Spock for a week and the sight of him was sublime; dressed all in black he made an imposingly elegant figure.  The clothes he wore were made of some slightly slick looking microfiber, which firmly clung to every contour of his lithe body, and emphasized his genitals.  The only thing that broke the blackness was a heavy silver chain around his neck, at the end of which hung silver key which glistened in the reflected light of the lanterns. In addition to this faultless sheath, Spock wore a leather eye mask, which seemed to have been perfectly molded to his face.  It swept up at the sides to beautifully trace his delicate pointed ears.  Kirk did not want to drag his eyes away; he wanted to devour his personal alien god right there, but as this very thought filled his mind, one of the slaves roughly grabbed a handful of his hair and forced his head down.

“How dare you look at your Master like that.’  He turned to his own Master and said:  “Permission to punish this one sir?”

The older man turned to Spock and said:  “He is your slave Trensu, what would you have done with his insolence?”

There was a long pause whilst the Vulcan considered the query.

“Anton, I believe he needs to learn humility.” Came the brief and dark response.  “And I believe he needs to offer up his innocence.”

Anton signaled to his slaves, who seemed to know exactly what to do, as Jim felt his arms being lowered and hands grab his hips.  He was pushed forwards until his head was lower than his buttocks and his arse was the highest point of his body.  He felt more vulnerable than he had ever felt in his life and his blood raced through his veins, his cock, balls and anus tingled in eagerness, for what was to come.  He did not expect that it would be the bite of a leather strap descending hard upon his flesh, but the shock was quickly replaced with the strangest desire for more of the same; which he received another five times in quick succession.  The pain and humiliation was exquisite and Jim felt the world spinning and all he could think of was Spock.  This felt like the early moments of a Mind meld, where reality falls away and is replaced by gentle ripples of recognition.  Was it endorphins or was Spock melding with him, strumming the strings of their bond?  Jim did not know, but he surrendered to the sensation.

“Would you like to see him fucked Trensu?” Anton asked casually.

“That would be most pleasurable.”  Said Spock, loud enough for Kirk to hear him.

The two men seated themselves and the two slaves began their work in earnest.

Jim felt a tongue lapping at his ring, darting in and out and around the entrance, saliva flowing freely, lubricating him.  Fingers probed deeply and dug deeper until they found his prostrate.  Mindless pleasure coursed through him; he was lost to the moment, opening and waiting for whatever would come next.  In the back of his awareness was The Vulcan; was Trensu, his Owner.  All this was for Spock; Jim’s body, his mind, his soul, all laid bare for his Master’s inspection and delight.

He felt cold slickness as lubricant was speared around and in his arsehole; and searing heat as a large cock forced its way inside him.  At almost the same instant his head was pulled up by one hand in his hair and another under his chin.  The gag was removed and he parted his lips to allow the admittance of another cock and he felt is probe deeply finding the back of his throat.  He had never been fucked by two men at once and he lost himself to the incredible sensation of being filled so completely.  The feeling of being used to entertain was wildly erotic and he wanted more.  He sucked hard on the dick in his mouth, he savoured the musky flavour.  He pushed back as hard as he could onto the dick in his arse.  He felt himself rocked backwards and forwards between the two men; lost to himself and his surrounding, he became nothing but raw sexual energy.  Sweat beaded all over his body, his; his lips swelled; his passage stretched.  His tormentors were relentless, brutal.  He wanted all they could give him.  He did not know how long this went on for there was no time and no space, only nerve endings and sensations and heat.

“He seems to be insatiable Trensu, a true slut.”

“He is an extremely dynamic individual.  He desires much; much more than one person can give.”  Replied Spock, not taking his eyes from his beautiful t’hy’la.

“Then I suggest we take him to meet them rest of the patrons.”  Said Anton with a leer.

Spock ignored the look on the man’s face and raised himself from his seat and glided over to where Jim was being serviced.  Spock watched closely as Jim rode the waves of pleasure, eyes closed, deep in his own experience.  Spock placed his hand on the shoulder of Number Two, who was fucking Kirk’s face and the slave dutifully moved away.  Spock crouched down and brought his mouth onto Jim’s and kissed him sweetly; the change in pressure and taste opening Jim’s eyes.  He saw his love and he greedily sucked at Spock’s tongue and lips.  Spock pulled back only slightly to catch is breath from the assault and Jim made a desperate sound of loss and need.  They could feel their thoughts combining across the bond: {I love you t’hy’la, with my heart, my body, my soul} One mind; no separation, perfect unity.  The look of abandon in Jim’s eyes was liquid and Spock drank it in.

Trensu nodded to Anton and the older man directed his slaves to release Kirk’s bonds.  Jim collapsed to the floor soaking up the relief from his muscles release.  Spock stroked his back and rubbed circulation back into his arms.  The Vulcan pulled his lover back into a kneeling position and with only a look, reassured him of his pleasure at what he had witnessed.  Jim sat quiescent, waiting for his Master’s whim.  Spock smoothed Jim’s hair back into some semblance of order and traced a tender line along Jim’s cheek and jaw.  He lent down and whispered into his ear:

‘My golden guvik kafeh. My sex-slave, I would share you with many.  Do you submit to my will, kafeh?”

Jim’s green-flecked eyes gazed at Spock with perfect peace and a smile crept across his face.  To Spock Jim looked like a sunrise, his eyes shot through with the sun’s rays.

Spock moved away briefly and returned with a leather collar which he secured around Jim’s neck; as he did Jim felt a joy he had never known, a sense of security and love that surpassed even his wildest dreams.  He was owned, possessed, loved.  Spock attached a lead to the collar and gave a gentle tug.  Jim felt himself float to standing.  He could feel every atom of his being vibrating in tune with his beloved.

Spock lead the way into another room; darker, smaller and with the smell of sweat and come thick in the air.  Jim could make out a shape in the middle of the room and as he drew closer he saw a series of chains and leather straps.  Strong hands were upon him and he was lifted bodily and he relaxed as he was secured into the contraption.  His mind registered what this was – a sling.  And Jim instantly realized he was about to be used as a toy, a convenience for whomever wanted him.  Hazily he wondered how many would come and take him.  And he noticed that he did not care, long as Spock was there to guide him; to watch him; to protect him; to rejoice in this game and to pick up the pieces when they were through.

Anton took the first taste of Jim ploughing into Kirk’s sensitized tunnel, whilst firmly slapping Jim’s cock with the back of his hand.  Then one after another men came and took him; in the arse, in the mouth; one at a time, two, three at a time.  His anus filled with cum; his belly splashed with cum; cum on his face, cum on his lips.  All the while Spock’s presence was there beside him, inside his being riding with him as the rollercoaster of enchantment rolled on.  Until finally all comers had had their way with his body; and all that remained was Spock.  Only Anton and his slaves remained to help the Vulcan disentangle Jim from the sling.  The younger men left and Spock and Anton helped Kirk to shower and then into the large sunken spa in the next room.

“Trensu, I will take my leave of you now, my compliments to your slave for his magnificent performance this evening; should you both wish to return I am sure he would be a star attraction.  He truly is a wonder.”

“I am aware of my T’hy’la’s special gifts Anton.  We thank you for your hospitality.  Good evening, Sir.”  Said Spock eager for the man to leave him alone with Jim.

Jim was almost asleep, allowing the balmy water to wash at his body and feeling his muscles soothed by the warmth.  Spock stood for some time just marveling in his beloved’s beatific face.  Then he undressed and slowly slid into the spa next to Jim.  He gently stroked Jim’s face and hair and maneuvered himself behind Jim to cradle his body and deliver little kisses to his neck and shoulder.  And whisper syrupy words of love sweetly in to Jim’s ears.  They were both on a high; totally satisfied by what they had experienced together that night.  Spock’s admiration could not have been higher, his love more pure.  And Jim was sensitized and physically overwhelmed with tactile exposure.  But the feel of Spock’s body against him roused more desire.  This time based wholly in love rather than lust.  He opened his eyes and swiveled to look into Spock’s soft brown eyes.

“I want to kiss you all over Spock.  My fingertips want to travel to every place on your skin.  I want to fuck you until you scream my name.  Does that make me bad?  Jim laughed at himself.  “I am bad; but you make me feel so good.  Spock I love you so much I have no words to tell you with, so please let me show you.”

“T’hy’la, please show me.” Was Spock’s simple reply.

They found their way to a private suite that sported a large bed with an assortment of pillows and a side table with a selection of lubes, oils, creams and scents. 

“Please lay on your front Spock.  I want to taste every part of you.”

Jim started with Spock ears which had intrigued him from the very first time they had met all those years ago; he licked and nipped at them lovingly.  Listening to the quiet purring that this act always elicited from the Vulcan.  Then he kissed and breathed on either side of Spock’s neck drawing deep draughts of the unique scent he found there.  He kissed down and around each shoulder and shoulder blade, reveling in the contours of the alien's body and the texture of slightly bronzy green skin of his lover’s back.

Spock allowed himself to melt as Jim explored and he felt the strangest sensation of slipping without falling, breathing without thinking. Eternity seemed to stretch out in front of him and all that he could see was Jim’s face; his smile, his eyes.

Jim’s hands and mouth travelled over and around every inch of Spock’s body: the small of his back, so delicate and pure received many minutes of attention and his butt was kissed and fondled for many minutes more.  Jim sat with his groin resting on Spock’s buttocks as he swept his palms in large arches over Spock whole back smoothing and soothing the muscles and flesh.  Then Jim’s mouth worked its way back up again to nuzzle into Spock neck.  Finally, Jim reached around and turned Spock over so that he could start the whole process again on the front of his lover’s body.  Each nipple was like a precious delicate fruit that Jim wanted to taste but never finish eating; he played with them for as long as wanted and Spock moaned softly as his pleasure rose to a new high; his penis filled and became rigid in response to Jim’s ministrations.  Jim looked into Spock’s face devouring the look of bliss he saw there.  He trailed down to Spock’s navel and he took his fill of that too.  Spock’s head was tilted back, he breathing becoming ragged as Jim finally took his organ into his mouth and licked and sucked until the Vulcan was close to climaxing, then Jim reluctantly pulled away and lifted Spock’s legs to expose his golden green rosette.  Jim buried his face in that secret place and tasted the flesh of the one he loved.  Spock groaned more loudly, entreating Kirk to enter him, to take him and fill him.  Jim lubed himself and Spock and gradually, incrementally pushed his way into Spock.  They both rejoiced, and allowed sighs of the deepest satisfaction escape them.  A symphony of sensation gripped them both as Jim slowly pushed forward.  It was leisurely, unhurried; there was nothing desperate or fraught to this.  This was familiar, like a warm bed on a cold night, like a cool drink on a hot day.  This was home.  This was love in its purest expression; a joining of two souls.  The pace did not seem to quicken and yet they both climaxed together as if by mutual consent. Neither of them wanted it to end and so Jim allowed his penis to slowly become placid inside of Spock’s body and they rolled into each others arms and held on until sleep over took them.

This was life at its most profound, to lay in each others arms and drift away on the certainty of their shared joy.





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