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Story Notes:

based off Star Trek 2009 and the original series. Slowly in progress.....

Unbetaed so be prepared for some bad grammar.

An Inferno. He felt like he was surrounded by it, every time he tried to breathe, or move a certain way. The arms around him were so hot that he felt the heat all the way down to his very bones. Muscular thighs supported his weight, and he moaned lowly, as he was rocked against a firm hardness. He flipped his head back to remove some of the blond sweaty strands from his forehead and gazed down at his captor. Blackness stared back at him, rimmed in dark brown. His captor’s eyes reflected lust, need, want, and madness. He tilted his head to the side and felt firm teeth nibble at his neck. A gasp escaped him, and the inferno inside him blazed hotter. Sudden need gripped him and he let out a low whimper. A firm hand grasped his chin and warm lips were slanted over his own. He opened his mouth and let the hot tongue slide against his own. A low moan left his captors mouth and he couldn’t help, but tighten his grip on slim shoulders.

The world tilted suddenly as his back hit the lush ground. His hands slid up into silky black hair and he scratched the scalp lightly. A purr left his captor’s lips and he smiled. His captor pulled back suddenly and he cried out at in loss. A gentle touch on his lips silenced his cry and he blinked. For a moment sane dark brown eyes stared at him sadly, before the madness consumed his captor once more. Lips were suddenly everywhere and he jerked in surprise. A low keening moan escaped him and he dug his fingers into the lush green grass. He arched his back as a moist tongue licked its way down his belly. When the hot mouth engulfed him, he let out a shout. His captor held him down by one hand as he thrashed from the intensity of it. Suddenly the torment stopped and a hot body was draped over him.

Opening eyes he didn’t know he had closed he blinked dazedly up at his captor. Warm lips nuzzled his gently and he nipped at them lazily. A hot tongue easily slid into his mouth and he gripped his captor closer. Fingers slid teasingly down his thighs and down below. He squirmed at the odd feeling and his captor rained soothing kisses on his brow. His world tilted again when his legs were lifted and something hard pressed at the center of his being. For a moment time stood still as hazel met dark brown and then with a sudden thrust the stare was broken. He gasped at the shock and pain. It burned so much that he panted heavily when trying to catch his breath. Long fingers were placed on the side of his face and he blinked trying to see through the hot tears.

In a flash of blinding light he was suddenly inside his own mind and he was confused. He could distantly feel pain from the sudden penetration, but not too much. A ghostly shape began to take form before him and then surrounded him. He gasped at the strange feelings that swept through him and he tried to grab the ghostly form. Strange words began to echo around him, but he couldn’t understand it. He tried to figure out what was being said, but something else caught his attention. Outside of his mind his captor had begun to move and something was happening to him. He could feel the pain slowly fading away and it was being replaced by pleasure. The ghostly form began to spiral around him faster and faster, while colors trailed in its wake. His body was slowly starting to tighten from his captors thrust and he could feel the end was coming near. When it came he was caught off guard, and his mind exploded in a riot of emotions, words, and colors. The ghostly form suddenly wrapped tightly around him and he welcomed it. He could feel himself slowly becoming consumed by the ghost and let out an ecstatic cry The cracks that were always there inside of him were slowly being filled and he knew that he would never be alone again. Thoughts that weren’t his own were coming through, and as his mind faded into unconsciousness, he heard something that he hoped he would never forget.

“We are one and we will never be alone again.”


Grass. It smelled like grass to Jim, as he moved a bit and let out a groan. He ached from the top of his head, down to the tips of his toes, and he didn’t know why. Cracking an eye open, he closed it quickly from the blinding light. The rays beat down upon him and it made him a bit sleepily. A sudden shift against his side made Jim crack his eyes open again and look down. A dark head rested on his chest and he raised a hesitant hand. Threading his fingers through the hair gently, he smiled at the silky feel. A warm breeze flowed across his body and that’s when he realized he was naked. Thoughts crashed through his mind and he suddenly realized whose head was on his chest. With a loud gasp, Jim jerked his hand away and sat up. The dark head thumped into his lap and he felt his cheeks heat up. Carefully grasping the Vulcan’s head, he gently laid him in the grass and stood up. He backed up a few feet away and looked around. Clothing was scattered everywhere and he noticed there supplies were nearby. He couldn’t help but wonder why both him and Spock were naked. Although judging by the stiffness of his body, and the love bites on Spock’s, he had a bad feeling. Taking a calming breath, he began to gather there clothes and tried to remember what had happened.

They had been sent explore the planet Cirein which had never been explored by the Federation before. The planet was said to be teaming with life and rich in natural resources. There mission had been to survey the planet and see if it was suitable for colonization. It was pretty far away from any star base and yet not to close to any disputed territories. Jim had been excited about exploring a new world and most of his crew had been enthusiastic about it. All but his Science and First Officer Spock. Vulcans were not known to show there emotions, but Jim could swear he had seen curiosity, deep in those dark brown eyes. There had been 10 people assigned to the away team and they had split into groups of twos after beaming down. He had been paired off with Spock, and although the two of them were not friends, they at least worked well together.

Sometimes he wondered, why the other Spock had mentioned that they would someday become great friends. He sure as hell didn’t see it, since neither of them got along, and were stubborn to boot. Shrugging his shoulders, he still couldn’t remember how the situation he found himself in had happened. He remembered they had separated from the group and had gone exploring. The forest had been teaming with new and wondrous creatures. He had loved every minute of it and he remembered watching Spock examine everything with his Tricorder in hand. Spock’s eyes had gleamed with curiosity as he had examined one thing after another. He had reminded Jim of a kid in a candy store.

Everything had been going fine until hours later when they had been near a strange lake. The water had been a dark red and the smell from it had reminded Jim of rotten eggs. He had been curious and had gone for a closer look.

“Captain it would be ill advised to venture near the water until we know what is in there,” Spock had told him.

Of course he had ignored the warning and had leaned a little to close. A long slimy tentacle like thing had shot out of the water and grabbed him. Spock had tried to free him, but both of them had been dragged into the water. Fortunately the thing had been more curious then hungry and had let them go. They had both swallowed down a lot of the strange water, but Jim had felt alright. It wasn’t until few minutes later that whatever they had drunk had begun to affect them both. Jim remembered looking at Spock and feeling some kind of strange emotion fill him. Spock had looked pale and a bit sweaty. Jim had been concerned, but when he touched the Vulcan’s shoulder, he had been surprised when Spock had jerked away.

Spock had a look of terror on his face when he had looked at Jim and his words had been a bit garbled. “Pon farr. It’s…. so….n. What could have…..water….how…….”

Jim was unsure what to do. Why was Spock mentioning Pon farr and why did he look so afraid? It was rare for the Vulcan to show emotion and it made him feel a bit uneasy.

As the day turned into night changes had overtaken them both. Jim had tried to set up camp, since the landing crew was staying down here for a few days, but it was so hard to think. Jim felt as high as a kite and yet drunk at the same time. It made it hard to think or even function properly. Spock was no help either, since every time Jim tried to approach him, the Vulcan would snarl at him. It was way out of character for Spock, but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t think about using his communicator for some reason, but then again his thoughts were too jumbled. Things were gradually getting worse for the two of them and the situation soon changed.

Spock who had been trying to contain the burning inside him, snapped, and lunged for Jim. The Captain had no chance against a Vulcan’s strength and had crashed to the ground. Angry lips had crashed against Jim’s and hot fingers had burned into his head. The last thing he remembered was his mind being overwhelmed by Spock’s lust and then nothing.

Letting out a sigh, Jim wondered just what in the hell had been in that water.



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